Art Consulting and Art Repatriation Services

I work with institutions, organizations, museums & galleries, private collections, businesses, and individuals to help identify the historical relevance and potential custody issues of pieces of art.

My main emphasis is on Mesopotamian and Near Eastern Art (Assyrian, Akkadian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Elamite, Sassanian, Parthian, and Syro-Phoenician) but I also work on certain projects with ancient Mediterranean cultures when there is an appropriate fit. Typically these consultations deal with tablets, cylinder seals, frescoes, and tile but also extend to objects including papyrus and figurines as well. Repatriation research and discovery is a major part of this work including provenance and historical custody issues.

I do work on Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian and Nile-related artwork as well and can refer out to talented experts in that field when needed. This is espeically true with art repatriation to Egyptian sources.

I also consult on early Medieval and more modern (and post-modern) art when there is a suitable need. Although more rare, these types of services are typically based on an individual’s private collection and include more personal variables.

To inquire about my services, please find my contact information here. I am available for in-person meetings as well as video calls.

I do keep a limited number of client projects available, but am happy to find an appropriate schedule in the future depending on the scope of the client need.

Services I Prefer to Offer:

  • Art history consulting
  • Art repatriation agreements
  • Research for repatriation services
  • Strategic consulting for individuals and institutions regarding specific art historical objects
  • Near East and Mesopotamian art consulting
  • Ancient Mediterranean art consulting
  • Auction and buyer / seller research, agreements, and consulting
  • Institutional research and reports on objects including provenance and custody analysis
  • Provenance research for art historical objects in public and private collections

Services I (Typically) Don’t Offer:

  • SEO for art history objects: Unless there are specific goals, a budget, and expectations I don’t offer this as a standalone service
  • Social Media Marketing: I can consult you on this and how to set up ads and campaigns, but I no longer manage social media accounts for clients. I’m happy to refer you to great people who do. 
  • Off market art object acquisition and relationships
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Contact Sam:


Office: 803-567-5020

Address: 1721 Saunders Street, Columbia, SC 29201