Harrelson Agency Featured in Shareist Case Study

We’re big fans of Shareist in our office and in the work we do with contractors and clients around the world. In a nutshell, Shareist is a way to manage all of your (or a client’s) social media and content creation accounts with a high degree of team collaboration under one umbrella. We use it alongside Basecamp as our company’s project management backbone.

I was honored to be asked by the Shareist team to do a chat on how we’re using the tool in our agency and for the improvement of our clients’ campaigns.

Here’s a snippet, but go read the full case study on the Shareist Blog:

Harrelson, whose clients including political organizations, religious groups, local retailers and services, brands, authors and more, says Shareist solves many of problems of how to communicate and keep in touch – for both his team and his clients.

Shareist ensures that everyone on his team has immediate access to add, share, comment, collaborate and manage their client’s projects – which run the gamut from affiliate management, social media marketing, event marketing, political messaging, to billboards and T-shirts.

I’ve been using Shareist since it first launched years ago and can’t recommend it enough if you or your team does any sort of social media or web content creation and need a tool to help manage all the disparate social web apps and accounts that you have to participate in to be truly effective in 2014 and beyond.

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