March 2017

Episode 102: Let Me Move That Glass Over Here

Thomas and Sam discuss the Billy Graham Rule, flipping coasters and dominance. Support Thinking Religion Links: Where Did the “Billy Graham Rule” Come From? | TGC The religious reasons Mike Pence won’t eat alone with women don’t add up – The Washington Post

Episode 101: The Sounds of Silence

Thomas and Sam discuss the persistence of memories, Evernote, device agnosticism, web automation services and whether the Karl Barth Chatbot will take off in the near-future. Support Thinking Religion Links: Simon & Garfunkel – The Sounds of Silence (Audio) – YouTube — People talking without speaking, People hearing without listening, People writing songs that voices …

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Episode 100: “The last thing I would consider myself is a theologian.”

Thomas and Sam celebrate 100 episodes and discuss Thomas' bent towards Process Theology. Show Notes: Knick Knack 2 | This Is Ground Bullet Journal Follow Up: Pacifism and Karl Barth | W. Travis McMaken Spiritual Abuse | Merianna Neely Harrelson Molly Worthen on Christianity in American History | Road to Now Support Thinking Religion