Sam Harrelson
With my wife, Rev. Merianna Neely Harrelson, and our children

Since 2002, I’ve been actively involved in various marketing channels from online to traditional to a combination of the two. Along the way, I’ve worked for small agencies to large mega-global-corporations. Harrelson Agency now is about bringing transformation and voice to small and large groups of people actively trying to make the world a better place.

I decided to channel what I’d learned over the years in marketing as an executive and thinker into my own unique and indie company and focus on working with people that do incredible work but need clarification of their message and better marketing.

I helped set up my first nonprofit while in high school for an after school center in my small home town. That experience shaped a great deal of my own personal passions and led to me joining AmeriCorps while in college. Those years of experience, primarily with the Boys and Girls Club, while continuing my education were formative to my career. After graduating from Wofford College (’00 Religion), I decided to continue my studies at Yale University where I received a MAR degree (’02) in Religion and Art with studies in Ethics. I’ve also pursued Masters of Divinity studies at Gardner-Webb University while teaching as an adjunct professor there.

My work as the head of Harrelson Agency allows me to take what I’ve learned through those experiences as well as my time in the marketing industry and help nonprofits and religious organizations do what they do better.

I’ve also published a book on Assyrian archaeology, have grand aspirations for MinistriesLab and Hunger Initiative, love to study Dura Europos and run the Thinking.FM podcast network.

Here’s a little more about me:


– Wofford College (B.A. 2000
– Yale University (M.A.R. 2002)
– Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity


– Head – Harrelson Agency
– General Manager, North America – Clicks2Customers
– CEO – planetBeta
– Senior Vice President / COO – PrimeQ
– Director of Publisher Relations – Motive Interactive

– Affiliate Manager – Rextopia Network
– Affiliate Manager – Think Partnership / Kowabunga
– Affiliate Manager – Aluria Software
– Advertising Manager – SubscriberBASE / AdDrive Network

– Adjunct Professor – Gardner-Webb University
– Adjunct Professor – University of South Carolina
– Middle School Science Teacher – Hammond School (Columbia, SC)
– Middle School Science and Robotics Teacher – Spartanburg Day School (SC)
– Middle School Math, Robotics, and Science Teacher – Carolina Day School (Asheville, NC)

– Publisher – Thinking.FM
– Publisher – CostPerNews
– Publisher – ReveNews
– Editor and Lead Writer – Digital Moses Confidential

– Member – Commission Junction Board of Publishers
– Member – Affiliate Summit Advisory Board
– Member – Affiliate Classroom Board of Directors

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