Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

22 Think You’re Discreet Online?
15 Blue Ball in the Sky
10 Pipes of Infinity
30 RSS and Twitter
22 Twitter in a nutshell
16 Saturday is Prepping Restock Day
15 It’s Now Segra Park
12 A Week Without Twitter (or Facebook)
11 WWW Turns 30
10 We are such stuff As dreams are made on
9 The Sublime and Silicon Valley
8 Prehistoric Proto-Writing System
8 Next phase of the web
8 Breaking Gender Biased Language
8 The Next Social Network is Private Messaging
6 Gulp
6 My New Esee 6 Knife
6 Goodbye, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hello World.
6 Been here a while
5 I’m 40 now and it took me all of my adult life to come to a deeper understanding of the Lord’s Supper because of my Baptist upbringing
13 Does Your Nonprofit or Church Need an Alexa Skill?
7 Podcasting’s Big Moment
7 Instagram egg is worth “at least $10M”
30 Apple Cripples Facebook’s Internal Apps
6 Sam’s Bible Read Through Plan
1 Putting the Days to Bed (My Paper Notebooks)

28 You’re not “addicted” to tech and why it’s dangerous to say you are
27 Government shutdown cuts nearly all food stamp office staff, adding to SC uncertainty
26 United States of Amazon
25 “the desert owl and the screech owl”
25 Free iPhone 6 Plus to a Good Home
25 Fox Chained to a Car
25 Happy Christmas
23 The shift from blogs to email newsletters
23 Vannevar Bush’s 1945 essay “As We May Think” on information overload, curation, and open-access science.
23 Church prep for the economic downturn
23 Facebook’s Internal Politics and External Ramifications
22 Why people quit Facebook
20 Mary’s ‘Magnificat’ in the Bible is revolutionary — so evangelicals silence it
19 It’s not like Caligula didn’t have some warning…
19 Patron Saint of Pit Bulls
17 Why I Journal
10 Satyagraha and Climate Justice
10 The Apps You Should Really Be Concerned About with Your Privacy
9 The God of Progress
9 Instagram Party Accounts
3 Tackling Tech Bias for People with Disabilities
3 NASCAR’s Social Media Leaderboard
2 The future of computers
30 You’ve already been hacked
12 Churches, We Need to Talk About Website Accessibility (and Discrimination)
9 Instagram Stories Maker (for Churches, Nonprofits etc)
9 It’s not a bucket – Seth Godin
8 Keep your WordPress Site Plug-ins Updated
8 Apps for Remote (or Non-Remote) Teams
27 “Everything that rises must converge”
27 Being a Productive Dad That Works From Home
26 Mailchimp Rebrand
26 Instagram Stories for Churches and Nonprofits
26 NASCAR’s Marketing Decline
26 History of Auto-Tune
26 Walking Away from $850 Million
25 Instagram is Dead
20 74% of Facebook users say they have changed their usage in the past year
20 Will the internet split in two?
14 Live News on Twitter
14 Do Facebook Ads Really Work?
11 Saving Lives with Apple Watch
7 Current Theme Song
5 “There is tremendous strength in independence and decentralization.”
4 Links Are (Still) Dead
29 No One Ever Said It Would Be So Hard
28 Keyword Research Tips
26 Jesus ‘Splainin
26 Vestigial notion of “screen time”
26 “My political views match those of most people at my church.”
25 Stitching together reality
24 Moving beyond passwords
21 Batman doesn’t believe in God anymore
21 Personal Branding (Not Selling Out)
18 An observation on “Church ‘Marketing’”
18 Contracts in the Age of Connections
18 “We won’t let that happen.”
17 Let’s just all blog again #BreakingMyTwitter
17 Twitter is Not The Public Square
16 Response to “America’s Empty-Church Problem”
16 Grammarly finally coming to Google Docs!
16 The reason Twitter will ultimately fail
15 Go Start Your Blog and Find a Newsreader
15 Should social media be regulated?
13 Twitter Changes Dramatically For Me on August 16
8 Church Marketing and Political Issues
8 Churches and nonprofits shouldn’t focus on attribution as a social media goal
6 Is your website mobile friendly?
6 Facebook and the Humanities
2 Philanthropy and Underserved Communities
2 Why People Do or Don’t Go To Church
30 What to do about the end of auto-sharing to Facebook profiles and creating episodic social media content
25 Churches Should Realize That Branding is Dead
22 Improving Twitter in 2018?
19 Video at every stage of the customer journey
12 Neil Armstrong’s Man Bag
10 Harrelson Agency and Google’s New Responsive Search Ads
9 Our Toddler Memories May Not Be Permanently Lost
9 R.I.P. Stumbleupon
7 Starting your career at 40
6 “Invisible Wire Pullers”
6 Was Writing Developed by Poets, Priests, our Accountants?
6 The 2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide
30 Bring Back RSS
29 Welcome back, serifs
28 Overwriting Monuments with AR
26 Google To Start Marking Sites Without HTTPS as Not Secure in July
22 urgency trumps understanding
22 melomaniac
21 Oxford Classical Dictionary 5
21 Introducing the Assyrians
20 “God said to Abraham give me a son…”
19 Viking Color Palette
19 Churches and Social Media
15 Stephen Hawking Laid to Rest Between Newton and Darwin
15 George Lucas’ Plan for Star Wars Episodes 7-9 (Meet The Midichlorians!)
14 Twitter Media Launch
14 Romans 13 and American Appeals to Authority of the Government
12 7 Reasons Why LGBTQ+ People Don’t Want to Go to Your LGBTQ+ Inclusive Church
7 A brief history of the internet
7 “Where did Angels come from?”
7 Facebook ads prices are too high and companies are shifting to Instagram
5 Teens Have Officially Moved Beyond Facebook
5 Fear and Preaching in Sin City
3 What the Foreskin of Jesus Can Teach Us All
2 Defending the Liberal Arts
1 How Instagram’s algorithm works
31 Microsoft and Apple helped build new braille display standard
30 Is your site http or https? It’s going to matter soon
30 “friction from touching the walls of our mother’s womb”
29 “Catholic in nature”
29 Remains of man crushed while fleeing Pompeii
29 iOS 11.4 with Messages in iCloud
29 Your Domain and Your Home Address
28 Roko’s Basilisk: The Most Dangerous Thought?
28 Apple Watch and My Health
24 Cautionary Tale of Climate Change Prepping from Ancient Egypt and Bronze Age
24 We need to have a conversation about what “godly” means, y’all
23 Trump blocking Twitter critics is unconstitutional, court decides
22 Harrelson Agency is Now a Cloudflare Certified Partner
22 Cautionary Tale of Patheos and Having Your Own Blog
22 Ultimate guide to SEO for small businesses (and nonprofits)
21 What Makes “Let’s Dance” Great
21 Owning your own platform is important, and valuable
20 Faster horses
17 Why you should quit blogging
13 What is real? Forking universes, equalities, and religion
10 Blogging Guide for Churches and Small Businesses
8 Siri and Incarnation
7 Focus on Engagement and Newsletters Rather than Likes and Shares
7 A Spotless Newsfeed?
7 SEO for beginners free course
7 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Social Media Examiner
6 Most People Don’t Want Privacy
6 Anil Dash: 12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech
6 The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
5 Artificial Intelligence Opens the Vatican Secret Archives
3 Will you be able to buy items on Instagram soon?
3 10 most downloaded iPhone apps in the world
3 Twitter says to change your password 🙄
30 One Step Closer to Quantum Computing
30 Millennials, Boomers, and Marketing
30 Computational Explosion
29 Google’s Podcast Strategy
26 Bible Domains
24 What is Local SEO?
21 “touch instead of keyboards”
16 “How can I get on the first page of a Google Result?”
14 “Why does church marketing fail?”
11 Should I still advertise on Facebook?
9 Facebook Alert Day
8 You should blog
8 RSS in 2018
8 Twitter’s Developer Problem
5 Moving beyond links
5 Stripe now offers subscription billing
5 Don’t fall for lots of likes and retweets
4 Facebook’s Growing PR Crisis
4 Democratized Engineering
1 The dangers of thinking “They’ll get it because they’re young”
1 Paying for everything you do
31 Google is killing and we’ll see more web rot
31 NASA receives response from Voyager 1
31 Surveillance Capitalism
30 Thinking Religion 145: Thinking About the Term “Partners”
29 Massive MyFitnessPal Data Breach
29 What did Jesus look like?
29 Data Panic
29 Large implications as Facebook shuts down Partner Categories
28 Changing Conceptions of Marriage and Church Marketing
27 If you automate tweets for marketing purposes, you might want to read this
26 Churches and nonprofits should realize that Facebook privacy issues are just the tip of the iceberg
26 Google Rolls Out “Mobile First” Indexing Today
22 Augmented Reality Bowie via The New York Times
21 Podcast on Church Marketing
19 Reaping Data
19 Facebook is facing an existential crisis
17 What Facebook knows about you and me and what I can do about it
16 “to queer the prophetic body”
14 Spotify in 2018
1 Thinking Religion 142: “Too great of a religious hurry”
1 “Worlds colliding, Jerry!”
28 How to use Evernote
27 Churches Should Turn and Face the Strange
17 Should Americans buy Hauwei phones?
15 Sumer and the Modern Paradigm
14 School Shootings in America Since 2013
14 Baptist Fields
14 “Celebrate Valentine’s Day without compromising your Christian faith on Ash Wednesday”
14 Show and Tell: Handling Art at the Wurtele Center
12 Thinking Baptists: CBF’s Illumination Project Recap
9 “What is the spirit saying here?”
9 CBF’s New Hiring and Personnel Statement
8 “Did they worship this car?”
8 Go Update your WordPress version manually today
2 James C. Scott’s New Book
1 Did ancient people see blue?
30 Do We Really Want Our Government Run Like a Business? | Sojourners
26 Link: How David Bowie helped my autistic son become himself.
21 Alexa, go buy me some milk.
19 The Day the Music Died
18 As an AmeriCorps alum, this is just maddening
18 Less School
16 Unnecessary nobility
10 Jack White going electronic
9 Kodak Launches Cryptocurrency Called ‘Kodakcoin’

28 Finding your column ain’t easy
28 Grain counting technologies
28 2018 Tech
28 Good advice
28 Bringing It All Back Home 2018 Edition
27 WordPress Plugin Supply Chain Attacks
26 Churches and nonprofits must explore income alternatives in 2018 and beyond.
22 I don’t like Christmas Carols.
20 Googling Inside Your Church
20 I’m excited about Magic Leap’s Lightwear
18 Building a website is cheap, but not protecting it is costly.
18 Nonprofits, the smartphone, Facebook, and Google
18 It’s a 3 Screen Kind of Monday
18 Facebook Cracks Down on Engagement Baiting
22 Tech and Public Policy
21 All my big mistakes…
18 “What’s a computer?”
8 Is the iPhone X as a UX disaster?
5 “a new combination of media company and public utility”
28 The power of looking ahead
27 Meetings aren’t the answer.
26 Why doesn’t turning off Bluetooth on iOS actually turn off Bluetooth?
21 The Age of OutrAGE
19 Your logo and Instagram content
18 How should we regulate Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms?
18 lost 88% of its pageviews after switching to all video
15 Is Apple’s New Face ID a Security Risk?
11 What Does Your Brand Do?
8 Using Video to Promote a Nonprofit
7 John Deere Acquires AI Startup
5 Working Through Fears
4 Changing Conceptions of Work
1 AI Assistants and Important Meetings
1 Can Non-Profits Benefit from LinkedIn?
30 The Way the Stems Meet the Curves
30 Facebook Page Reach Has Declined 20% in 2017
30 Updating Your Pacemaker
29 Iris Hospital Alert App
28 Check Your Logo Against AI
26 “Still discovering new things”
26 Being Creative
25 I don’t care what Thomas says…
24 Can I Replace My Computer with an iPad?
24 The $999 iPhone
22 Facebook Nones, Snapchat, and Instagram
22 39
15 Voice Isn’t the Next Big Platform
10 Even Hackers Take Summer Vacations
9 What Time Should We Post to Our Facebook Page?
9 Social Media Legal Mistakes that Small Businesses and Non-Profits Make
7 The Cyrus President
3 “It is not Christianity”
3 Nerd Post on Firewalls
31 The Way to Successful Teams
29 Embracing AI
29 Wrestling With the Text
28 Screenshots
19 Thinking Religion 115 and Hermeneutics
18 Praying in Public
17 When your daughters destroy your Spotify algorithms
17 Evangelical Crisis of Faith
11 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17 Day
23 ATM’s are the American Money Changers
19 Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves
1 Last Night on Earth
30 Echo Chamber

27 Marsbot Is Your New Scarlett
18 The Importance of Getting Your Details Correct
17 Why augmented reality’s future is more practical and rational than you realize
13 www.🍕💩.ws
12 ShelfJoy: Clever use of messaging and affiliate marketing
11 Pokemon Go snatches all of your Google data
2 Our AI Assisted (Near) Future
1 Apple fires back against Spotify
1 Wow, Hillary just won the internet.
30 Spotify and Apple at odds
30 Thoughts on Evernote’s price hike
23 iPad Pro is the new Mac
22 Facebook isn’t a neutral platform
20 The Death of the Denominations
20 The Conservative’s Tituba
19 Venmo Jerks?
18 Android N Beta with Project Fi
18 Google’s Allo Messenger
18 Learning to Summize?
17 In praise of webmasters
29 New Definitions of Masculinity
23 Learning From the Current Media Revolution
15 Sonic’s New #SquareShake is First Milkshake Designed for Instagram
13 The Psychology of Instagram
13 How to Read Your Kindle in the Bathtub
12 What Facebook’s bot developer platform for Messenger means for your church or business
12 Stephen Hawking is backing a project to send tiny spacecraft to another star system within a generation
12 Share Dropbox files directly from Facebook Messenger
11 In honor of #nationalpetday here’s a fun piece on pets from ancient Greece and Rome
11 Be careful with Emoji on different platforms 😁
11 Soon, most of what you do on a computer will be done via bots
11 Facebook Drops Branded Content Restrictions
11 The Rich Live Longer Everywhere. For the Poor, Geography Matters.
6 Why Your Church or Nonprofit Website Needs Regular Security Updates
26 Digital Colonialism
24 Churches and Nonprofits, It’s Time To Start Thinking About Your Messaging App
24 Silent Movies as the Future of Video Advertising (Thanks, Facebook)
23 All these problems may just be inevitable teething…
23 Developed by Microsoft’s research division Tay is a…
22 Chromecast is dead Name wise at least Thankfully…
22 Why Some Services Cost More Than Others (Education)
22 Granted these stories are all data driven and…
21 By eating less meat and more fruit and…
21 I’m here to manage a team not…
21 FBI Looking to Delay Tomorrow’s Hearing on Apple Encryption
21 The era of the fact is coming to…
18 Waiting for the gift of sound and vision
15 Reverse Engineering Humanity
14 Of Siri and Hesiod
14 “Random” prime numbers and human projections
14 Experience Designing
14 Redundancy is not helpful
10 The “Mystery” of Good Schools
7 Digital Repatriation or Theft?
7 You Are Becoming Obsolete
4 Classical Inscriptions, Fonts, and Avatar
4 Metaphor for Looking Ahead By Looking Back
3 A Complete History of the Millennium Falcon
26 The Gospel of Consumption
24 An honest thief
22 The Contrariness of the Mad Farmer
18 Facebook is going to put ads in Messenger
18 The Pope Didn’t Say Donald Trump Is Not a Christian
16 and
16 Young People, Old People, and the Monkeysphere
11 Choosing Clinton is Like Pascal’s Wager
10 The Golden Age of Apps are Over – Messengers Will Rule
10 What Churches Can Learn from Sanders’ Campaign
9 First Political Attack Tweet? (Revisited)
8 62 people own the same as half the world, reveals Oxfam Davos report 
8 Our next president will be a Republican…
6 Facebook Is Throttling Nonprofits and Activists
6 “You’ve been running and hiding much too long.”
5 So long and thanks for all the fish, Twitter.
5 Wizarding School Locations from Harry Potter (or Love Letters to My Kids)
5 Blogging
5 “I’m a blackstar, not a rock star.”
4 Cortical Origami
2 I’m saying blogging is better.
31 Why does South Carolina remain one of 4 states without equal-pay laws?
31 Change and the Real World
31 “Dura Europos Fanboy”
30 “Heroes”
30 This Isn’t What Jesus Had In Mind, Guys
29 Don’t Buy Into the Myth of Human Progress
27 Facebook’s New Reactions Are Going to Be Interesting to Watch
27 YouTube Donation Cards for Nonprofits
26 “Art is not like science, it’s not like mathematics…”
26 Peak iPhone
26 The Loss of Solitary Exploration
25 Ad Agency Swears Off Crafting Ads That Objectify Women
25 Apple’s iOS Home Screen Problem
25 To Post or Not to Post About Your Kid’s Success?
24 Shaking up Twitter
23 More on bad church marketing due to weather
23 “Our Church Will Be Closed Tomorrow” and Bad Church Marketing
14 Gender pay gap among clergy worse than national average, and why that infuriates me
13 Imagine
13 When marketing drives the narrative, the results are not always good…
13 Amazon Kills Shelfari
12 I was close on the future of marketing, but I didn’t realize silo’d messaging was going to be the magic bean instead of open source.
11 Ad Tech Industry’s Impending Crash
11 short blog posts
10 The Human Hope, the Cloud, and why 70% of internet traffic flows through Northern Virginia
6 The New York Public Library Uploads 200,000 Images for Public Use
2 2015 and the Return to Long Form

27 14 Degrees of Visibility
23 Parents Want to Know: Why Doesn’t iPad Have Multi-User Accounts Yet?
17 Homer Simpson Saves His Business with YouTube Ads
15 Lower Salary Potential
14 Customer Service via Facebook Messenger
14 Authenticity, Social Media, and Presidential Candidates’ Digital Strategy
9 Roman Empire GDP Per Capita
9 Internet’s Action and Reaction Loop
9 A Second Life? Virtual Reality’s Coming Impact on Marketing
8 “Reading of many books is a distraction.”
3 Gender Equality Reflected in Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year
3 Religion’s smart-people problem
2 I Love Field Notes (and Good Marketing)
2 Newborn Parenting Essential Gear Volume 1
2 Your Email Privacy (Thanks, Government)
1 “that’s how new things get started on the net”
1 Don’t Hold Up Signs on the Internet…
25 My Favorite Music Steaming Service(s)
24 Becoming Entreprenuerial In Your Profession
24 Fusion’s 8 Person Snapchat Team
24 Should You Use or Host Your Own WordPress Site?
24 Edit PDFs stored in Dropbox from iPhone and iPad
24 Why WordPress Still Matters
23 Will our selfies survive us?
23 WordPress Reboots and Opens Up Code Base
23 Visually-Driven Information-Rich Explainers
22 What’s Important for Your Website?
22 Do the reading if you want to be treated like a professional
19 The Web Strikes Back
18 Quality Means More Than Quantity Even on Social Media
18 Amazon Finally Gets 2 Factor Authentication (Please Go Turn This On For Your Account Now)
18 Don’t Sell Out.
17 Thoughts in the Presence of Fear
16 This is an aspect of web marketing that I personally detest (and think is wrong)
16 Google’s quantum computing announcement on December 8
11 Facebook’s Notify and the New Age of Invisible Apps
6 It’s about the ads
5 Amazon’s Retail Store, Uber Surge Pricing, and The Ever Changing Price of Things
3 Hearts on Twitter and Secondary Orality
3 This is why we can’t have nice things.
2 Yes, your brain (and mine) needs more downtime
30 Bigger Fixes Nothing in Churches
30 Goodbye, Oyster.
30 This is the perfect opening to a scifi novel…
28 S.C. teen assaulted by deputy is a recent orphan
28 Charity has changed (listen up, churches).
28 “Turn off that phone and do some real work.”
27 Google Bringing Podcasting to Android and Play Music
27 Your phone’s homescreen is dead; or how native advertising wins in the post-mobile world
26 Go Read Ezra and Nehemiah
26 What’s good (and bad) about Amanda Palmer’s style of marketing?
25 Social Media Marketing’s Decline
25 Writing as Conversation
23 When is a podcast a podcast and when is it a conversation?
19 Happy Anniversary, Merianna!
18 My Sermon from Emmanuel Baptist Today
18 “Censorship that doesn’t look like censorship”
15 Hey Bullfrog
14 Discount on Handguns if You’re a Christian
14 Funky Little Emmanuel
14 Wait, it wasn’t handed to King James directly by Moses??
14 It’s the little things…
14 Twitter’s Target
13 Stop Worrying About Your Website’s Design
7 “…things have changed”
6 Poverty Amongst Prosperity
1 How Much Does Your Local News Website Cost You Each Month?
1 Peeple is Going to Upset Lots of People
30 Marketing Plan Tips
29 Introducing the U.S. Web Design Standards
29 Why All Podcasts Sound the Same
26 Joe Maddon doesn’t care and neither should your business, church, or organization.
24 The United States’ Poor Record on LTE
22 Sam’s Public Feedly Collections
22 Americans Don’t Understand What it Means to Be Pastoral
22 On Invoking Galileo and Columbus in Your Arguments
21 An Individual Can Be Wiser Than the Crowd
21 Small Business and Church Unwillingness to Be Personal
21 Forget Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z
20 Delusions of Grandeur by @jason
20 Social Media’s Impact on Humanity
19 18th Century Contextual Advertising
18 Margaret Atwood: Double-Plus Unfree
17 “…let him declare what he seeth…” or Apple vs the Web
16 “We cannot ask a man what he will do, and if we should, and he should answer us, we should despise him for it.”
16 Wofford College to host presidential forum in October
16 Facebook Will Be Mostly Videos Soon
15 I’m tired of apologizing because I’m a baptist.
15 Facebook’s “dislike” button and my sympathy for future digital archaeologists
15 Now you can donate to a political candidate through a tweet. Why aren’t churches using this?
15 Logo redesigns that missed the mark
12 Of Mice and Men
10 Apple’s Creepy Event
10 “The Computers Kept Crashing”
10 U.S. Poverty Shifts Since 1960
9 I just threw up in my mouth.
9 “The Question of What Come Next”
8 Destroying Dura Europos
3 Thinking Religion: Jesus on the Kinsey Scale
2 Verizon’s New Logo
2 Everyone is a designer now, it seems.
2 Hulu Offers Commercial Free Plan (Finally)
1 Resurrect My Soul
27 1 in 7 people on earth used Facebook on Monday
27 The Future is Messaging and Google Seems Oblivious
18 Google’s New Router
17 Facebook Takes on Medium Because Teens Are Blogging Again
17 The ‘Real’ Colonel Sanders and Bad Branding
15 Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper Tweezers
12 The Attention Economy, or Why No One Cares About Your Ad in the Paper But You
12 How Content Marketers and Sites Make Money as Agencies
11 “The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions.”
11 Google’s Affiliate Program for Play Store
10 You Need the .com of Your Name
6 Microsoft put together a pretty good infographic on optimal social media posting times
5 Will Google Buy Twitter?
4 Michigan Bookstore Offers Refunds For “Go Set a Watchman”
2 Even Google Fails
2 How to Make Your Point(s) On Social Media
31 Is Apple Supporting Terrorism?
30 Why You Should Fear the Future and Think about Your Business Now
30 Polynomial Codes Over Certain Finite Fields, or Why Things You Don’t Think Matter Actually Matter
29 This has to crash one day, right?
29 The Death (and Salvation?) of Religious Studies: A Conversation with Carrie Schroeder
29 Yahoo’s Livetext Brings Us “Giffing”
29 Oh, Microsoft
28 Litmus Test
28 Civilians Using Handguns in Self Defense
25 Wilco’s Star Wars and My Personal Helicon
25 ‘Go Set a First Draft’
20 “What is Left is Pretty Much McDonalds”
20 Confessions of a Congress Member
20 Undervaluing The Click and Mobile’s Importance in Conversions
16 You Won’t Make Money with Your Website
15 Google Affiliate Network 3.0
14 Google Domains Web Hosting Partners
13 The problem with demanding that secular culture reflect biblical principles
13 Obama Administration Issues Final Contraception Coverage Religious Accommodation Rules
12 How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet
12 Troubling Theology
8 What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?
6 Screen Addiction is a Generational Complaint
3 The Reddit Revolt and Social Silos
2 The problems with ebook subscription models
2 Thomas Jefferson Was Obsessed with Mammoths
27 When Pres. Obama heard the news about the ACA Supreme Court Decision on Thursday
27 MH and the White House
26 Our Week in Washington D.C.; Or How do I explain to my daughters how important this all is?
25 Bernie Sanders Gains on Hillary Clinton in Bloomberg Early-State Polling
30 “Losing My Religion”
29 Beautiful Bride at Four Months 
29 Thinking Religion: Smuggling Religion
29 Declining Average Church Attendance and Marketing Implications
29 Social Fundraising and Boards
29 Going Indie
28 Oh Hillary, Don’t Do That
28 Amazon Baby Food @meriannaneely
28 Google Photos and the Price of Free
26 Sapphire Apple Watch Screens Can Crack
25 Handing Off Podcasts via Overcast
25 Are we sure Chancellor Palpatine didn’t write this?
21 Religious Slacktivism
19 Stop Drinking Bottled Water
19 Card Cataloging and What Comes After Google
18 I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing…
18 “What Lies Ahead I Have No Way of Knowing”
18 Asheville is Strange
14 I’m not ready for this.
11 Whither Professors?
11 Propaganda Marketing
7 A Podcast About Walmart Caskets, Cynic Jesus, and Beards
7 The Colbert Surprise and Good Marketing
21 Not Enough People Listen to Thinking Religion (or Why I Despise Facebook)
20 Mobilegeddon for Websites
18 This Could Be the Year
18 Guess where I’m posting this from…
18 Pups are glad Mommy is home from CBF of SC General Assembly 
14 Kerning Matters
14 Who Do You Say I Am?
13 Ad Agencies Are In Real Trouble
10 Oddly, Microsoft and Dropbox Just Made It Easier to Use My Chromebook
7 Growing Your Business with Email
7 Going Viral on Twitter Just Got More Difficult
3 Twitter’s Engagement Problem
3 Reedsy For Author Pages
3 Why Your Business Needs a Web Page More Than Ever
3 Twitter Is a Small Business’ Best Friend
20 But It’s In the New York Times, So It Must Be True…
12 R.I.P. Terry Pratchett
11 Colonizing the Colonials
10 Dura Europos Looting and Devastation Update
9 GigaOm or How Not to End A Great Tech Site’s Existence
8 Writing Is Dead
7 Is the Original New Testament Lost?
4 Arrrggghhh
4 My Tweets, Links, Music, and Books
4 Dura Europos as a “Moonscape of Craters”
3 Dura Europos and Its Art
27 Do I Really Need Facebook?
27 Playing Checkers At a Chess Match
26 Google Starts Ranking Your Site Based on Mobile Friendliness
26 Why We Should Care About Archaeological Destruction
25 Bejeweled Skeletons of Forgotten Martyrs
24 You Don’t Need A Mediator to Blog
20 Yale’s Religious Treasures
13 Theological Eating
8 Bob Dylan At the Grammys’ Charity
2 Visualizing Who Is Tracking You On the Web
1 Pretty Much Me Tonight
31 Change Your Verizon “Super Cookie” Privacy Settings
26 The Picard Maneuver
25 Still need to blog
24 When I was 7, this was the first magazine I ever bought with my own money
24 Realizing Our Place in the Universe
23 Let’s Play Two
23 R.I.P. Mr Cub
23 Nonprofits and Affordable Marketing
23 Sweet Carolina
21 State of the Union… in emoji
20 Economic Virtue
8 Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs?
6 Keeping the Canon
6 New Album with Old Music
5 Who Is Paul McCartney?
4 Apple’s Marketing Problem
3 Unless…
1 My 2015 Resolutions

31 2015
31 Watch TWiT’s 24 Hour New Year Live Show Now
27 My First Podcast In a While and One of the Best I’ve Been On
27 Facebook Bloggers as Blogger of the Year??
27 “Don’t Steal My Inkpot”
26 Another Digital Divide Coming
23 Brian Greene on the State of String Theory 2015
22 Shut Up and Take My Money, Google
22 Shortest Day of the Year
21 Accepting Change And Being an Expert
21 “All is calm, all is bright”
16 Should Churches and Non-Profits Worry About Page Views?
15 Don’t Use Admin As Your WordPress Username
25 Well I Was Headed to Bed but NEVERMIND!
24 School Lunches
22 Books Aren’t Just Commodities
22 Short-form blogging thoughts
21 My Interstellar Review (Spoiler Free!)
21 Jeff Tweedy Had a Nice Full Head of Hair
11 I Was Tumblr Cool Once
10 WSJ: You Can Ditch Your PC Now
8 Why Blogs?
8 What is a Computer?
21 What if businesses and schools looking for big ideas followed Asimov’s advice?
21 The Next Printing Revolution
20 Posting to Social Spaces Instead of Blogs
20 Handy Chromebook Solutions Guide for edu folks from CDW
17 Math on the Simpsons
16 My Favorite Albums
6 I Went Back to Android
26 Earth Has Water Older than the Sun
24 Smells Like Teen Spirit
22 Taking Flight
20 Home Screen on My iPhone 2014
17 Iterative Learning
15 U2’s New Album
15 Innovation Tools
14 What is Creativity Without a Keyboard (or Why I Want My Kids to Play Minecraft)?
13 MH Learning Minecraft
12 Screens in the Classroom
11 Few technical difficulties but we’re back live on…
11 Thursday Night Lights @hammondschool Watch student run live…
11 Varsity game for @HammondSchool moved to tonight for…
11 Which iPhone 6 Should You Buy?
11 Microsoft Buying Minecraft?
7 Dave Winer on Twitter’s power users…
7 @hammondschool custom iPhone case I designed being 3D…
7 Live shot from the inboard camera via iPhone…
7 Makerbot looks pretty awesome with the red filament…
7 Heating up our Makerbot Replicator for a Special Print
6 I think we should all get behind this…
6 Rocketboard looks pretty transformational Taking the idea of…
6 Very valuable read if you’re interested in the…
5 Maybe Next Year…
31 Dave Winer on how to stimulate the open web
17 Back to iPhone
24 YouTube and Polytheism
16 Airbnb’s New Logo
10 Happy Birthday, @pinboard
10 Google’s Surprising Chromebook Surge
9 More on Dura Europos Looting
9 Dura Europos Looting
8 Vamping Teens
8 Email Newsletters Still Alive and Very Well
6 On Not Being a That
5 Happy Birthday, Principia
3 You Need to Segment Your Email List
1 Vine’s Loops and Impact on Social Media Marketing
1 Twitter Adding “Buy Now” Buttons to Tweets?
30 GoDaddy’s New Payment Processor with PayPal and Stripe
30 What Images Should You Use on Your Website?
30 Twitter’s New Mobile Ads
28 Facebook’s Creepy Psychology Study and Implications for Marketing
28 Generation Sell
28 Looks Like Nexus Is Sticking Around (Thankfully)
21 Edge of Empires at Dura Europos
19 Importance of Crisis for Humanities
18 “What Should I Be When I Grow Up?”
18 Sam, what computer should I buy?
10 What Does the Future of Church Have in Common with Raising Guinea Pigs?
30 Back to Seminary
27 Against the Natural Order of Things
26 Personal Domains as Apps
7 The Trough of Disillusionment
6 Harrelson Agency Featured in Shareist Case Study
25 Introducing Project Willie and Project Waylon
24 Is Google+ “Dead”?
24 “Cast Screen”
22 This Is How I Played
21 Why You No Love Me, Google?
20 Pride of a Husband
19 The Great Recession is Not Over
19 Universal Numbers
18 Roman Puppy Prints
17 Game of Thrones
8 Meant to Struggle
28 This is the Saddest “We Sold for $8 Million” Post I’ve Ever Read
27 There’s a Reason Why Boring Interfaces Like Reddit Engage Crowds
26 I was really excited to be on Merianna and Elisabe…
26 Amazing that we are still discovering important as…
26 Link Rot
19 Clear My Calendar for December 18-19, 2015
17 Please Enable 2FA For Your Own Good and Ours
17 Inflationary Theory Confirmation and Human Nature
15 Decomposers and Radiation
12 Now That’s an Obit
12 End of Geek Culture and Rise of Tasteless Marketing
18 There’s a crane outside of my office window and no…
15 Jealousy
14 SC Earthquake!
14 No Depression Legacy Edition
14 Don’t Make Any Plans During This Window of Time
14 ZeroScope Launch
13 ZeroScope Stethoscope Barrier Protection Fund Raising
10 Going Back to Your Own Blog
6 My Grandfather’s Name
5 More Blogging in 2014
5 Finally, Basecamp Android App!
3 Sitting on the side of the interstate in my broked…
2 The Scene of the Movie Where You Help Me Out
28 ThinkingDaily: Being a Divorced Dad
27 Fantastic ThinkingReligion show with @thomaswhitle…
27 Don’t Do Branding First
27 Simple Websites and Expected Formulas
25 Simpsons are spoofing Google Glass on Sunday… th…
25 Testing out mobile pics upload with new home theme
25 Bringing It All Back Home 2014 Version
25 One of my favorite days of the month… new Audibl…
15 Net Neutrality and the Power of Words
5 Blogging Still Matters in a Social Media World

25 Why Are Lyrics Sites So Profitable? (And How Bob Dylan Wins)
24 “Can I Handle the Seasons of My Life?”
22 Quantifying Myself in 2014
22 I like this Alot
19 The Problems with Bitcoin
13 Sprint Buying T-Mobile??
12 WordPress and the Longevity of Good Software
10 Looks like Waze is now in Google Now
10 Not Every American Needs to Learn How to Code
6 The Story Behind a T-Shirt
5 Tom Merritt and the New Economy
2 Why You’ll Buy a Chromebook Soon
2 Darth Vader Selfie Launches Star Wars on Instagram
1 Gotta say… I want one of those tupperware containers.
1 Why I Will Never Hire Unpaid Interns
1 The Ministry and Drug Gang Economics
26 Worlds Colliding
26 “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house (office). All that cold, cold, wet day.”
25 Got a call this morning from my hotel last night…
23 Stranger Than Fiction
22 The telephone book is here! My Nexus 7 is finally getting KitKat
22 Does Your Dog Love You?
22 Thanking God for coffee at 4pm on Friday afternoon
22 Bringing Back the Blogs
22 Commodified Authenticity and Social Media
14 A/B Testing for Mobile Websites Webinar
13 Pinterest Suggestions from Sony
13 Twitter Rolls Out Great New Analytics Update
13 How to Win on Price is Right Using Math
13 Pocket 5.0 Update
13 HP Chromebook 11 Now Unavailable
13 Bill Gates on Catalytic Philanthropy
13 Temple Run Movie?
12 O’Connor’s Prayer Journal
12 Twitter Learns from Pinterest
12 The Danger of a Single Story
12 Google’s Hummingbird and the Importance of Social Signals
11 The iPod is 12
9 What’s After Web 2.0?
7 Why isn’t Thomas Whitley in this competition?
30 Writing on the Wall
30 How To Setup Nexus 5 Stock Notifications
29 Using Photoshop on my Chromebook
27 R.I.P. Lou Reed
27 The kind of Sunday morning texts you get if your wife is a pastor
26 Is Our Universe a Computer Simulation?
26 What Happens When You Just Give Money To Poor People?
25 L.A.’s iPad Conundrum
25 Why Aren’t We Watching the World Series?
24 Reconstructing Ancient Greek Music
24 Instagram Gives a Preview of Its Sponsored Ads
24 Hurry, Google #nexus5
24 Cheater?
24 Differences in Private and Public School Teacher Pay
15 Advertise to Website Visitors via Facebook
2 The Four Quarters of My Week
28 Why I Work All The Time
22 Marco Arment’s Overcast
20 Sen Franken Questions iPhone 5s and 5th Amendment Implications
16 My Jerry Maguire Moment
16 4D Star Collapse Lead to Our Universe?
7 How Google Solved Android’s Fragmentation Problem
6 (Fe)Male Identity(ies)
5 Nexus 5 with LTE?
5 Cryptonomicon
3 Twitter Hashtags and Crisis Management
2 Microsoft Acquires Nokia
2 New Mac Pro Alternative
2 How to Expire Contest or Coupon Related Tweets
2 Chromecast Love
2 Favicon Cheat Sheet
2 How is GMail’s Promotion Tab Affecting Your Email Marketing?
31 Users Outraged Over Proposed New Facebook Data Guidelines
30 5 Tips and 3 Tools to Get You Engaged On Multiple Social Networks
30 Affiliate Summit East Returns to NYC
28 Tim Storm on Building a Team
28 Twitter’s New Conversations Spark Internet Outrage
28 Yoast SEO Plugin and Modified Headers
28 Google Hall of Famer Wayne Porter
27 Google’s Nexus 4 Sale; Nexus 5 Coming Soon?
27 Google Keyword Tool Replacements
27 Welcome Back to CostPerNews
22 Finally Got My SC Driver’s License (Again)
22 Mary Hudson’s First Day of School and My Birthday
20 Windows 8 Irony
19 Why I Hate Twitter Six Years Later @jangro
19 Visiting One Of My Favorite Places in the World
18 Dear Facebook, So Long and Thanks For All The Fish
17 Press, Fever, and Freedom
15 Android is Pretty
14 Bros
14 What Does Google’s New Personalized Search Mean for Marketers?
14 Will iOS 7 Be Popular?
13 Your Newsletter Will Be Deleted if Users Can’t Read It On Their Mobile Devices
12 Affiliate Marketing’s Bad Rap
12 Women in Marketing
11 Taking Up the Challenge
8 Facebook’s Big Problem
7 Facebook Kills EdgeRank
6 How Many Clicks Does it Take?
4 YouTube Introducing Live Streaming For Channels with 100+ Subscribers
31 Email Marketing Doing Well On Mobile
30 Facebook Video Ads Coming This Fall?
30 New Nexus 7 fits perfectly in my (real deal) Indiana Jones bag #DONTcallitamanpurse
30 One of THOSE mornings
29 Landed a new Nexus 7
29 Be Careful With Your Clever Domains
27 What Did We Do Before YouTube?
26 I’m at Target! Good to see Devin T again. — with Devin
26 What Social Networks Drive The Most Sales?
26 How Does Search Work?
26 Look what just arrived from Google :)
25 Willie At 9 Months
25 I’m at Rush’s! So good.
25 Marketing Is Evolving; Don’t Get Stuck
25 The Self-Aware Burrito
24 Deconstructing Sharing
23 Foursquare Rolls Out Ads for Businesses
23 Working For a Boss
21 Another Reason I’m Not a Teacher Anymore
21 Riding the New Silk Road
20 Why Wasn’t I Consulted?
20 More on Facebook’s Graph Search
20 Why Are Most Apps Free?
20 Blogging Isn’t Dead
20 Limits of Citizenship
19 Words
19 Remarks by the President on Trayvon Martin
19 Charge for Value Not Hours
19 Transmit
19 Creepy GMail Ads In Your Inbox
19 Affiliate Sites and Mobile Traffic
18 Evernote 5.4 Adds Skitch Support
17 Social Media Interactions Drive Business
17 Debunking Facebook’s Graph Search
16 Foursquare Rolling Out Post-Check-In Ads for Brands
15 OmniFocus for iPhone Adds Background Syncing
14 Affiliate Summit Offering Virtual Passes Starting with #ASE13
14 Instagram Videos Get More Brand Engagement Than Vine
13 Update Your Email Lists Before July 15
12 MarketingTrends v2
12 Content Is King In Marketing
11 IFTTT Comes To iOS
10 Google’s Matt Cutts on Link Building and Memorable Websites
9 Dropbox Adds Cloud Syncing For Apps
30 Podcast: What Wakes You At 4 AM?
20 Google Embraces Content Marketing on YouTube
18 “How Can I Get Free Advertising on Google?”
17 Todd Crawford the Podcast
17 Stock Images and Your Search Results
17 Instagram is Facebook’s YouTube
16 Make Sure Your Mobile Site Is Working Well or Get Penalized by Google
16 Why Content Is Important for Your Marketing
15 Start Thinking About Your Company’s Facebook Hashtags Now
15 @garyvee Nails It: Don’t Try to Create Hashtags
14 Facebook Replacing Sponsored Search Results with Hashtags?
14 ShareThis Advances Web Marketing with SQI
13 The Golden Gut Exists
13 Shareist Renames Notebooks to Projects
13 Google Dominates, Facebook Rises and Apple Snores
13 Twitter Analytics Now Open For All
12 Facebook Adds Hashtags
10 “Every Day Do Something That Won’t Compute”
5 Email as the Ultimate Social Network
30 Ingestible Passwords
30 What Does Your Brand Stand For?
28 Mobile’s Massive Implications
27 Google Blimps
26 Things We Love: WP to Twitter Plugin
26 Why Email Marketing Still Matters
26 Free Isn’t Bad
25 Pew Report On How Facebook Bubble Is About to Pop
25 How We Sign Documents
25 Chrome Is Your Future OS
20 Avoiding SEO Mistakes and Finding the Right Agency
19 Affiliate Marketing After Coupons
19 CJ Success Guy Meme
18 “…parked a big blue box on the rug.”
17 At Least Give a Disclosure, LinkShare
17 The Scam of College for Everyone
17 Breaking Up with Google
17 Harrelson Corps Summer Internship
17 Harrelson Corps Summer Internship
16 And You Will Have a Window in Your Head…
14 Printing from My iPhone and iPad
14 How to Heat a Soap Mug When Using a Safety Razor
12 On-Demand Marketing
12 Sad Google Reader Notification
6 Uncle Herbert’s Autobiography
27 No Teachers
19 Origami iPad
18 Google Now and All
16 Google Kills Its Affiliate Network
11 NASA’s Education Budget Cuts
10 What if Kurt Cobain Hadn’t Committed Suicide?
9 CourseSmart and Dumbing Down Teaching
8 Transat Font
8 Trying to Fix What Is Not Broken
7 Links and the Persistance of Memories
29 Skycons and HTML 5
28 “If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
27 Forecast for the Web
25 What’s Next For Me
24 Rush’s Favorite Apple RSS Feeds
21 Moving On From Carolina Day
21 Chrome Over Android
21 Changing Platforms Like Socks
20 Google Reader Sharing Replaced by Feedly
19 Paradox of Power
19 Top Typefaces of 2012
18 Post Dog Park Bliss
18 Updates to My RSS Feed and Feed Reading
15 Search for Affiliates via Geolocation on AvantLink
14 Twitter and Facebook Are Not Google Reader Replacements
14 Worst Product Release Ever
14 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Google Reader
12 The Joy of Working For You
12 Pinterest Gets Analytics
11 When Marketers Stare Back at You
10 The Web Has Been Acquihired by AOL
9 Handy Google Spreadsheet Keyword Generator
7 What Marketers Should Know About Facebook’s New News Feed
7 Spreading Too Thin on Social Sites
6 IFTTT and bitly Equals Awesomeness
6 SimilarWeb for Helpful Site Stats
6 Plunk for Mobile Site Testing
6 Twitter’s Essential Value to Marketers
5 Importance of Marketing Plans
5 Importance of Social Media Curation in Marketing
5 Tumblr’s Untraditional and Provocative Mobile Advertising Approach
5 Tara Hunt Explains the Secret to Great Social Content
4 Twitter Killing TweetDeck on Desktop and Mobile
4 Facebook Responds to Pay-to-Play Allegations
4 Instagram and Affiliate Marketing
4 EMail Marketing and Search Still Important on Social Web
4 iWatch Doubts
3 CostPerNews 2.0
3 On Facebook, It’s Pay to Play if You Want to Be Seen
3 Free Icon Font Sets For Affiliate Sites
3 Your Affiliate Sites Should Use Responsive Web Design
3 Bundles of Non-Delight
1 How Google Search Works
25 What Percentage of PageRank is Lost Through a 301 Redirect?
2 Nexus 4 and Porting My Number to Google Voice
29 Setting Fire to the Past
26 “I Didn’t Know There Was Another Type of Phone”
21 Start Your Own School with a WordPress Plugin
21 Shake and Fold
21 One of Those Nights
21 Microsites and SEO
21 Class Development and Management
20 Intro to WordPress
16 Textbooks Are Obstacles to Learning
13 Remembering Danny Goodman: Four Years Is Too Long
13 Should Cursive Be Replaced by Typing Education?
13 Remembering Aaron Swartz
13 How Gorillas Got Their Name
13 Aaron Swartz on “Digging In and Fighting Harder”
1 Happy 30th Birthday to the Internet

31 1996 Wilco
31 AirDroid and Update On My Android Experiment
31 2012 In Social Media
29 Social Media Marketing Sizes Cheat Sheet
27 Chosing Your Services and Apps Wisely
27 How to Make “Khan” Videos
27 Don’t Get Borked by Your Netflix Viewing
26 Happy Holidays from a Point of Pale Light
25 Learning And the Fragility of the Web
25 They Don’t Make Tablet Cases Like They Used To
25 Congress Drops Requirement to Obtain Warrant to Monitor Email
24 Collards for Christmas
23 Missing Sylvia
23 The Power of Selling Out
23 Personal Drones like Personal Computers
21 What Google Reader Might Have Been
21 Dear Users of the Internet…
19 Discovery in Your Comments
18 Willie and Trigger
18 From Flickr: What’s In My Bag August 19 2007
18 Foursquare Time Machine Sadness
17 Back to Field Notes
17 Indiana Jones, UChicago and an Amazing Tale of Misplaced Mail
17 Social TV Rating from Nielsen and Twitter
14 Yahoo’s “New” Ad Format
14 Reminiscing About What the Web Was
14 The Hobbit’s Bad Review
13 Google Maps App and Mobile Discovery
9 Poor Gorgosaurus
9 Square and Disruption
7 New in WordPress 3.5
5 WordPress A/B Testing with Simple Page Tester
5 Facebook Marketing and Why EdgeRank Matters
5 Zappos Spends Up to $70k a Day on Facebook Ads
5 150% Increase in Google Search Traffic
4 Benefit of Syncing Business Google Plus and and Local Pages
4 GMail 2.0 and The Decision to Leave iOS?
4 Analytics, APIs and Mobiles
3 Should You Develop iOS or Android Apps?
3 Top 2012 Yahoo Searches Across Categories
3 The Value of No Interface
27 Riemann Zeta Function
27 Thinking Before Acting
26 Dura Europos and Me
26 While My Guitar Gently Weeps Bass
8 “If You’re Going to Lose on Jeopardy, Lose on a Corporate Question”
7 Why Teaching is Dying
6 Ryan Adams at Abbey Road
5 iPhone Passes Outlook in Email Usage
21 Using Math in Reality
19 Minnesota Bans Coursera
18 Rising Cost of Pay Per Click
14 Here’s the Future of Books
9 Club of Honest Whigs
8 Impressions
7 Mobile Means Disocvery
7 Fun Mail
6 Sample Weekly Discovery Report We Provide Clients
5 Sweating the Details, Apple Style
5 3 Things You Should Know About Discovery
4 I Want to Go to Mars
3 Instagram Outpaces Twitter in August
30 Discovery Motors and Search Engines
29 SEO on the Cheap
29 First Fall 5K
26 Contact
25 My Music Since 2005
23 iPhone 5 Scratch Test
23 Solving Multiple Email, GMail and iOS Problem
23 The Next Step
20 Twitter as the Poisoned Coral Reef
18 MarsEdit and Squarespace 6
18 New Twitter for iPad
18 Rainy Day
17 Here’s To the Worst Dog Ever
16 Paperless 1.2
16 Discovery Marketing
16 Discovering Client-Based Marketing
15 The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth
15 Show, Don’t Tell
11 Evernote Amoeba Takes in Skitch
11 I Said That?
8 Into the Wild
3 Why Apple Really Ditched Google Maps in iOS 6
3 Connecting with Students
2 Steve Jobs as Captain America
1 American Democracy and Athenian Democracy
1 One-Point Perspective
1 Social Media’s Importance For Business
31 Mourning Our Specialness
26 It’s a Hard Knock Life
26 What Am I Listening To?
26 Best Computer I’ve Ever Owned
26 Neil Gaiman, Neil Armstrong, and Neal Stephenson
26 Here We Go
25 We Cho(o)se To Go to the Moon
25 New Biz Cards
25 We Made the Move
24 RFID in Schools
24 700 Decisions in 3 Days
24 Discontent
24 New Business Card
22 Split Open and Melt
22 My Google Doodle
21 What I Did This Summer
18 Vertical Rhythm
18 R.I.P. OnLive
18 Breaking Down Monoliths 1990’s Style
18 Retention, Not Acquisition
17 Way to Ruin My Birthday, Apple :)
17 It Used to Be Email Addresses, Then Pageviews, Now It’s Likes
17 A Day of Outages or Why I’m Sticking with RSS
17 When @Charter Goes Down, Listen to @_tatuaje_
16 Twitter APIocalypse
16 Sublime Kicking and Screaming
16 Taking Risks
16 Spotting Pyramids from NC with Google Earth
16 Facebook’s Crash
15 Summer Math
15 So Full of Angry
15 Neil Gaiman et al Coming to Asheville
14 Spam for Carl Sagan
14 I’ve Been Reading Too Much Dave Winer
14 as Dud or Savior?
14 The Value of Starting Over
26 Revenge of the Podcast on iOS6?
27 Getting my Baby New Tires
27 Getting my Baby New Tires
26 Jupiter, Venus and a Crescent Moon
26 Scales
25 @ryannewman39 Fan Club Schwag
24 Spare
23 I Love Paul Rand
23 Because Sometimes You Need an Ike’s Burger
4 Turtle Tree
1 20 Twitter Hashtags for Teachers
5 Affiliate Site Twitter Profile Pages
5 What is the Job of Social Logins on Your Site?
5 Are Affiliate eBooks Easy?
5 How to Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing (and Life)
4 Back to Podcasting
4 Should Your Affiliate Blog Have Comments?
4 Piezo for Podcasting
4 More on Like-Jacking and Quality Traffic
3 Some Things Never Change
3 The Kids Are All Coding; Why Aren’t You?
3 Dash and Affiliate Pageviews?
3 DreamHost is Down; Affiliate Sites and Hosting
3 Geek Dads Weekly 106
3 I Love TinyLetter
3 Falling Off a Segway
2 RSS is Still Important for Marketers
2 Long Strange Trip #asw12
2 Why Are There No Affiliate Network Apps?
2 Time to Learn to Code
2 My Favorite SEO Plugin
1 Web Design and Fixed Screen Sizes
1 Why Freemiums Aren’t the Future Path

31 Last Minute Affiliate Summit Hotels #asw12
31 Mobile, Social Media and Curation Marketing
30 Why is Affiliate Marketing Doing Well?
30 Free Progress Bars
30 All Traffic is Not Good Traffic
30 Insync + Sparrow = Crazy Delicious
30 What Job Does Your Affiliate Site Do?
30 Namecheap Domain Move Update
29 Facebook Like-Jacking and Need for Digital Literacy
29 The Problem with A/B Testing Ads in Social Media
27 Bristol!
30 Schaefer’s Not a Fan
30 Schaefer’s Not a Fan
13 Congrats to @SpartanburgDay MS Girls Soccer for Big Win and 3rd Place in Tourney Tonight!
13 Exam Proctoring Blues
10 I’m going to miss this tree when I move classrooms in a few weeks.
9 New Patch for my Indy Jones Man Satchel Bag
8 First Lap @TooToughToTame
7 First Lap @TooToughToTame
7 Too Tough To Tame!
7 Victory Lane @TooToughToTame
4 Beautiful Day Here @SpartanburgDay
1 Sunday Afternoon Croquet with the Girls
21 Holy Thursday
27 Dogfooding
5 Front Page Article on SpaceCam Launch
3 Engineering Creativity
27 School Books in the Present and Future
22 Flood of Mysteries and Science
20 De Grading
18 My Teaching Career in a Nutshell (or Parachute)
15 Cautionary Wave
15 Sweet Reader
7 Vernier’s Physics App Blows My Mind
31 Learning Without School
31 MH’s Artwork: Inbox is the New Refrigerator
30 Thoughts on Implementing iPads in a School
25 Headed to Apple Seminar at 1 to 1 iPad School
24 I’m Sure @Jangro Would Appreciate
23 Initial AppleTV Thoughts
20 Folding Cranes
17 Trusting Students and Teachers as Servants
16 FlexBooks
16 What to Do on Monday
15 Why I’m Sticking with AT&T (and Glad to See BUMPzee Back)
14 Reality Shifts Aren’t Novelties
13 Logic Behind Modern Schooling
13 Meet the New Boss…
13 83 Lines
11 iPads and Classroom Essentials
11 Keynote and Learning Experiences
10 Search is the Card Catalogue of the Web
10 Survival of the Focused
9 Creating Your Own Education
3 Good To Be Back
3 Happy 2011, Slave!

30 Learn Social Media Marketing in Las Vegas – Day After Affiliate Summit West
11 New Comics Day
10 I Love Dan Bricklin’s Note Taker HD App
10 The Cassandra Project
10 Architectures of Participatory Learning
10 MH Sings for Baby Sister
10 Steve Jobs on Educational Entrepreneurism
6 Many users, however, will have to add more memory …
1 Flickr Says Thanks for All the Fish
25 Don’t Forget Your Towel Today
24 Volatile and Decentralized: The Secret Lives of Professors
22 Spartanburg Day School’s New Upper School
16 Wilco – Kamera
16 Waylon Jennings – Me And Bobby McGee
5 Asia Has Claims on Spartanburg
5 Glycerine (Acoustic) (Live) – Bush – Pandora Internet Radio
1 Here We Go Again (Moving to Tumblr)
13 Fatherhood and Teaching
13 Old News in the Classroom

27 2 New Year Resolutions
26 Commission Junction Affiliate Network Affiliate Managers
3 New Affiliate Program Banner Archive from Experience Advertising
18 Blog Outreach: 8 compelling reasons why you should be doing it now
18 Holiday eCards Just Got Easier and Better with pingg
2 Experience Advertising Ranked #1 Affiliate Marketing Company
2 On Page SEO: Online Marketing’s Building Blocks
8 37signals Blogged About My Post… Peak of My Blogging Career :)
8 Found These In Glovebox of My Work Truck
7 The Moon and Jupiter
6 Visiting Doctor Mommy at Work
6 Cinch or Voice Memo for Quick Podcasts?
6 Google Voice for Safari Hack Updated
1 Dear @Evernote, I Want to Use your Service But This is Unacceptable
31 Divisible Electrons. Democritus Would Not Be Pleased.
31 AffiliateHack: My New Marketing Blog
30 Great Use of Backpack with Pages for Each Day.
30 Why Hasn’t Someone Made a FriendFeed Client for GMail like TwitterGadget?
30 Great Review of @Posterous
30 IB Principles and Auto-Stitch
29 GMail vs Backpack
29 And the Main Board / Border (finishing tomorrow)
29 Long Day at School. Borders Done (that’s fabric, folks)
28 Making an Offer Soon
28 Dream House in Spartanburg Has This By the Front Door
28 Bomb Shelter in Our Dream House in Spartanburg
28 Classroom Panorama 2
28 Classroom Panorama
27 Joining Spartanburg Day School
27 From Evernote Back to Backpack
27 The Kids Are Alright
27 listening to “Josh Ritter – Girl in the War”
26 FriendFeed Catchup in GMail
26 Pig Tails Or Devil Horns?
26 Where the Wild Things Are
26 Thinking.FM Reboot
25 My Laptop’s Operating System
25 Doesn’t Make Me Feel Good About @Evernote
24 What Should My New Podcast Be?
24 Using MindMeister for Mind Mapping in the Classroom
24 At The Awesome Hubub in Spartanburg
24 At Venus Pie in Spartanburg… My Fav Pizza in the World
23 listening to “Big Head Todd And The Monsters – Bittersweet”
22 Made HUGE Progress on my Classroom Today!
22 She’s Already a Troublemaker in Class…
21 Powerpoint in the Classroom Must Die
20 From Evernote: Sleepy Puppies
19 Twinkle Twinkle Little (Rock) Star
19 Doomed for a Life of Tech Multi-Tasking
19 Stunning Lack of 2.0 Teacher Tools on Web or iPhone
17 Hey, You! Get Off of My Cloud! (Or The Rise of Anti-Social Media)
17 Mozart Goes to the Pool
16 Ready for Shopping
15 Just Finished Gutting My New Classroom
14 Good Ole Strom
14 I Gave a Speech on the Stairs When I was 21
14 Lego Mindstorms Training at USC (Geeking Out)
14 Anti-Social Bookmarking
13 MH and The Otter at WNC Nature Center
12 MH Inspecting Our Grape Vine
11 A Song for Elmo
11 Interesting or Comforting?
11 AudioBoo Reconsidered bc Of Time Limit
10 Sweet… Got My Lacie iamakey In from Amazon
10 (Podcast) AudioBoo, TweetMic or Voice Recorder w/ Posterous?
8 What’s On My iPhone? Or How My iPhone Has Become My Computer
8 Dealing with eComXpo eMail
7 MH’s First Movie
6 Does Philosophy Make You a Better Scientist?
5 Evening 1.5 Mile Run Up the Beverly Hills
5 I Love FriendFeed’s “Helvetica” Theme
5 Radiolab: My New Favorite Podcast
5 5.5 Mile Ride to Azalae Park and Back up Tunnel Road
3 Swimming Laps
2 GMail as My Web Nervous System
1 Mary Hudson Attacks @annaqharrelson’s Birthday Cake
30 Cornhole and Pizza for Anna’s BDay Party
30 Hey, Goat!
27 Family Pic at Anna’s Graduation
23 Best Virus Checker In the World
20 Pretty Much the Greatest Picture Ever.
15 Tired Baby of the Marsh
15 Anna and MH at The Atalayah
15 Oyster Shell Recycling Stand…Gotta Love SC
15 Marsh at Brookgreen Gardens
15 Pawley’s Island Bikepath Ride
13 Can’t Wait to See My Little Lady
1 Picnic View at Biltmore
27 She Says FreeDOS is Still Lacking
27 Mary Hudson Warhol
25 In Rainbows
25 Holiday TV Watching
20 Can’t wait for August!
19 MH Reading at Pack Library
18 MH Cheering on Asheville Tourists
18 Daddy Day Care Picnic at Biltmore
16 NC 11th Cong. District Convention in Clyde
11 At Llama Llama Reading at Pack Library
11 Got my free Google Profile cards in the mail
11 Shuttle Launch Watching Party
4 Intaminatis Fulget Honoribus
3 Citric Acid Success!
29 Drs Harrelson
27 Candybugs
25 Buncombe County Landfill: Where Our Stuff Goes To Die
24 Twitter as Graffiti
23 Voodoo Universe (Golgotha Beats)
22 Peniel
21 Dropped By Stewart Haas Racing in Kannapolis
21 Belmont Abbey Cathederal
21 In Between
18 Me Cooking Low Country Boil for the Gang
18 Harrelson’s Seafood in Murrell’s Inlet
18 Beach Baby
17 Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful (Surfside Beach, SC)
16 Buying Mulch
16 Things I Like
16 @ Pappa’s and (NO) Beer
13 Twitter Word Search
13 Bailing Out McCulture
13 RIP Rev. Stanley L. Jaki
12 Brittle Molecular Bonds: How the Flood Really Happened
11 See, There Are Female Drivers
11 More Greenville Pickens
11 Pre-Race Autographs at Greenville Pickens Speedway
10 Great How To for Arguing with Biblical Studies Profs
9 @annaqharrelson and I at Gov’s Western Residence for Rep Bruce Goforth Reception
9 Kitchen Demo Done, Drywall Painted, New Dishwasher Installed. Countertops 2morrow!
7 Our Worship Group is Presenting Tonight. I’m Leading the Communion
7 My Poor Apple Trees #avl_snOMG
7 My Poor Apple Trees #avl_snOMG
6 @k84ut in the Div School Lounge
4 Mayor Bellamy Blowing Up Balloons for Kids
4 MH and Gavin with Easter Bunny
4 At Old Asheville Speedway for Easter Fest
3 Ain’t That America
29 Pee Dee Burger
28 Come on, Thomas… Let’s Go
28 Virgil on Facebook
28 listening to “here-comes-the-sun – “
28 Had a great time with Asheville Twitter community and folks at @locomotivity!
26 MH from PA
26 More Drywall for the Kitchen. It Never Ends!
26 Mass Consumerism is the Problem
24 @thomasjwhitley Getting Ready for Practice Baptizin’
22 Where I’m Preaching Today
21 Cosmos Now on Hulu
21 Baptists and Muslims Meet in Jordan
20 Rock Salt Crystal Deodorant Really Works
20 Jessica Lea Mayfield and Bible Days
19 CBF of NC General Assembly and Twitter
18 Killer Slide at Kenilworth
18 Haha…oops (new Ubuntu Launch Screen by mistake)
15 Lazy Sunday
15 Snuggle Buddies
13 Twitter Followers
13 listening to “misunderstood – wilco”
13 Twitter Sanity
13 Talking Futurisms, Podcasts, and Ethics
10 New Outlets and Under Cabinet Lighting – New Counters Next Week
7 Busy Caturday at the Lake
7 My Agenda at Lake Lure Today
7 Just Caught a 4lb Bass
6 Huge Line for Midnight Showing of Watchmen in Asheville
6 What a Great Invention
5 I Am the Drywall-inator
4 Good Riddance, Blue Tile
3 New (non-blue) Countertops Coming In Soon Means Drywall Work This Week
2 Impromptu Sledding at Beverly Hills Golf Course
2 What is a High Church Baptist?
1 OMG Snow Driving
1 Pleasant Gardens Bapt (Preached Today)
22 Weekend Activities
22 Shooting Skeet
21 Let Digital Detox Weekend Commence…
19 will be using this more
19 Like Father Like Daughter with Star Wars Toys
19 will be using this more
18 Joe Firmage quits as CEO 2 Pursue UFO’s
18 Internet Archive Search: collection:etree AND (date:19??-02-18 OR date:20??-02-18)
18 Internet Archive Search: collection:etree AND (date:19??-02-18 OR date:20??-02-18)
18 Conan O’Brien Relives Afternoon of Boozing and Shooting With Hunter S. Thompson : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily
18 Could Living Organisms Be Hiding Inside Olympus Mons? | Universe Today
18 Could Living Organisms Be Hiding Inside Olympus Mons? | Universe Today
18 Conan O’Brien Relives Afternoon of Boozing and Shooting With Hunter S. Thompson : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily
18 The Phoenix Mars Lander May Have Detected Liquid Water on the Martian Surface | Universe Today
18 Today the Pilgrim’s Progress was Published (1678) | The Scriptorium Daily: Middlebrow
18 The Phoenix Mars Lander May Have Detected Liquid Water on the Martian Surface | Universe Today
18 Today the Pilgrim’s Progress was Published (1678) | The Scriptorium Daily: Middlebrow
18 TinyChat Makes Creating Disposable Chat Rooms A Breeze
18 TinyChat Makes Creating Disposable Chat Rooms A Breeze
18 BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Alien life ‘may exist among us’
18 Joe Firmage quits as CEO 2 Pursue UFO’s
18 Denver Airport Underground base and weird murals
18 Joseph Firmage –
18 Internet Archive Search: collection:etree AND (date:19??-02-18 OR date:20??-02-18)
18 Could Living Organisms Be Hiding Inside Olympus Mons? | Universe Today
18 Conan O’Brien Relives Afternoon of Boozing and Shooting With Hunter S. Thompson : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll Daily
18 Today the Pilgrim’s Progress was Published (1678) | The Scriptorium Daily: Middlebrow
18 The Phoenix Mars Lander May Have Detected Liquid Water on the Martian Surface | Universe Today
18 BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Alien life ‘may exist among us’
18 TinyChat Makes Creating Disposable Chat Rooms A Breeze
16 Global warming, storm warnings, and the future of the church | open source theology
16 Global warming, storm warnings, and the future of the church | open source theology
16 Full Harper’s Index Now Searchable Online – ReadWriteWeb
16 Disapointment at Daytona… : Nascar View
15 Disapointment at Daytona… : Nascar View
15 Full Harper’s Index Now Searchable Online – ReadWriteWeb
15 Global warming, storm warnings, and the future of the church | open source theology
15 Valentine’s Day In Space: Falling In Love Again With Science Fiction Novels
15 Is there a better podcatcher than Juice? – Mahalo Answers
15 UFOMystic » UFO Video Creates Excitement
15 PhDiva: The Fall of the West: Soldiers
15 Valentine’s Day In Space: Falling In Love Again With Science Fiction Novels
15 Macbook D’oh 2.0
15 UFOMystic » UFO Video Creates Excitement
15 Valentine’s Day In Space: Falling In Love Again With Science Fiction Novels
15 PhDiva: The Fall of the West: Soldiers
15 Is there a better podcatcher than Juice? – Mahalo Answers
15 Blubrry – Blubrry Powerpress
14 Blubrry – Blubrry Powerpress
14 WordPress › Support » Adding Rss Feed to individual categories
14 WordPress › Support » Adding Rss Feed to individual categories
14 WordPress › Support » Adding Rss Feed to individual categories
13 Thinking.FM’s First Show
13 Working On Her Research Project
13 Eisenbrauns is on Twitter
12 How I Made My Presentations a Little Better | 43 Folders
12 How I Made My Presentations a Little Better | 43 Folders
12 Julian of Norwich mp3’s
11 TaborBlog » Blog Archive » “Making Live the Dead”
11 Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts: About Us
11 TaborBlog » Blog Archive » “Making Live the Dead”
11 Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts: About Us
11 Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts: About Us
11 Julian of Norwich
11 TaborBlog » Blog Archive » “Making Live the Dead”
11 Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
11 Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts: About Us
10 The Ties That Bind
7 Search the University of Chicago Library
7 Hebrew for Christians – Learn Hebrew for FREE!
7 Search the University of Chicago Library
7 Hebrew for Christians – Learn Hebrew for FREE!
7 Preaching 1 Corinthians 9:16-23
7 Untitled Document
7 Early Christian and Jewish Art: Melchizedek
6 GeekDads@Home Podcast
6 Untitled Document
6 The Kindle 2 is Hot
6 Early Christian and Jewish Art: Melchizedek
6 Google and Amazon Compete Over Shuffle Readers
5 Daddy Day Care Trip To Lowes
5 Faith Initiative Caught Between Church, State : NPR
5 Faith Initiative Caught Between Church, State : NPR
5 Recreating the button | stopdesign
5 Faith Initiative Caught Between Church, State : NPR
5 Recreating the button | stopdesign
5 Donatio Bushi
5 Can’t Argue With That
1 “Riding Out Tonight to Case the Promised Land”
31 Untitled
30 Of Pig Bones and Pillars: Why Josiah Matters
29 “Grade A Fancy” is my new fav saying (for tonight at least)
29 Intelligent Design is Bad Theology
29 Testing My Faith
29 Danes, Swedes and Post-Religious Morality
29 Visiting Mommy On the Job
28 What Will Archaeologists Think of Us? Or Do Post-Moderns Dream of Electric Sheep?
28 Answer this…: NASCAR: Twitter me this…
28 Joys of Having a Teething Toddler…
28 NASCAR Folks on Twitter
28 Answer this…: NASCAR: Twitter me this…
26 U.S. school children need less work, more play: study | U.S. | Reuters
25 U.S. school children need less work, more play: study | U.S. | Reuters
25 Forgiving Holocaust Deniers?
25 ASCII by Jason Scott / FUCK THE CLOUD
25 Welcome to the Holodeck
25 The End of Solitude –
25 ASCII by Jason Scott / FUCK THE CLOUD
25 The End of Solitude
25 The End of Solitude –
25 Koinonia: The Temple and the Cosmos
25 Mark, The Gospel Of Radical Transformation
24 Koinonia: The Temple and the Cosmos
24 Afternoon @biltmoreestate
24 Biltmore Tiramasu Cheeseball is Crazy Delicious
24 Mark, The Gospel Of Radical Transformation
24 Riding the Tractor at Biltmore Farm
24 Trivia @ Westville Pub
23 / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / The Wheel of Time Re-read: The Eye of the World, Part 2
23 Google & the Future of Books – The New York Review of Books
23 Google & the Future of Books – The New York Review of Books
23 / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / The Wheel of Time Re-read: The Eye of the World, Part 2
23 Google & the Future of Books – The New York Review of Books
23 John Gruber on waferbaby
22 John Gruber on waferbaby
22 Atonement
22 Asheville Tweetup at Nine Mile
22 Asheville Tweetup @ninemile is Huge
22 / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / The Wheel of Time Re-read: The Eye of the World, Part 1
22 / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / The Wheel of Time Re-read: The Eye of the World, Part 1
21 / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / The Wheel of Time Re-read: The Eye of the World, Part 1
20 Snow Baby
20 Daddy Day Care Morning Edition
20 I’m Quitting Marketing
19 Goodman mp3’s
18 They Shouldn’t Have These at Ryan’s Steakhouses
18 Where I’m Preaching This Morning
17 I Love What I Do
17 “Sometimes, Everything is Wrong”
17 Hitting the Spa After a Long Day
17 Figuring Out Chords to Louie Louie
14 The Utter Ridiculousness of This Blog
14 Oh Captain, My Captain: Prof Dan Goodman
13 Top 100 Theology Blogs | Christian Colleges
13 Top 100 Theology Blogs | Christian Colleges
11 Bloody Facebook Jesus
11 Science News / Ancient Chemical Warfare Comes To Light
11 Science News / Ancient Chemical Warfare Comes To Light
11 The Marketing of Theology as History
11 Science News / Ancient Chemical Warfare Comes To Light
10 Nascar Here I Come
10 Fun Depot
10 Ben Dunlap’s Lecture of a Lifetime | Inspiring Stories | Reader’s Digest
10 Revised Common Lectionary – Vanderbilt Divinity Library
10 The Believer – The Sentence Is a Lonely Place
10 Revised Common Lectionary – Vanderbilt Divinity Library
10 Ben Dunlap’s Lecture of a Lifetime | Inspiring Stories | Reader’s Digest
10 The Believer – The Sentence Is a Lonely Place
10 Revised Common Lectionary – Vanderbilt Divinity Library
10 Living With Sacred Time
10 My Preaching Schedule
8 MAINSTREAM BAPTIST: Tennessean Looks at SBC Decline
8 MAINSTREAM BAPTIST: Tennessean Looks at SBC Decline
8 I Won’t Be at Affiliate Summit West
8 MAINSTREAM BAPTIST: Tennessean Looks at SBC Decline
7 Lunch at Tomato Jam
6 It Fits Again!
5 » Downloadable Resources
5 » Downloadable Resources
4 My Fav Meal: Huevos Sobrosos at Azalea Cafe
4 Family at Church
4 Sundial at Our Cathederal
4 » Downloadable Resources
4 More FeedBurner Fail?
3 Google Has Fumbled FeedBurner’s Real Time Opportunity
3 Who Said Kindle Users Were Snobby Intellectuals?
3 Phishing Scam Targets (Dumb) Twitter Users Opening DM’ed Links
3 Craft Time!
3 Lunch Pals
3 Juan Enriquez on Stars and Stripes Forever?
3 Affiliate Summit Hospitality Room Music Playlist Leaked
3 Juan Enriquez on Stars and Stripes Forever?
3 Read 40 Pages in 15 Mins and Realized I Needed to Buy This
2 Pulled On it Too Much…
2 $90 of Fail
2 Gazebo Over Creek in the Woods
2 In law’s cabin where I’m holed up for the week
2 Her New Fav Trick
2 One of Best Parts of Holiday Vacation is Getting Lots of Time to Do This
1 Smore King In the Making
1 My Perfect Smore
1 Hiking with the Sherpani
1 My Experiment With Digital Nomadicism

31 Cornhole By the Fire
31 1 Match Fire…I Still Got It!
31 Does PageRank Still Matter?
30 Geek Dads @Home 2
30 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Finalists
30 What if Time Really Exists? | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
30 Boltzmann’s Anthropic Brain | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
30 Papas and Beer in Hendersonville, NC
29 Ugliest laptop ever (Toshiba X305 Q705)
29 Art of Dura-Europos by Ann Louise Perkins (Used, New, Out-of-Print) – Alibris
29 Art of Dura-Europos by Ann Louise Perkins (Used, New, Out-of-Print) – Alibris
29 As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God | Matthew Parris – Times Online
29 Boltzmann’s Anthropic Brain | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
29 What if Time Really Exists? | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
29 FailSense and Putting out the FeedBurner Flame
29 As an atheist, I truly believe Africa needs God | Matthew Parris – Times Online
29 Art of Dura-Europos by Ann Louise Perkins (Used, New, Out-of-Print) – Alibris
28 These are a few of my favorite things…
28 Forget Marley, It’s Schaefer Time!
28 Her First Jam Was Little Wing
28 She Unscrewed the Top by Herself – I’m in Trouble Now
28 Untitled
28 Merlin Mann’s Top 10 for 2008
27 Tweetree
27 Merlin Mann’s Top 10 for 2008
27 Fallacy of Twitter Authority Based on Followers
27 Untitled
27 Avetts Rocking It at Orange Peel
26 $10 for Colored Shipping Peanuts??
26 Subscription Pop Ups Are a Bad Idea
26 Compiling Her First Kernel
25 John Chrysostom’s Homily on Christmas
25 What’s In Your Bible?
25 “Why Can’t I Get OSX On This Thing?!?”
25 Get Back
25 My Jedi Skills Aren’t Affecting These Dice
25 Santa!
25 John Chrysostom’s Homily on Christmas
25 Untitled
25 Untitled
23 Facebook Connect Now Live on Disqus
23 Cover story: ‘Where do we go from here?’ by Robert Skidelsky | Prospect Magazine January 2009 issue 154
23 Kindle Taking Over America
23 Making It Rain
23 Of Mentors and Mentees
23 Of Course There Is a Social Media Backlash Coming
23 retweetradar Offers ReTweeting Some Redemption
23 Cover story: ‘Where do we go from here?’ by Robert Skidelsky | Prospect Magazine January 2009 issue 154
22 Yahwism to Judaism
22 Dura Synagogue and Jewish/Christian Liturgy
22 Dura Synagogue and Jewish/Christian Liturgy
22 ShareASale Performance Awards
22 Geek Dads @Home
22 Dura Synagogue and Jewish/Christian Liturgy
22 Yahwism to Judaism
22 Perhaps the Greatest Tweet Ever
22 Pipes: Meta Search Alerts
22 Exploring Our Matrix: The Letter Kills
21 Exploring Our Matrix: The Letter Kills
21 Pipes: Meta Search Alerts
20 Long Term v. Short Term
20 bgolub’s blog at master — GitHub
20 EBSCOhost: “The Idumaeans” in Josephus’ The Jewish War
20 Access from your e-mail| Dataopedia
20 EBSCOhost: “The Idumaeans” in Josephus’ The Jewish War
20 Long Term v. Short Term
20 bgolub’s blog at master — GitHub
20 Access from your e-mail| Dataopedia
20 EBSCOhost: “The Idumaeans” in Josephus’ The Jewish War
19 Get Your Blog on My Kindle
19 Blog Comments Suck
19 Disqus Now Gives Option of Requiring Verified Emails
18 Magnets Open All the Same
18 Untitled
18 Untitled
18 Koinonia: Koine English for Koine Greek by Mark Strauss
18 Koinonia: Koine English for Koine Greek by Mark Strauss
18 Permutation City – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18 Permutation City – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18 Social Media Spam Sucks
18 Real Time Web Coming Fast: Are You Ready?
18 Magnets Open All the Same
18 “The Things We Think and Do Not Say”
18 Koinonia: Koine English for Koine Greek by Mark Strauss
18 Permutation City – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
17 phlogiston theory
17 Track Back Soon?
17 Untitled
17 Top 10 2008 Marketing Resources for the Coming Decade
17 phlogiston theory
17 NY State to Institute Stupid iPod Tax?
17 Untitled
17 TwitPwr vs No Contest
17 Twitter Stats
17 4-for-1 Theme Sale from WooThemes
16 ShareASale 80’s Party at Affiliate Summit
16 Breakfast Club Called…
16 yale’s response to economic situation
16 Hero of Sparta on the Touch
16 Archaeology Meets web2.0
16 Ancient World Bloggers Group: Web 2.0 and Beyond: New Tools for Archaeological Collaboration and Communication
16 Ancient World Bloggers Group: Web 2.0 and Beyond: New Tools for Archaeological Collaboration and Communication
16 Untitled
16 FeedFront 4
16 DISQUS and Facebook Connect Hook Up
16 Ir-Relevantly Speaking
16 yale’s response to economic situation
16 Hero of Sparta on the Touch
16 Untitled
16 Archaeology Meets web2.0
16 Untitled
16 Ancient World Bloggers Group: Web 2.0 and Beyond: New Tools for Archaeological Collaboration and Communication
16 Songbird: Killer Add-ons Make Songbird So Much Better
16 Songbird: Killer Add-ons Make Songbird So Much Better
16 Visions of Mars — National Geographic Magazine
15 CJ Holiday Shopping Numbers
15 Fail Analysis: Twitter Is Worthless Drivel
15 Songbird: Killer Add-ons Make Songbird So Much Better
15 Visions of Mars — National Geographic Magazine
15 Untitled
15 Google and Twitter Hookup: Beautiful Babies Created
15 Calacanis and Affiliate Spam 2.0
14 Untitled
14 Faith Without Reason
14 10 Ways Not to Monetize Twitter
14 How To: Integrate Google’s Apps into Evolution for Linux
14 PhDiva: Archaeology in Northern Iraq
14 Essay – Consider the Philosopher – After the Death of David Foster Wallace –
14 Essay – Consider the Philosopher – After the Death of David Foster Wallace –
14 Untitled
14 Faith Without Reason
14 MyBlogLog’s Failure and the Problem with Marketers
14 How To: Integrate Google’s Apps into Evolution for Linux
14 PhDiva: Archaeology in Northern Iraq
14 Essay – Consider the Philosopher – After the Death of David Foster Wallace –
14 Untitled
13 Untitled
13 Untitled
13 Untitled
12 Untitled
12 Untitled
11 awesome
11 10 tips to become a successful social media marketer (and user)
11 Untitled
11 makes me want to believe again
11 awesome
11 10 tips to become a successful social media marketer (and user)
11 Untitled
11 Untitled
11 makes me want to believe again
10 Cool Tools: Uni-ball Kuru Toga
10 Untitled
10 first declension song (learn greek ye fools!)
10 Untitled
10 Cool Tools: Uni-ball Kuru Toga
10 first declension song (learn greek ye fools!)
10 Untitled
10 Cool Tools: Panasonic Toughbooks
10 News Talk Radio 77 WABC-AM
9 Untitled
9 Untitled
9 Cool Tools: Panasonic Toughbooks
9 News Talk Radio 77 WABC-AM
9 Untitled
9 Untitled
8 Untitled
8 Untitled
8 Untitled
8 Untitled
8 Untitled
8 Untitled
8 Bridging the Gap: Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy
8 googlePrivacy for Greasemonkey
7 Untitled
7 Bridging the Gap: Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
7 Alien Demonology: Its Christian Roots | UFO Religions
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
7 Alien Demonology: Its Christian Roots | UFO Religions
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
6 My Chickn.Bacn2.0 Bbq Gourmet Pizza
6 my tweetdeck
6 Googling Security: book that opens your eyes to how much you disclose to Google – Boing Boing
6 Untitled
6 Untitled
6 my tweetdeck
6 Googling Security: book that opens your eyes to how much you disclose to Google – Boing Boing
5 Untitled
5 Untitled
5 Untitled
5 Untitled
5 Untitled
5 Untitled
5 Untitled
5 Merlin Mann Doing the Affiliate Thing
5 Untitled
4 Google Reader Update
4 Untitled
3 “I’ve Got Reservations About So Many Things”
3 Untitled
3 Thanks for the hat, Digg!
2 Untitled
2 Untitled
2 Untitled
2 jesus,sister!
2 Untitled
2 jesus,sister!
2 Untitled
2 Sonic Youth’s Sister, the Road and Some Snow
1 Untitled
1 Untitled
1 Untitled
30 Obsess much?
30 My favs…
30 Writing…
30 Untitled
30 Untitled
30 Untitled
30 Untitled
30 Untitled
30 Untitled
29 Spannered | Steve Albini shows his hand | blog | blog
29 Crain
29 Spannered | Steve Albini shows his hand | blog | blog
29 Five Guys Friday Night
28 Untitled
28 Untitled
28 Crain
27 Daddy Day Care On the Road Holiday Edition
27 Daddy Day Care On the Road Holiday Edition
26 MH and Great Grandma
26 Ad Spending Predictions Dire (But What About Peformance?)
26 Talkin’ Pre-Parousia Blues (An Early Dating of Hebrews)
26 MH and Great Grandma
25 I need a bookshelf for my car
24 Untitled
24 Untitled
24 Untitled
22 Web3.0 Will be Focused on Doing Business, Not Marketing
21 Good Sales & Marketing Wins
21 Kenny Rogers App on the iPhone
21 StumbleUpon Update Coming Soon
21 Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:34 PM
20 Affiliate Summit 2009 West Countdown Widget
20 Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:34 PM
20 Google SearchWiki And Custom SERPs: Ruh-Roh Affiliates?
20 Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
20 Podcast Place on FriendFeed
20 GMail Default Theme Change?
20 Almost Real Time
19 AIM Mail Widgets: Webmail Finally Growing Up
19 Pepperjam is the Network for Comic and SciFi Geeks
19 The Future of Affiliate Marketing is Mobile
19 Google Makes Blackberry’s Usable (and Enjoyable)
19 Messianic Ethics?
14 Testing Out Mobile Posting
14 iPhone and Touch Apps for Parents
14 Yahoo Profile Fail
13 Watchmen
13 AOL Opening Up to Growth
13 Loa Power Tools: Haven’t Heard of It? You Will
13 Interesting Affiliate Model
13 Microsoft Cashback Doing Something Right
13 Thunderbird’s Affiliate Program
13 Southern Baptists Show Us the Door
13 Amazon Updates Deals Widgets
12 The Pixels
12 Early Gospel of John Fragment Could Be Yours!
12 Yahoo Gets Into the Performance Marketing Space
12 YouTube Business: Oh Well, I Was Wrong
12 The Valley Still Doesn’t Get Performance Marketing
12 You Got Your Basecamp in My GMail
12 “iPhone Apps are my Crack”
12 GeekTo.Me 7: Essential Geek Skills
12 Jim Kukral Rebrands as TheBizWebCoach
12 Roman History and Google Earth
12 Tonight’s the Night
11 4,300-year-old pyramid discovered in Egypt
11 Zoho and the Cloud Stability Question
11 Jangro on Datafeeds
10 “Participants, Doers and Instigators”
9 Jewish Temple’s Existence Questioned by Palestinian Negotiator
7 FriendFeed via IM: Twitter Looking Stale
7 MTV Music Portal is Nostalgia Central and Good for Affiliates
7 Brian Littleton on SAS’ PPC Policy
6 Facebook Buying Twitter??
6 Gary V and the Example of Howard Stern
6 37signals New Affiliate Programs
6 Two Important Things AOL is Doing Right
6 Backlink Watch for Seeing Who Is Linking to You
6 GeekCast 43: Valley vs Affiliates
6 Jangro on Affiliate Networks and Social Media
5 (The Awesome) Remember The Milk Now in the App Store
4 President Obama
4 CPA Empire Rebrands as
4 Dunkin Donuts is Now on Twitter! OK, I Like DD Too Much
4 Commission Junction Turns 10
4 2008 Elections Gallery
3 Untitled
3 Untitled
3 Twitter Disables Search
2 Better Conversions with Motion Charts in Google Analytics
2 Getting Your Ads in Front of People
1 GeekToMe 6: Freemiums and Netbooks
1 AOL Mail Team Blows It Bigtime
1 Product Placement and the Future of Monetizing Video
31 Tweet the Vote
31 Cheap eee’s Coming But Get A 7″ While You Can
31 Wilco Performing The Wilco Song on Colbert Report
31 Affiliate Opportunity: Google Now Indexes PDF’s
31 Google’s New Link Reading: Potential Problem for Affiliates?
30 I Miss Larry
30 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: Fix It on Letterman
30 GMail Adds SMS Txt’ing
30 Highrise Deals
30 GeekCast 42: FailList
29 McCain ’08 iPhone App
29 Affiliate Networks and OpenID?
29 AAPP: Affiliate Approval Process Problem
29 Kindle Software Update
29 TweetDeck and Friends Lists
29 ShareASale’s Inventive Gift Cards Database
29 Completely Open Android Mobile Device Coming?
28 LinkedIn Still Sucks
28 AOL and General Motors Partner on Auto Channel
28 Publisher Training Web Seminars from LinkShare
28 Jesus’ Affiliate Program
27 Personal Blogging for Affiliates
27 Obama’s Closing Argument
27 Andy Hoefer Remembers Larry McGehee
27 Prof. Larry T. McGehee Obituary
27 Decline in Ad Clutter and Affiliate Marketing
26 Mahalo Launches Loyalty Program Reminiscent of 1999
26 YouTube Now #2 in Search: What Does That Mean for Affiliates?
26 Google Doesn’t Hate Your Blogging Platform
26 Why You Should Avoid the Google Slap
26 LinkShare Addresses Downtime and Preps for Holidays
26 Finding web2.0 Affiliate Domain Names
26 My Hero: Prof Larry McGehee
26 My Einstein Pumpkin Rocks!
26 Einstein Pumpkin
25 Pumpkin Carving Time!
25 Einstein Pumpkin
25 Pumpkin Carving Time!
25 Palin in Asheville? You Betcha I’ll Be There!
25 Jesus as Contemporary
24 At the Mall with MH
24 Oprah Show’s the Kindle Some Love
24 At the Mall with MH
24 Street Art as Societal Lens
23 The Sidewinder
18 McCain’s String Theory
14 Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue, Charleston SC
14 Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim Synagogue, Charleston SC
13 Holocaust Memorial
13 Holocaust Memorial
12 Getting Ready For Obama!
12 Getting Ready For Obama!
12 Lincoln
12 Enshrined Memory
12 SassyGirl Waiter
11 Capitol
11 Lincoln
11 Enshrined Memory
11 SassyGirl Waiter
11 Capitol
9 What a Blue NC Means for Berkely, or My Reply to Dave Winer
5 Barack Obama Here in Asheville
5 Kris Kristofferson Is the Greatest Theologian of Our Time
5 It’s Over
4 Firepit and Loretta Lynn
4 Cornhole Action Shot
4 1st Cake Nom Nom Nom
4 BDay Party Setup
4 BDay Party Crew
4 BDay Party Crew
4 Bday Party Soundboard Setup
4 MH’s BDay Setup
4 Bday food line
4 Firepit and Loretta Lynn
4 BDay Party Setup
4 BDay Party Crew
3 My Twitter Spiel
3 Writing my next book on this…
3 Writing my next book on this…
2 Apple Power For Dummies
2 Apple Power For Dummies
2 Go Cubbies
2 Go Cubbies
1 Go Cubbies
27 Untitled
25 GeekTo.Me
21 You’re No One If You’re Not On Twitter
20 More BrewGrass’n
20 Obama Fan at Brewgrass
20 More BrewGrass’n
20 Obama Fan at Brewgrass
20 At the Orange Peel
19 Do You Know?
19 Wedge Brewery in Asheville
19 Pork Carne at Salsa’s
19 At the Orange Peel
19 Do You Know?
19 Wedge Brewery in Asheville
19 Pork Carne at Salsa’s
18 Secret imgredient to any great meal: hot ass SC peppers
17 Getting oil changed. Candy, soda and Simpsons ftw!
17 Asheville City Hall
17 Asheville City Hall
16 Tutor Poster Typo
16 Tutor Poster Typo
15 My Class Materials… Diet Coke, Touch and eee
15 My Class Materials… Diet Coke, Touch and eee
14 Zambrano Throws No Hitter for Cubs
14 Out on Highway 61 (Revisited)
13 Jesus On Community Organizing
12 Todd and Sam’s Geeky Podcast
12 Todd and Sam’s Geeky Show 1
12 Geeks Gone Wild (Todd and Sam Have a Podcast)
12 BearHug Camp Today
12 Brian Greene on the LHC
11 Dropbox Opens Up: Go Get It
11 iBerry 2.0 Today Plus Theme for Blackberry
11 Tor Free eBooks Coming Back!
11 Causal Domain Shear
7 Fierce Urgency of When?
7 Do Jews and Christians Worship the Same God?
6 My New Podcasts
5 Yard Peach!
5 Raising McCain
5 Lunch at Sunny Point
5 Yard Peach!
5 Lunch at Sunny Point
4 oh no, she’s been assimilated!
4 oh no, she’s been assimilated!
4 Not Going Postal
3 Living in the Cloud
3 Doing It Better
2 Persecutions and Early Christian Identities
2 Autographed Copy of the Bible
1 In the Library
1 Brueggemann’s Theology of the Old Testament
1 When I Get to the Bottom, I Go Back to the Top of the Slide
1 In the Library
1 Klingon Song on Guitar and Harmonica
1 TechCrunch Army?
31 Dogs and Books
31 Second
31 What If Constantine Had Converted to Judaism Instead?
31 Dogs and Books
31 Research Day
29 Suggestive Church Sign
28 Leveraging Social Media Presentation Feedback
28 Real Time
27 Bible 2.0
21 29
21 Thanks, Jim
21 Cory Booker Keynote at Affiliate Summit
20 Evernote for Class Notes
20 Harrison Bergeron
19 Market Leverage Interview from Affiliate Summit
18 XMPP as the Marketer’s Golden Egg; Latency as Magic Beans
18 Branding on Twitter Study
17 Google Levels the Playing Field?
17 GoFish for Big Revenue Jump
17 Attractive Microblogging for Marketers 301
17 AOL Combines with Goowy Widgets
16 My BlueMan Group Impersonation
16 Affiliate Summit Meet Market Becoming the Place to Be
11 Affiliate Summit East 2008 Boston Pics
7 Congrats to the Jangro Family
5 Happy Birthday, Mom
3 New CostPerNews Logo
3 New Wilco Song
2 New AffSpot Logo!
29 BlackBerry Curve vs BlackBerry 8830
29 AffSpot Affiliate Forum
28 AffSpot Forum Is Live
28 Segeway Sam
25 Are You Internet Famous?
25 40
24 Glory Days
23 Vacation
15 Twitter Search and Summize Acquisition
13 Taking Mobile Pictures?
10 TwitterFail
10 A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
8 YouTube and Google Account Linkage
8 What Is a Social Media Marketer?
7 Redesign
7 Zemanta
5 FriendFeed Profiles
4 25 Kwippy Invites
3 New Podcast: 15 Minutes Lessons by NYFalcon and Loxly
3 Disqus API Plugin Update
3 ShareASale Party Pics from ASW ’08
3 Amazon’s New Video Widget
3 Twitter Penalties
2 is an Open Sourced Twitter
1 GeekCast 25 Google, iPhone 3G and the PMA
1 Kowabunga! Slims Down Portfolio
1 Google Assumes Omnipotence, Can Now Index Flash
1 Out of the Office Notifications
30 Google Retiring AdSense Referral Program
30 ShareASale Blog Updates
30 Summize Expands Twitter’s TinyURL’s
30 Affiliate Classroom Clarifies Association with PMA
30 Google Affiliate Network
30 first
26 Open Sourcing PPC Policy Creation
26 Doing My Thing
25 FeedFront 2
25 Sorry, Jangro
25 Timely Political Marketing from PalTalk
24 Golden Twitter Links
22 Angie Seaman Joins PMG
21 Changed My Mind on the PMA
20 PMA and Datafeeds
20 Affiliates Aren’t Just B2B Pimps
19 Do Images in StumbleUpon Reviews Drive Traffic?
19 Motive Interactive – Chris Denk
19 Seth Godin on the Kindle (And Why I Still Love Mine)
18 1,000th Post
18 VIDDIX for Multimedia Video
18 FeedFront Magazine Review
17 Disqus Trackbacks
17 Spore is Brilliant
17 GeekCast 23: Can’t We All Just Get Along?
17 AffiliateClassroomLive in Boston
15 Android News
13 Russert
13 NASCAR TV on Ustream
13 Buying Links: Good or Bad?
13 TwitterCounter
13 RedHatBlueHat
12 I’m Voting Republican
11 Finding Free and Paid Amazon Kindle Content
11 Google Gears and Delicious Now Support Firefox 3
11 Free Affiliate Summit Passes Today
10 GeekCast 22: Won’t Get Fooled Again
10 Twitter XMPP Coming Back??
10 37signals Affiliate Program
10 Kindle First Impressions
10 Why Do Right Wingers Love Apple?
9 New iPhone Unanswered Questions
9 iPhone 3G
8 FriendFeed + GTalk = Twitter Alternative?
8 Embargoes and The Rest of Us
8 Amazon Kindle
7 Motive Interactive Videos (Chris Rodeno)
6 10 Steps to Tracking Your Social Reputation
6 How Not to Do B2B Marketing on Facebook
5 GeekCast 21: How to Recruit Affiliates
3 AvantLink Throwing Email and Search Affiliates Under the Bus
2 Is the NY State Affiliate Tax That Big of Deal?
2 Twhirl and FriendFeed Room Sharing Coming Soon?
1 Affiliate Marketing on FriendFeed
31 New Hat
31 ShareASale Knows Marketing
31 CAN-SPAM Compliance Conference Call Tuesday
31 What’s Your Whuffie?
31 II Kings by Cogan and Tadmor
28 Motive Interactive
27 Pondering the Cloud
23 Leveraging Social Media in Affiliate Marketing
21 Linkshare Teams with the DMA on NY Affiliate Tax
21 Affiliate Summit Network Taking Off
20 CJ And NY State Affiliate Tax
19 What Happened to Affiliate Bloggers?
18 Disqus API Plugin To Be Updated Soon
17 FeedFront Issue 1 Shipping Soon
16 ShareASale On the NY Affiliate Sales Tax
15 RedHatBlueHat Podcast
15 kwiry Improvements Roll Out
15 YouTube Insight for Stats
15 Affiliate Summit Network is a Success
15 Alcohol: Cause of And Solution To All Good Mashups
15 Thoughts on New York Affiliates Situation: Industry Org Needed?
14 Magnify Publisher Simplifies Blogging
14 Disqus Now Has Seesmic Integration
12 Affiliate Summit Discount Flights
12 Txt Messaging More Expensive Than Hubble Data Downloading
12 Magnify Goes Pro
12 Google’s Friend Connect and Long Tail Marketing
8 What is Cloud Computing?
8 New Affiliate Summit Social Network Could Actually Be Useful
8 Twitter Track
7 Pressroom Theme for WordPress
7 Todd Crawford’s New Blog
7 Selling on eBay with Video
7 Market Like a Dandelion
7 Disqus Video Comments
7 Can You Be Anonymous on the Web?
6 Get a .Me Domain
6 Some Merchants Removing NY Affiliates?
6 Affiliate Marketing’s RSS Problem
6 AdSense for Custom Search
6 Twitter Track and Twitter Abuse
5 Angel is the New ReveNews Editor
5 WidgetBucks Teams with Blue Lithium and Marchex
5 Zappos Taking Twitter to the Next Level
5 Xobni Open to the Public
5 Marketing to Little Brothers and Sisters
4 Hotmail Fail
4 Richmond Race (Crown Royal 400)
2 ShareASale Twitters
1 Anne Kadet’s Analysis Falls Very Short
1 Is the Future?
1 Are All the New Folks Gone Yet?
1 Going Open Source (Again)?
28 Social Media Wars
25 Mission Accomplished?
23 Web2.0 Expo and Bloody Hands
12 Monetizing Attention
12 Cloud Computing IS the Future (Not the Web OS)
12 Merchants and Affiliates Face the Tax Man?
11 Untitled
11 How Will Mobile Browsing Change Web Marketing?
9 It’s True, Web Marketers ARE Polluters
9 Untitled
8 Mary Hudson Dancing to New Flickr Video
8 Wofford’s Terrier
8 Podcasting Again
7 My New Office Downtown Asheville
6 Untitled
5 Untitled
3 Untitled
2 Good People Day
1 Untitled
1 Down for the Count with Kaboodle
1 My New Flip Ultra
31 Macy Killed a Chipmunk
30 Science Fiction eBooks
29 mp3 of Bill Clinton’s Speech in Asheville
29 I Love Project Gutenberg
28 My Head on a Shaved Cat Body Episode 1
28 Doing My Thing
28 Tremendous
26 “10 Minutes With” Podcast Series
25 Burning Vanity Bra’s
25 How To Track Twitter Conversations
25 US Gov’t Kills Spirit (Update: Spirit Saved!)
24 I Can Has Great Marketing
24 Quotably
24 Monday, March 24, 2008 11:09 AM
24 Need More Stickers, Plz
24 Monday, March 24, 2008 11:09 AM
23 Looting of Baghdad Museum
23 Untitled
22 Untitled
22 Untitled
22 Untitled
21 Friday, March 21, 2008 5:21 PM
21 Friday, March 21, 2008 5:21 PM
21 So Wrong It’s Funny
21 Shawn Collins is Wrong: Asus eee Owns Dell Vostro
20 Untitled
20 Untitled
20 Untitled
20 Sam’s Brackets – March Madness ’08
20 ShareASale Goes Video
20 Careful With that Twitter, Eugene
20 Mainstream Media Can Still Drive the Traffic
20 Untitled
20 Untitled
19 @GaryVee’s School of Marketing
19 Happy Birthday to Wayne Porter
19 The Greater the Fear, the Nearer the Consultant
18 Denton Resigns from Linkshare
18 I Love Disqus
18 Yahoo Outlines Future Growth Plan, Includes Affiliate Marketing
17 Interview with Kerri Pollard of Commission Junction
17 Why I’m Bullish on AOL
17 Performics Employ Submit Resumes?
17 Azoogle’s Pitch
17 eBay Leaves Commission Junction, Starting eBay Partner Network
16 Internet Geek Guy
16 I Can’t Wait for Flickr Video
16 Affiliate Panel at Web2.0 Expo
16 Free Full Pass to Affiliate Summit East
15 Mary Hudson Begins Her Hacking Career
15 Marketing to Millennials with Molander and the Gang
15 Just Can’t Help Falling in Love…
15 Hot Trends is Hot Marketers Resource
14 Coming Back
14 CostPerNews FTW
13 Google Calendar Offline
13 Calacanis on GeekCast: Mahalo Affiliate Workshop
13 Yahoo Just Got Cool Again
12 Checking Out Seesmic Again
12 Muppet Babies Predict the Future
12 Amazon, Affiliates and Facebook
12 Hulu, Radioshift and the End of Scheduled Programming
11 8 Random Things About Sam Harrelson
11 Perhaps Cory Doctorow is Right?
10 Say It Ain’t So, Twitter
10 Sunday, March 09, 2008 9:37 PM
10 15 Ways to Be a SEO Conference Douchebag – Stuntdubl
9 “thought leaders: leading with thoughts.”
9 Sunday, March 09, 2008 9:37 PM
9 Barbarella is Insane
9 docstoc Is Great
9 15 Ways to Be a SEO Conference Douchebag – Stuntdubl
9 “thought leaders: leading with thoughts.”
9 Wayne Porter Convo Podcast
9 Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rats: Next Gen Marketing | ReveNews
8 Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rats: Next Gen Marketing | ReveNews
8 Untitled
8 Light Cone RSS
8 Untitled
8 Masochuticon
8 Dell Looks to the Clouds
8 Light Cone RSS
8 Untitled
8 Masochuticon
7 Wrigley Field to Get a Name Change?!?
5 Year of the Cheap Laptops?
5 Affiliate or CPA Spam?
5 New Bible Discussion List: The Biblicalist
4 Playing the Fear Card
4 Do We Really Know How to Teach Ancient Languages?
4 Is the Lizard Man Back?
4 Sharing is Caring
3 What Does Jazz Have to Do With Neurology?
26 Best Blogger?
23 i love traveling. especially to
23 Untitled
23 i love traveling. especially to
22 Friday, February 22, 2008 3:34 AM
22 Friday, February 22, 2008 3:34 AM
20 GeekCast Episode 6: Plugging the Right Holes
20 Tuesday, February 19, 2008 10:25 PM
20 Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle
19 Game Changing Tech
19 Tuesday, February 19, 2008 10:25 PM
19 ReveNews Move to WordPress
19 Parallel Universe
19 Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle
19 Growing Up Wilco
18 The Windows Song
18 Ubercaster 1.5.2 – MacUpdate
18 “Tell Me What to Buy!”
18 In the Lion’s Den, Yahoo Offers Direct Linking
18 OpenAds Rebrands (again) as OpenX
17 Nine Unknown Men – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
17 AffStat 2008 Report Available
17 Ryan Newman Wins the Daytona 500!!
17 Untitled
17 Untitled
17 Nine Unknown Men – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
16 Google Makes A Deal with The Devil
15 How To Use Twitter?
15 Untitled
14 Revver Finally Acquired
14 Google Testing Video Ads on SERPS
14 A Tale of Two Parties
14 Invalid Clicks: Whose Traffic Is It Anyway?
14 Attention and the Web Worker (or Affiliate Marketer)
14 Better Metrics for Marketers Coming to YouTube
14 GeekCast Episode 5: Cease and Desist
14 If You Can’t Let Go, Twitter – New York Times
13 Untitled
13 Smart Youtube – WordPress Plugins
12 Wearable Video
11 Is Your Site’s Copyright Wrong?
11 Nokia’s New Mobile Ad Network Points Towards the Future
9 you can breathe easy, we’re
9 you can breathe easy, we’re
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
7 Untitled
7 Pres Dunlap’s Amazing Vid
6 A Coffee Shop Closes, and There’ll Be Sad Songs Down at Mory’s – New York Times
6 GeekCast Episode 4: Love and Hate Fest
5 Google Maps + Twitter = Crazy Delicious Politics
5 AOL Buys Online Affiliate Marketing Network
4 ShowYourAdHere
4 Understanding Web Monetization is Essential to Tech Blogging
4 Untitled
4 Untitled
4 Performics Network Interface Improvements and the Usability Question
4 Using Disqus for Comments Here at Cost Per News
4 Affiliate Manager Certification Course Vid from AffiliateClassroom
4 Untitled
4 Think Partnership Rebrands as “Kowabunga!”
4 Untitled
4 Untitled
4 The Twitter Adder
4 candybugs
4 you gave it to me
4 voodoo universe
4 locality
3 candybugs
3 you gave it to me
3 voodoo universe
3 locality
3 Untitled
3 Untitled
3 Untitled
3 Untitled
3 Untitled
3 Untitled
3 Untitled
2 “sure is alot of fresh
2 Untitled
2 “sure is alot of fresh
2 Untitled
2 Untitled
2 Untitled
2 Untitled
1 Untitled
1 Untitled
1 Untitled
1 Untitled
1 Untitled
1 Untitled
31 Google Misses Earnings Numbers – Bury Gold in Your Backyard?
31 The Power of Blogging for Online Marketers
31 Twitter Leaves Joynet
31 Google PageRank Condoms
31 Affiliate Blogging: Getting Started | ContentRobot
31 New MarsEdit
31 TeacherTube: Teach the World One Video at a Time | Geekdad from
31 Twitter Down… Again
29 My Fav New Blog: The Fail Blog
29 GeekCast Episode 3: Racing Stripes
29 First Political Attack Tweet?
29 Ryan Adams Live at The Paramount Theater on 2008-01-26
28 I Spammed My MySpace Friends
26 Want More RSS Subscribers? Use Link Splicer
25 GeekCast Episde 2: Auto Approval
25 Gospel Brunch at the Affiliate Summit
25 Social Network of the Bible
24 Affiliate Summit Pre-Game Show on Fri Jan 24
24 CPA to Eventually Beat Out CPC?
24 Warhol Would Be Proud
23 LinkConnector Making Gains: Is There a “Big 4” Anymore?
21 “Hushpuppies, Daddy!”
21 In the Name of Love
20 Breaking Bad Has a Good Viral Campaign
20 Jerash on Flickr
19 Having a Daughter is Tough These Days
19 Ryan Adams – “These Girls” Rawk Version
19 Cloverfield is a Rejection of “Social Media”
19 Going to Affiliate Summit, Have a Mac and Need a Reservation?
19 Lock Down Your WP Blogs!
18 Geek Marketers of the World Unite: Launch
18 Hunter Thompson on Macs
17 GeekCast Episode 1: 3 Guys, 1 Cup
17 Internet Marketers on Twitter
17 TheUseful Settles with Florida AG
17 What Do the Smurfs, Robert Heinlein and Dura Europos Have in Common?
17 Twitter Nostalgia
17 Desiderata
16 Cat Powers Jukebox
16 Ryan Adams Goes YouTube’n
16 Edwards vs Huckabee Debate
15 Born to Question
15 ShareASale Under The Stars Party at the Palms for ASW
15 We’re Falling Behind Here, Folks
15 WSJ on Blog Monetization
15 Random Rant: Techmeme and Online Marketing Blogs
15 pepperjamNETWORK Launches
4 Obama’s Iowa Victory Speech
3 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Announced
2 Infant Swimming
2 Citation Needed Culture Jam
1 Ben Edelman on Sears Holdings Community Install
1 Happy New Year and Network with Thomas Jefferson

20 How To Fight Loneliness
20 In Memory of Carl Sagan
19 Google Checkout Widget Coming?
19 Gets Funding, Distribution and Celebrities
19 Squidoo Takes on Knol
19 What is an API?
19 Learning, Teaching and the New Web
18 TweeterBoard is Bad and Stunts Growth of Conversations (as Do All “Lists”)
18 or
18 Google Goes Useful: Easily Check Flight Status
18 Thanks, Anna
18 Sitemap Videos for Google Indexing
17 AdMob and the Coming Mobile Marketing Revolution
17 Digital River Shares Slip: Affiliate Future for Games?
17 Why Social Media Marketing Matters
17 Performics Offers Make Good for Downtime
16 10th Grader Gets Detention for Using Firefox (UPDATE: HOAX)
16 Celebrating Five Years of Blogging: SkyHawkScience Still my Fav
14 Google Adds Social Networking to Google Reader
14 LinkConnector’s New Product Feed Creatives
14 Raising Conversions with Data and Design
14 Google’s Biggest Move in Years: Adding Authority to Content
13 ShareASale: Learning from Facebook
13 Flickr Now Has Stats
13 AdItAll – Professional Video Clips On Demand
13 PayPerPost Puts Online Marketing in a “Hairy Situation”
13 Twitter and Online Marketing: What Problem Does Twitter Solve?
11 Jeremiah Owyang Causes Twitter Explosion
10 Kurt Cobain: About A Son
9 Shawn Collins Retiring
9 Big in Japan: Web2.0 Is Dead and Japan is the Next Hub of the Web?
7 War is Over (If You Want It)
7 Super Roman Glue
6 Medieval Archaeology Journal Online For Free
3 GMail Label Colors
3 Social Media as Jazz
3 re: Jim Kurkal Why I Think Seesmic is Important
3 What If Jesus Were a Supply Side Conservative?
30 Tracking Santa With NORAD and Google
30 People Punched Right Before Eating
29 Facebook Pages in Google?
29 I Look Goofy
29 Songza
29 Quantum Physics for Beginners
29 Downloadable AJAX Code
29 From a Direct Marketing Perspective, Facebook Beacon is a Terrible Idea
29 Vernor Vinge’s ‘Rainbows End’ Online
29 StarWars Goes Web2.0 With Yahoo Deal
29 Reality Check
28 Look Who’s Back: Local TV
28 Convergence(s) of Social Media and Performance Marketing
27 How to Measure Social Media Marketing
27 Seesmic is The Next Big Thing (I Think)
27 Widgets Helping Small Web Companies Succeed
27 GDrive Could Change the Way We Do Computing
27 Social Media Marketing Strategies
26 Zoho Writer Allows Offline Editing
25 Scoble and Amazon’s Kindle Monetization Mistake
25 YouTube is Down! Oh The Agony!
24 Most Online Marketers are Community Freeloaders
23 Surprised by Seesmic
23 Mary Hudson from Lancaster, PA
22 Mark Cuban and Ted Stevens in ’08
21 The Question of Reading and National Consequences
20 Link Optimization – The Next SEO?
20 The Kids Are Alright
19 Bookish Thoughts
19 Toys and Tools: Different Names for the Same Things
17 Valleywag is for 8th Graders
17 Google v PayPerPost Act III
17 User Generated Content Can Solve Problems
16 Tiny Google URLs?
16 Don’t Have Time for RSS?
16 Privacy and Permission
16’s New Video Blogging Platform
16 Honoring Betsy and Larry McGehee
15 Press and Speaking Engagements
14 Twitter Ads – Foamee
14 Affiliate Marketing and Blogging
13 re: Shawn Collins on Ticketmaster’s Affiliate Program on
13 Affiliate Classroom’s Board of Advisors
13 Internet Advertising Continues To Grow… For How Long?
13 Affiliate Program Seeks to Spread Wifi Love
13 Tomb of Ezekiel?
12 Corporate Cat
12 New Star Trek Movie Plot Spoilers
12 Google Android Mobile Platform
11 Seesmic
11 How To Play the Piano?
11 How To Twitter Guide
10 Thanks to Brian Solis for a Great Pic
9 Linkshare’s Flex Links and Mobile Links
7 Oprah Gives Flip Ultra Cams to Audience
7 Off To BlogWorldExpo
6 Using Disqus for Comments Here
6 AdReady: Ready for Prime Time?
6 TinyURL Supports Ron Paul
6 The Revolutionary Affiliate Network That Could Have Been: Facebook’s Ad Platform
6 NeverblueAds Partners with IAC
6 ScratchBack Paying 90% During Beta Phase
6 Web2.0 Goes Offline for Social Interaction
6 Is Mobile Advertising Viable (Even Before Google)?
6 Zen and the Art of Affiliate Linking Maintenance
6 Get RSS in Your Email Inbox with SendMeRSS
6 CPN Turns 1 Year Old
5 CostPerNews Returning!
2 Google and The Quest for Information Archiving
1 Economical Numbers
31 David and Hayden Bullard
30 My Cousin’s Death in Afghanistan
30 Do You Realize??
30 How The Ad Business Really Works
29 GMail Changes?
29 Meaning of Life?
28 ScratchBack: Blog Widget With a Sense of Fun
26 Affiliate Summit East ’08 in Boston
26 SEO and the Cargo Cult of Google Watching
25 Correction: So You Can Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program
25 Asheville in the Fall
25 Americans’ Strange Attitudes About the Internet
25 Dumbest Spam Ever
25 Shameful: Search Engine Strategies Bidding on Affiliate Summit
23 Thoughts on GMail IMAP
23 GMail IMAP
23 Promoting in a Flat Web
23 Yahoo (Still) Slipping Affiliate Links Into Organic Search Results
23 Nokia N95 as Mobile Journalism Kit
23 New Design
23 A Better Way to Read the News
22 Online Marketing’s Greatest Strength is Also Its Greatest Weakness
20 Chicago Assyrian Dictionary’s Final Chapter
20 Should Schools Require Shakespeare?
20 Thoughts on ConvergeSouth
19 ConvergeSouth Presentation: Affiliate Marketing and Web2.0
18 I Can Has Tumblr?
18 To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate
18 Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society is Online
18 The Church of Google
17 Holy Bibble: Laban’s Signs
17 Googlization of Everything Book
17 Best Song Ever: The Mesopotamians
17 “Orientalism, Assyriology and the Bible” Review
17 Macy
17 ConvergeSouth This Week
16 GMail Lockdown
16 Ubuntu 7.10 Updates
15 The Ellington Hotel Debate in Asheville
15 Macy’s Torn ACL Benches Her for the Fall Squirrel Chasing Season
15 PPC Recession Looming?
15 iPhone Still Useful
15 Mary Hudson at 1 Week
15 AdBrite’s Full Page Ads
15 Jewish and Early Christian Art
15 Callwave
14 Narcissus Called… He Wants His Blogosphere Back
14 Doctorow and Le Guin in Spat Over Fair Use
14 Colbert Opinion Piece in the NY Times
14 Pictures and Videos
13 Don’t Game the System: Cartoon Parable for Marketers
13 Affiliate Marketers Can’t Decide Who or What Affiliate Marketers Actually Are
13 Mediocre Marketing
11 Mary Hudson’s First Night
11 List of Science Fiction Authors
11 Life With a New Baby – Day 3
10 Database Humor from xkcd
10 Mary Hudson, Dionysus and St. Denis
9 Best “What’s In Your Bag?” Entry Ever
9 Mary Hudson Harrelson – Day 1
9 Welcome Mary Hudson Harrelson!
8 Baby Harrelson Coming Soon
8 LOLCat Bible Translation Project
7 Archimedes on Calculus
7 Wu-Tang Clan Beatles Mashup
6 Cloth Diaper Dad
6 Speaking At Blog World Expo
5 Ashurnasirpal
5 Full and Partial Feeds
5 Imagining Jesus
4 Automatic WordPress Upgrade Plugin
25 How To Cook Chicken Bog
23 Brewgrass 2007
19 Pregnancy Photos
16 New Blog Theme
13 Won’t My Moleskine Please Come Home?
13 “Thanks For the Support” by Roy Zimmerman
7 Visiting Dura Europos
6 Hard Day’s Night
5 iPod Touch
2 Reasons to Love Asheville
1 Chupacabra Found??
31 Money Means More than Our Nation’s Health to Some Republicans
30 New ReveNews
29 Assyrian, Babylonian, Sumerian Translator Created
29 Feist
26 ABC Drops Linux Support for Online Viewer
25 Coca Cola 600
25 Wildflowers
25 Thoughts on Redneck Liberation Theology
24 Al Gore and the Internet as Conversation on the Daily Show
24 Newman on the Pole in Charlotte
24 Dell’s Shipping With Ubuntu
24 Star Wars Celebration
24 Mom is A Superstar
23 Paper AT-AT’s
23 Modern Tech
23 Week O’ Injuries
23 Wintergreen Falls Hike
23 Hiking Trip to Wintergreen Falls
20 The Moon and Venus
20 Ghost Town Returns
20 Asia Has Claims Upon New England in Libraries
20 Yale Assyrian Reliefs Exam from 2002
20 For North Carolina Residents: Take Action to Stop Insurance Hikes
20 Heliocentric Atheism
19 Where I’m Getting My News
17 Affiliate Fortune Cookies
17 Wilco’s New Album SkyBlueSky
14 Does “Good” Marketing Exist
14 Revenue Magazine Web2.0 Article
14 Tigers Eating Underwater: YIKES
14 Smashing Pumpkins Playing in Asheville for 9 Nights
14 Citizen Soldiers?
13 Feed Reading
13 Asia Has Claims Upon New England on
13 Too Tough To Tame: Darlington Race ’07
13 Anna and Donnie Go to the Prom
13 Happy Mother’s Day
10 IM with Mom
10 Dale Jr in a Black #3 in ’08?
10 300
10 Semester and Grades Are Done
8 King Herod’s Tomb is Found at Herodium
8 Actions and Consequences
7 Widgets and All That Jazz
7 WordPress Error
6 Lost Ending in 2010
6 Education and Web2.0
6 GMail and Such
6 Lying Liars and Liars Who… Lie
26 MSNBC Sliding Scale of Candidate Performance
26 First Democrat Debate in Orangeburg, SC
26 Productivity Meme: Play More
25 My Mom is Using GMail
25 This Is NOT A Moving Image!
25 Teaching College
23 Who is Jacob (on Lost)?
23 I’m Using OpenDNS
22 Baby Harrelson
22 Buick Can’t Buy Marketing Like This
20 Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 7.04
19 Mean People
19 Humor
16 Virginia Tech Tragedy
16 Corporate 2.0? Drifting Too Far From the Shore
16 The Occultation Went Down to Georgia
15 Crazy Weather
13 Back Here (On WordPress)
9 30Boxes is officially my favor…
27 Human Marketing and Professional Blogs
23 Facebook’ed
22 Fatblogging
21 Upgrade to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn
20 Blogging
18 New Phone Number
18 TwitterVision
18 Pranks
18 Hacking the Super Bowl
17 Publicized for Assyriology and Twitter in One Day
17 To Ze
15 Twitter in the Wall Street Journal
15 Phases and Stages, Circles and Cycles
15 My Final Four
15 Twitter and Tumblr
15 Twitter and Realizations about Myself and Affiliate Marketing
14 Home Improvement
13 Forget Page Views… What About the Browser?
11 Helpful Affiliate Marketing Web2.0 Tools
10 seriously… why would anyone …
9 scraping tile and concrete off…
9 eating mellow mushroom pizza…..
8 weird… having a hard time up…
8 mistakingly took a nap for 2 h…
5 Google Docs vs Zoho
4 Affiliate Fortune Cookies
4 How to Find my Pictures, Diggs, Twitters, Bookmarks and Clips
4 Compromise Between My Blog and My Tumblr Page
3 On tonight’s to-do list: total lunar eclipse.
3 Tumblr Getting Better
2 Fibonacci number – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2 Ze Frank: Only 2 Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Days Left
2 Helper Dogs Trained to Work ATM’s
2 Boom Goes the Power
2 The First TwitterQuake
2 I Love This Theme
2 New Feed Address
28 Lost
28 Ubuntu Tips for New (and Old) Users
28 BBC Documentary ‘Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision’
28 Lunar Eclipse This Saturday (for US East Coast)
28 Paid!
28 Fraser’s Affiliate Marketing Blog Podcast
28 Mysterious Universe
27 This is What the Kingdom of God Looks Like…
27 I’ve Unleashed Waynebuntu
27 Dura Europos Synagogue Paper
26 NPR : Creating Our Own Happiness
26 World Of Warcraft on Ubuntu
26 Podcasts – Fraser’s Affiliate Marketing Blog
26 Thunder and Snow?
26 It Don’t Get Easy
26 Marketers Disappoint Me
26 Jacob and Esau
26 Waynebuntu
26 Gore
26 Finishing Paper on Deuteronomistic History
26 Welcome to the New Site
25 Sharpton and Strom are Blood Brothers
24 California Busch Race
24 Movin’
24 Online or Offline: GMail vs Evolution
23 Winer on Podcasting
23 Back Here
17 Precinct Elections
13 Youth Ministers and Future Preachers
4 Epoch of Juxtaposition
4 Teaching College Students Versus Teaching 8th Graders
2 Loose Ends – Let’s Bury Abraham!
2 Influencer Networks: Local Search Living Up To Potential in 2007
2 Web2.0 Interview
2 Linkshare Updates Deal Dispatcher: Are Clean Interfaces Selling Points?
2 Affiliate Thing Podcast on Affiliates and Web2.0
1 Jangro’s “Did You Pass Math?” Fix Solves Akismet Problem
1 Vertrue Acquires NeverBlue
1 ShareASale’s Month of Interface
1 Content Usage for CostPerNews
1 Snow Day
1 Sociable Plugin with BUMPzee
1 No Snow Yet
31 Widget Geography According to Yahoo
31 Anti-Social Media
31 Affiliate Networks Should Allow Tagging: 28% of Online Users Agree
31 1099 Form: It’s that Time of the Year Again
31 CostPerBandwith
31 Sign Up – ShareASale Gets It Right
30 Sign Ups
30 Affiliate Managers and Community
30 Are Exclusive Offers Real?
29 “Reality Has Become a Commodity”
29 What Makes a CPA Network Stand Out?
29 RightMedia Launches RMX Direct for Publishers
28 Marketing Pilgrim Job Board Launches
28 YouTube Weekend Review
28 Vista and Affiliate Marketing: What’s In Store on Tuesday?
28 WOW: Vista Site Not Impressed with FireFox
27 New BUMPzee Widget
27 Is There Value in the Affiliate Marketing Me.Dium?
27 YouTube Will Share the Love through Rev Share
27 Are You Keeping the Good Stuff Fenced In?
26 Firefox Rocks
26 Affiliates and the Reg Path: Traffic Spam
26 Are Mailing Lists Still Worth the Trouble?
26 Will Social Media’s NoFollow Movement Hurt SEO?
25 CostPerNews 2.0
25 Google’s Bigger, Larger, Brighter Checkout Buttons
25 Sphere and Jaxtr
25 Las Vegas Trip
25 Going Back to Google and 30Boxes
24 Mobile Auctions and US Adoption
24 Web2.0: Affiliate Marketing Land of Confusion
23 Keyword Space
23 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards: Las Vegas Jan 2007
23 Can Affiliates Replace Search Marketing Firms?
23 Zanox and AccuQuote: Strong Indication of Things to Come for Online Marketing
22 Social Media, Email’s Rebound and What’s Ahead
21 Affiliate Gonzo: AffiliateCampBeta Goes Mobile
21 How Are Affiliate Marketers Really Using Web2.0?
21 Affiliate Summit Saturday Night
20 Analytics are Holding Back Affiliate Marketing
19 Google Picks NC for New Data Center
18’s New Google Checkout Banners
18 Fear and Loathing in Sin City: Affiliate Summit Contact Stuff
18 K2 Games Opens Affiliate Program
17 Where Do Affiliates Find Merchants and Networks?
17 How to Find Affiliates
17 Affiliate Summit East Speech
17 Email and Social Media
17 Affiliate Marketing via BitTorrent Downloads
17 Google Puts Checkout on Main Page
16 How to Attract and Deal with Publishers
16 When Your Affiliate Program Doesn’t Take Off…
16 Sidekiq IQ: Meta Search Reaching Potential
16 Niche Networks
16 How to Deal with CPA Networks
15 Are Bloggers the New Affiliates?
15 AOL Time Warner Buys TradeDoubler
15 Affiliate Marketing: Static Sites or Blogs?
15 Keywords Application Info for New Affiliate Marketers
14 House Keeping: MyBlogLog, Pop Ups and Advertising
14 BoxClouds: Data Transfer and Entry Barriers to Affiliate Marketing
14 MindTangle: Giving Up All Hope and Embracing Something Else
13 Business Card Tag Thing
13 AffStat 2007 Available
13 Phases and Stages: Measuring the Echo Chamber
12 BUMPZee! Goes Live
12 Anything YOU Can Do, WE Can Do Better
12 How NOT to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing
12 Small Affiliates Make You (More) Money
12 Affiliate Networks and Scarcity: Supply and Demand (More or Less)
11 Quantum Audiences: You Can’t Pin Them Down
11 Future of Datafeeds
11 Relevancy That Keeps You Going
11 Social Media Will Save Email Marketing
10 Comment of the Day: 10 Jan 2007
10 CPC’s Social Future
10 Innovation 2007
10 How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing
10 The Desktop Meme
9 Two New Plugins on Cost Per News
9 Supply and Demand: Affiliate Summit and the Evolution of Industry Conferences
9 Snow!
9 Apple iPhone Includes Widgets – Potential for Marketing?
9 STOP Trying to Send People to Your Site
9 MyBlogLog Jumps the Shark
9 Affiliate Marketing On the Periphery
8 Second Life Goes Open Source – Affiliate Life Coming?
8 How the (SEO) Virus Spread
7 Starting Out in Affiliate Marketing
7 Affiliate Summit Sells Out
7 Twitter Affiliate Network
6 5 Good Things About CostPerNews
6 Aimee Mann
6 Why You Should Switch to Linux Right Now
5 Dreamer on the Loose
5 Sidekiq: Search Done Right
5 Co-Regs
5 Email Addresses
4 Open Sourcing My Life
4 AffiliateCamp Beta: Memetics and Deodorant in Las Vegas
4 Tumri Marketing Widget
4 Open Access and Online Marketing
3 CostPerWidget
3 Microformats and the Decentralized Future of Online Marketing
3 Affiliate Blog List v2
2 Cost Per Ensemble
2 Getting Your Program, Offer or Network Featured on CPN
2 Eyeblaster Fails to Sell
2 Finding Affiliates and Publishers the Web2.0 Way
1 on Affiliate Sites and Blogs – Worth It?
1 Skype, AIM or Something Else?
1 Inner Workings of a Spambot

31 Ubuntu Founder on Microsoft Challenge; Ubuntu Has 8 Million Users
31 Circles and Cycles: Online Marketing’s Revolution
29 Can Wikipedia Work with Affiliate Marketing?
29 Can RSS Work with Affiliate Marketing?
29 Firefox, Online Marketing and Community
28 AdventureQuest – Online RPG with Affiliate Program
28 Charity Tagging
28 Can MySpace Work With Affiliate Marketing?
27 PayPerPost Acquires Performancing
27 Open Sourcing Affiliate Marketing
27 Quicken and Quickbooks Move to MyAP
26 Will the New SSL Safety Features in IE7 Hurt Small Merchants?
26 The Affiliate Blog List
26 It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Advertising) Revisited
26 Verizon to Accept Ads on Mobile Phones and Online Marketing Implications
26 Google’s Incentive and the Open Source Movement in Online Marketing
24 Newsweek Says 2007 Is the “Year of the Widget”
23 Matt Cutts on Pageviews and Rubel Says Google Digs Digg
22 Happy Holidays and Thank You’s
22 All Widgets Considered
22 Cost Per Love
21 Hybrid CPC Models Will Emerge in 2007
21 Major Overhauls
21 Can YouTube Work With Affiliate Marketing?
20 Can Twitter Work With Affiliate Marketing?
20 Digitas Acquired by French Publicis; Other Online Media Stocks Soar
19 Blog Tag Game – Appropriate on Business Blogs?
19 Social Shopping Equates Higher Conversions
19 Digg Podcasts
19 Search, Advertising, Relevancy and Link Lattices
18 Affiliate Marketers Stirring Their Own Straws
17 The Value of Traffic
17 Are Affiliate Bloggers Worth Their Salt?
17 Free Exposure: Your Stickers on My Laptop
16 Yahoo Denies Clickfraud, Offers Credit as Measure of Goodwill
15 Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Stories of 2006
15 Google Selling Domains
15 Merger-licious
15 Flaming Lips Utilize YouTube for Fan Interaction
14 Online Advertising More Effective than Word of Mouth
14 Affiliate Thing Podcast for December 13
13 Cost Per Jobs Almost Ready
13 Network Solutions Launches Cost Per Click Service
13 Mobile Marketer Scanbuy Secures $9 Million in Funding
13 Yahoo’s Panama Opens to the Public
13 Cramer on ValueClick and aQuantive
12 More Bad News for PayPerPost: FTC Getting Involved – Is Affiliate Marketing Next?
12 “Make It Suck Less”
12 Consumers Willing to Give Information for Personalization
12 Google and Yahoo: CopyGate Part 2
12 Shawn Collins Ornament Meme
11 Give Something Meaningful for the Holidays
11 Google Punishes PayPerPost Users
11 Video Adoption High in B2B
11 Shopping Sites Incorporating RSS to Reach Consumers
11 CostPerJOBS Launches
9 Google Checkout and Affiliate Tracking
9 Tag Bulb: Search Engine for Tags
8 Full Text for Subscribers
8 MyBlogLog, Widgets and the Future of Online Marketing
8 Do Social Networks Work in Affiliate Marketing?
7 Yahoo Buying Metacafe?
7 AOL Looking to Buy Online Ad Network
6 Infected Linux via CPA Network??
6 Two Things Banner Ads Did
6 AdSense Comparison Engine Aimed at Bloggers
6 Remembering James Kim
6 Porter Interviews Second Life Liberation Army Leader
6 eBags Responds to Google Checkout Affiliate Tracking Controversy
5 PrimeQ Expands into Russia
5 WebTrends Acquires ClickShift
4 Two Things EMail Marketing Did
4 ValueClick Acquires Shopping.Net
4 TinyURL Is NOT the Next YouTube
1 Google Checkout Affecting CJ Program Commissions
1 AffiliateCamp Is Coming
1 Transcending Links in Affiliate Marketing
1 BlogTalkRadio – Shawn Collins and Jim Kukral Launch Call-In Radio Shows
1 Affiliate Summit Awards
30 Affiliate Marketing Mini-Manifesto
30 Impulse Marketing Acquired
30 Affiliate Marketing Will Never Change (Its Name)
30 Remembering Jai Rajkumar
29 12 Practical and Immediate Ways to Strengthen Your Online Marketing Program
28 Tag “costpernews” To Contribute
28 The LongTail and JCrew Coupons
27 ValueClick’s Video Advertising Network Coming
25 Shoutwire Considers “Digg” An Illegal Keyword But Accepts Profanities
24 Pay Per Digg
24 Shopping Spree: Great Bargain or Buyer’s Regret? pt 1
23 Daily Stat Sheet 2: “Are We There Yet?!” Links and Affiliate Marketing
22 Are Links Dead in Online and Affiliate Marketing?
22 “Daily Stat Sheet” Episode 1 (Rev Share on CPA Networks?)
20 CPA Network Offers on MySpace Persist
20 Announces Deal to Enter Japanese Online Advertising Market
20 Superman and Time Warner Cheating YouTube?
19 Windows Live on Mobile Phones: Implications for CPA and Affiliate Markets?
18 Weekly Insight 11/17/2006
17 Homework Assignment
16 What is Affiliate Marketing’s Brand?
15 A Modest Proposal: Homework Assignment for Readers (Due Friday)
15 CostPerNews Special: Are CJ and Linkshare Worth Their Salt?
15 End of Co-Registration Craze in CPA Marketing?
14 Internet Ad Potential Underestimated (by Analysts and CPA Marketers)
14 The Future of CPA Networks?
12 Q & A with Riya /’s Marketing Director Beth Kirsch
12 Mobile Marketing Making an Impact on Affiliates?
11 CostPerNews Widget Now Available
11 Weekly Insight – November 10, 2006
10 Google Checkout Is Going International
10 Affiliate Networks – Changing of the Guards?
10 Changes at Yahoo’s Upper Levels?
8 vSocial and Adify Team Up for In-Video Vertical Advertising
8 Widgets and the Future of Affiliate Marketing
7 Merkle Taps Alterian for Email and Online Marketing
7 MediaWhiz Buys Text Link Ads
7 Turn Network – Future of CPA Networks?
6 News of the Day: Google Print Ads in Newspapers
5 ipodwithbuttons_16.gif
5 Weekly Insight Podcast 11/3 – 11/10
5 Weekly Insight Podcast 11/3 – 11/10
4 Google Brooooad Search – Response from Rimm-Kaufman
4 Wayne Porter Offers Robert Scoble a Monkey Phone Call
4 BrightRoll Launches With Contextual Ads in Video
3 Google’s Broooader Search – Harming Advertisers and SEM PPC Economics?
2 ValueClick Attracting VC Attention with High Earnings
2 Marketing Sherpa Acquired by MEC Labs Group
2 Affiliate Marketing Mashups?
1 Google Goes After Affiliate Middle Section
1 Former Dir of Strategic National Accts at ValueClick Moves to Revenue Science
1 ValueClick Reports 14 Cents Per Share Earnings in Q3
1 Can ValidClick Neutralize Clickfraud?
30 Glut of Cheap Ad Space (According to Yahoo)
29 Impression Fraud is a Problem
29 Google’s Search Problems (More on Clickfraud)
29 Google Multimedia To Be Based in Chicago?
28 Is AFFoogle Needed?
28 What’s AdTech Without the Parties?
28 Azoogle 2.0 Coming Soon
26 Google Bombing Politics
25 How Much of a South Carolinian Are You?
25 Greatest YouTube Video Ever
24 Email Problems (Tues Oct 24)
21 The Most Important Question for Google