CPN Turns 1 Year Old

birthdaycake.jpgHard to believe, but this little blog is a year old this week.

So, I decided to bring it back after a few weeks on hiatus.  I’ve missed blogging here and participating in some of the 50+ comment debates we got into in the past.

Starting today, I’ll be jumping back into the 3-5 post a day routine and plan to do some live blogging from this week’s BlogWorldExpo in Las Vegas.  I’m speaking with The Conversation Group‘s Stephanie Agresta on Friday afternoon on the topic of affiliate marketing and social media issues, so if you’re in Vegas come by for that… should be fun.  Or if you’re in Vegas and just want to grab a coffee, beer or something stronger you can email me (sam@costpernews.com) or give me a call (803.413.6834).

Looking forward to year two of CPN!

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