October 2013

Writing on the Wall

I definitely just ordered Writing on the Wall as it combines two of my favorite things… the social internet and anthropological archaeology… Papyrus rolls and Twitter have much in common: They were their generation’s signature means of “instant” communication. Indeed, as Tom Standage reveals in his scintillating new book, social media is anything but a …

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Using Photoshop on my Chromebook

Got to love the Chrome Remote Desktop app that Google has for any Chrome user. I’m at home but easily running Photoshop on my little Chromebook (very fast and non-laggy) while my work PC is downtown. Chromebook is not just a browser.

R.I.P. Lou Reed

“Oh, it’s such a perfect day I’m glad I spend it with you Oh, such a perfect day You just keep me hanging on” Lou Reed, a massively influential songwriter and guitarist who helped shape nearly fifty years of rock music, died today. The cause of his death has not yet been released, but Reed …

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Is Our Universe a Computer Simulation?

I never get tired of reading articles pondering whether our universe is a computer simulation / hologram. Now we just need the Ancient Aliens guy to explain how trans-dimensional mice created the original computer to figure out the question with the answer of 42… As cosmic particles fly through the universe, they lose energy and …

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L.A.’s iPad Conundrum

I just re-checked the Apple site because I’m utterly confused as to why the L.A. school district would be buying $770 iPads when the $499 models are perfectly fine for school use (helped with a few deployments myself over the past few years). I’m guessing they went with the 64 GB wifi models ($699 retail) …

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Why Aren’t We Watching the World Series?

“No sports event will ever get 37 million viewers again… except the Super Bowl.” It’s not just baseball, btw. My beloved NASCAR is similarly hurting for somewhat similar reasons with a push towards equalized competitors in regions of the country that don’t appeal to the base of the sport.

Reconstructing Ancient Greek Music

After studying attic and koine Greek for years in college and graduate school, I always wondered what their sing-song language would have actually spoken if I could have “Bill and Ted’ed” it back into ancient Greece. This is pretty amazing… One of D’Agour’s colleagues, David Creese, from the University of Newcastle, managed to play a …

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Hurry, Google #nexus5

I can’t take it any longer Google! #nexus5 pic.twitter.com/mAgABWgnlG — Danny Lynch (@2point0Danny) October 22, 2013 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js


Seems like a mighty gutsy thing to do (if true) during a game scrutinized by millions… It does appear that Lester goes out of his way to touch that spot in his glove with just his first finger… via People Are Freaking Out About The Green Stuff In Jon Lester’s Glove During Game 1 Of …

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The Four Quarters of My Week

I was talking about calendars and work weeks with a friend earlier and I tried to explain how my convoluted brain processes the week. I don’t like to think of time in terms of hours or days. Rather, I’m much more productive (and happy) when I can segment things into their proper places in the …

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