Month: February 2007


I love Vincent. Best animal character ever.


Got paid by Gardner-Webb today. I think I’m making about $2.23 an hour to teach!  Yay capitalism.

Mysterious Universe

I listen to a lot of podcats. I’ve done a lot of podcasts as well. I’m always getting asked which marketing podcasts I listen to. My answer is none. They all suck (well, except for Fraser’s and Shawn’s). I need to give WebMasterRadio a try again, I guess. But, I do love Mysterious Universe. I’ve …

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This is What the Kingdom of God Looks Like…

This is just an amazing picture and story. Taman Safari animal hospital in Java, Indonesia have four babies in their care who normally wouldn’t get along. A pair of baby orangutans and a pair of Sumatran tiger cubs both endangered species were rejected by their mothers, and are being raised in the hospital’s nursery, where …

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Dura Europos Synagogue Paper

Here’s a paper (and the basis for my PhD thesis) I banged out covering the issue of Midrashic understanding of the paintings in the synagogue at Dura Europos… dura-paper-spring-2007-williams-february-26-2007-gwu-2.pdf What is Dura Europos, you ask? Ah, well… you have homework!

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