Boom Goes the Power

The transformer on the powerline outside our house just exploded (second time in a week).  I didn’t do it.  I swear.

Anyway, at least it’s in the 50’s with bright sunshine today.  Not a bad day to be forced outside to get some work done in the books.

I have about 25 books piled up beside my desk that I <strike>want</strike> need to read.  I also have a quiz from last week that I need to grade.  And I have about 1200 feed items that I need to pour through in my feed reader (Linux’s Liferea… thank God I keep an offline feed reader).  And, I have a major paper that I’m trying to write to claim that the Deuteronomistic History was written very late (close to the Maccabean period) by an pro-prophetic agency (not pro-monarchical or pro-priestly).  Fun stuff.

How am I blogging this you ask?  Linux’s cleverly titled “Drivel” blogging program.  I do most of my blogging here because it’s a clean and clear interface.  If you run Ubuntu (or any Gnome distro), I highly recommend.

Gosh, I want to check my email.  Oh wait… I have a smart phone!

UPDATE:  Lights are back on.  A squirrel was fried on top of the transformer, however.  Poor squirrel.

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