Got paid by Gardner-Webb today.

I think I’m making about $2.23 an hour to teach!  Yay capitalism.

Mysterious Universe

I listen to a lot of podcats. I’ve done a lot of podcasts as well. I’m always getting asked which marketing podcasts I listen to. My answer is none. They all suck (well, except for Fraser’s and Shawn’s). I need to give WebMasterRadio a try again, I guess.

But, I do love Mysterious Universe. I’ve been listening since last summer and the show only gets better each week. Great stuff and very well produced. If you haven’t listened, give it a go. It’s sort of a Coast-to-Coast meets the BBC…

It’s well worth the wait though as we cover USOs, forests on Mars, and of-course, an alleged interview transcript with a Reptilian humanoid.

Mysterious Universe

This is What the Kingdom of God Looks Like…


This is just an amazing picture and story.

Taman Safari animal hospital in Java, Indonesia have four babies in their care who normally wouldn’t get along. A pair of baby orangutans and a pair of Sumatran tiger cubs both endangered species were rejected by their mothers, and are being raised in the hospital’s nursery, where they became inseparable friends. In the wild, tigers eat orangutans.

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I’ve Unleashed Waynebuntu

I’ve converted my wife, my mother in law, potentially a Lutheran priest and now Wayne Porter.  Ubuntu will never be the same again after Wayne gets through with it.  What have I done?

I need to send him a hat 🙂

My old IBM Thinkpad X40 (story below) now sports this O/S and it screams like a bat out of hell (you might try Ubuntu 6.06 if your PC is rather dated)….so far so good…. I feel like I have been unplugged from the matrix and spat out into a giant toilet bowel of jelly slime…now I wonder if it can push Second Life? Doubt it. I do feel some machinima widgets coming on though.

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