Sam Harrelson

Since 2002, I’ve been actively involved in various marketing channels from online to traditional to a combination of the two. Along the way, I’ve worked with small companies to large global corporations on everything from website development, SEO, and business consulting to affiliate and project management.

I decided to channel what I’d learned over the years in marketing as an executive and thinker into my own unique and indie company and focus on working with people, groups, non-profits, and churches that do incredible work but need clarification of their message and better marketing.

My work allows me to take what I’ve learned through those experiences as well as my time in the marketing industry and help nonprofits and religious organizations do what they do better.

I’m also an ordained minister, have published a book on Assyrian archaeology from Yale University Press, have grand aspirations for Hunger Initiative and the Harrelson Foundation, love to study Dura Europos and run the Thinking.FM podcast network.

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