Online or Offline: GMail vs Evolution

Having a difficult time trying to decide how best to manage my email, feed reading, IM and metadata.

Offline or online?

Ubuntu uses the gnome desktop and has flexible yet powerful apps such as Evolution (sort of like Office, but with intelligence), Liferea (feed reader similar to FeedDemon) and Gaim (IM convo’s).

The struggle is complicated by the fact that Ubuntu has such a great file and data searcher (Beagle) which even has a Firefox plugin to keep everything organized for you.  It’s amazing how detailed you can drill down.  I don’t even put things in folders on my system anymore.  I just dump everything into one folder and let Beagle sort it out based on the tags I’ve applied and the data within the podcasts, mp3’s, jpg’s or .docs.  That’s pretty cool.

On the other hand, GMail, Goog Reader and Googl Desktop are great applications that don’t keep me tied to one box.

But with a laptop, is that even an issue anymore?

Decisions, decisions…

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