February 2007


I love Vincent. Best animal character ever.


Got paid by Gardner-Webb today. I think I’m making about $2.23 an hour to teach!  Yay capitalism.

Mysterious Universe

I listen to a lot of podcats. I’ve done a lot of podcasts as well. I’m always getting asked which marketing podcasts I listen to. My answer is none. They all suck (well, except for Fraser’s and Shawn’s). I need to give WebMasterRadio a try again, I guess. But, I do love Mysterious Universe. I’ve …

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I’ve Unleashed Waynebuntu

I’ve converted my wife, my mother in law, potentially a Lutheran priest and now Wayne Porter.  Ubuntu will never be the same again after Wayne gets through with it.  What have I done? I need to send him a hat 🙂 My old IBM Thinkpad X40 (story below) now sports this O/S and it screams …

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Dura Europos Synagogue Paper

Here’s a paper (and the basis for my PhD thesis) I banged out covering the issue of Midrashic understanding of the paintings in the synagogue at Dura Europos… dura-paper-spring-2007-williams-february-26-2007-gwu-2.pdf What is Dura Europos, you ask? Ah, well… you have homework!

NPR : Creating Our Own Happiness

NPR : Creating Our Own Happiness I believe we have the power to create our own happiness. I believe the real magic in the world is done by humans. I believe normal life is extraordinary – Wayne Coyne I love the Flaming Lips and Wayne Coyne. I want “Do You Realize?!?” played at my funeral, …

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World Of Warcraft on Ubuntu

Wayne and Jon … install Ubuntu so that we can start a Guild.  Forget Second Life, this is where the action is (literally!)… The Digital Ninja » How to install World Of Warcraft on Linux

Podcasts – Fraser’s Affiliate Marketing Blog

Just did a podcast interview with Fraser Edwards of affiliatemarketingblog.co.uk on widgets, web2.0, affiliate networks and all things online marketing. Fun stuff and should be a good listen… Podcasts – Fraser’s Affiliate Marketing Blog

Thunder and Snow?

Mom just sent this over on email… “It thundered in the winter time yesterday so that means so said papa carroll that it will snow or sleet within two weeks we will see.”

It Don’t Get Easy

I don’t even feel like writing today at CostPerNews. It’s not burn out or disillusionment… it’s just my own reservations about the place becoming something other than a blog. Is it already too late? I’m having to watch my tongue there and keep on the correct side of the line. Is there room for honesty …

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Marketers Disappoint Me

Where did it all go wrong? Affiliate marketing, especially.  So much promise and potential there.  So much good that can and should be done with such a powerful, democratic and individualistic platform. Stupid money. Someone restore my faith in marketing (online or offline) … please?


Wayne is thinking of switching one of his boxes over to Ubuntu. What are you waiting for, Wayne?? Even Anna uses it and seems to like it. At least her laptop is much quicker than it ever was with XP and she can do (just about) anything with it that she could do with Windows. …

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Gore looked happy last night at the Oscars. Wonder if he’ll ever run again?