Lessons Learned

One of the things I realized last night after my post was how many great friends I’ve made while I was a member of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. I received so many private and public messages of encouragement and affirmation from people and mentors within the Fellowship as well as those in other traditions etc.

Those were very welcome and appreciated. That post was difficult to write and the discernment process involved over the last few months (years?) has been emotionally draining for me as I considered my own role and ministry potentials. I’m still working on that and where I’ll land. I’ll always be baptist but that can be a philosophical path within other traditions I’ve learned over the years.

Of course, there were also a few sarcastic remarks and tweets (have to love anonymous group Twitter accounts created by insiders to troll those who speak up or don’t walk the line!). There were a few comments in group discussions where I’m thinking people didn’t realize I was still a part (which led to a few meta moments). But no hard feelings. We’re all trying to figure things out and while disappointing, I wish the best for those passionate about the status quo in their own endeavors and employment status.

Don’t ever read the comments, right?

But this has been personally difficult and I sincerely do thank you who have reached out with a gentle note (or a pissed off rant) in support of what I’m trying to say.

Three of Cups, indeed.

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