Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson is a Market Research and Strategy Consultant who partners with nonprofits, churches, public officials, and solopreneurs with big ideas, and businesses to grow their brands in a human-to-human method.

Sam has led dozens of businesses, startups, churches, and nonprofits through strategic planning processes and marketing campaigns since since 2002. Along with numerous national conferences and local-level speaking engagements over the last twenty years, Sam has been featured in leading marketing publications as well as major media such as The New York Times.

Additionally, Sam has received various national awards in relation to his writings on marketing and communications and is recognized as a leading authority on the future of marketing for nonprofits by various outlets.

Sam is the author of a book on Assyrian archaeology from Yale University Press and has taught Religious Studies courses at the university level as an Adjunct along with teaching Middle School Science and Math for 8 years previously. He is an ordained minister in the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and holds a BA in Religion from Wofford College and a Masters in Religion and Literature from Yale University.


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