Month: February 2007

Welcome to the New Site

Here’s the new site. You shouldn’t notice much of a change besides the fact that I’ll be updating here much more regularly and there will be a different design by the end of the week. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions! (BTW, my old email address is working again, so feel free to write me there).

California Busch Race

Beyond boring Busch Race from California tonight. NASCAR.COM Bring back Rockingham.


Moving things here over to a hosted WordPress blog. SO, there may be some downtime. Bear with me… it will be better when it’s over 🙂

Online or Offline: GMail vs Evolution

Having a difficult time trying to decide how best to manage my email, feed reading, IM and metadata. Offline or online? Ubuntu uses the gnome desktop and has flexible yet powerful apps such as Evolution (sort of like Office, but with intelligence), Liferea (feed reader similar to FeedDemon) and Gaim (IM convo’s). The struggle is complicated by the fact that Ubuntu has such a great file and data searcher (Beagle) which even has a Firefox …

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Winer on Podcasting

Dave Winer is tremendous. I’m listening to the podcast of his talk on NPR and podcasts. Winer, tech, podcasts and NPR… it doesn’t get any better than that. Beautiful, creative, chaotic, artistic stuff.  Go listen for yourself.

Back Here

Gosh, I’ve neglected this place. Alright, now that CostPerNews has taken off and is doing well on its own, I’m back to what I love… which is posting about all sorts of random things here.

Precinct Elections

I was voted in Vice-Chairperson of our local Democrat precinct here in Asheville, NC. I need a clone.

Youth Ministers and Future Preachers

I’m at my “office” in the Broad River Coffee Shop sitting across from a group of young ministers and youth ministers. Eaves-dropping on their conversation, I’m reminded that we Religious Studies folks should be thankful that Adonai chooses to work with slackers and jerks like Abram, Jacob, Joseph and Moses or Divinity Schools would not exist. God works in Mysterious Ways…

Epoch of Juxtaposition

Doing some Sunday reading and came across this from Michel Foucault’s work “Of Other Spaces” (page 22)… The present epoch will perhaps be above all the epoch of space.  We are in the epoch of simultaneity: we are in the epoch of juxtaposition, the epoch of the near and far, of the side-by-side, of the dispersed.  We are at a moment, I believe, when our experience of the world is less that of a long …

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Teaching College Students Versus Teaching 8th Graders

Wow, what a difference. I’m enjoying the college students at Gardner-Webb Univ ( if you want to follow along) and we’re starting to get the questions flowing. However, teaching the 8th graders at Hammond School for the previous two years was mesmarizing because I was constantly having to think on my feet, adjust and react to the crowd.  It was a bit like playing jazz. Teaching college is more like a staged  and choreographed production …

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Loose Ends – Let’s Bury Abraham!

Holy Bibble is my favorite web cartoon. They are literally making cartoons of every biblical scene from Genesis onwards… today, we bury Abram/Abraham/Larry… Loose Ends Their conception of Abra/ha/m was right on with the biblical text.  I’ll miss him!

Influencer Networks: Local Search Living Up To Potential in 2007

Local search has long held a tremendous amount of promise but shown disappointing results for Yahoo, Google, Ask and MSN. However, the major search engines have continued to put R&D into the local search space, and things might be turning around. What has happened to make this turn around possible is the quick user adoption of social networking features within a local search structure. Yahoo, in particular, has been keen on this idea and has …

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Web2.0 Interview

Got interviewed by Affiliate Summit’s Shawn Collins and Revenue Magazine’s Lisa Picarille on Wednesday for about 30 mins on web2.0 and online marketing. Give it a listen if you get a chance.

Linkshare Updates Deal Dispatcher: Are Clean Interfaces Selling Points?

According to the Linkshare newsletter emailed out this morning, Linkshare has cleaned up their Deal Dispatcher interface. Based on suggestions from the recent affiliate survey, Linkshare writes that it has redesigned the Deal Dispatcher to make it easier to use for affiliates. Consumer and affiliate promotions now are categorized by type and listed alphabetically. In addition, the Deal Dispatcher will be emailed out once a month. The improved site is much cleaner and does partition …

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Affiliate Thing Podcast on Affiliates and Web2.0

I did an interview with Lisa Picarille and Shawn Collins on the Affiliate Thing podcast, which is now up on their site for public consumption. Interview with Sam Harrelson, Cost Per News founder and widget king. Widget king? I don’t know about that, but I do find a good deal of promise and like to evangelize about how affiliate marketing’s future and those little window gadgets (hence ‘wid-gets’) are intertwined like the two strands of …

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Jangro’s “Did You Pass Math?” Fix Solves Akismet Problem

Scott Jangro has finally ditched Akismet on his blog, much to the happiness of Brian Littleton and myself (as we express on this comment thread at BUMPzee). This whole conversion experience away from Akismet started because of the conversation following Vlad’s post on his “My Affiliate Journey” blog detailing his struggles with Akismet catching the wrong people. If you’re not reading Vlad’s blog yet, you are missing out. He’s one of the sharpest bloggers I …

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Vertrue Acquires NeverBlue

NeverBlue Ads, a Canadian performance marketing CPA network, has been acquired by fellow Canadian online marketing firm Vertrue. Also part of the acquisition is Neverblue Media’s sister company, Inc., a direct phone contact center. Vertrue currently owns two other subsidiary companies based out of Canada, including the popular online dating services company, Lavalife Inc. Neverblue Media will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Vertrue. “We are excited to have Neverblue Media as a …

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ShareASale’s Month of Interface

The ShareASale team is really stepping up to the plate and doing some great things to improve the user experience for both affiliates and merchants. Welcome to a string of blogs that will introduce features from our “Month of the Interface” which begins today, February 1st. 🙂 Each business day we will introduce a new feature or report, some will be “big” changes, some “little” ones. As we go along, some of the reports we …

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Content Usage for CostPerNews

Content scrapers are horrible. For example, here (love the AdSense check… you stay classy!) and here (you are a Tara Hunt fan as well?) are two sites that make use of the content on CostPerNews for their own profit. I’ve contacted both of those sites, along with about a dozen others, who are simply scraping the content here for their own AdSense dollars. I’ve had no success in getting a response from them, so I’m …

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