Ze Frank: Only 2 Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Days Left


It’s starting to get sad.

What are we going to do on March 18 when there is no show?

Probably cry.  And make finger fruits.  I’m starting to realize that each one of these shows have taken on a certain permanence in my mind because I can remember where I was for most of these.

“Ah yeah, I watched that one after a tough day of teaching 8th graders last April.”

“That was an awesome episode… remember that one after a day of selling my soul at that conference in Orlando.”

“I watched that one with three others that I had missed because work had been really involved that week.  The release of watching The Show at 3am in a dark room made everyting right again.”

Only 2 “Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Days” left.

The best things are those with self imposed time limits because we really begin to realize how special and important they are.  Without loss, an experience is not complete.  Things that go on forever get stale for a reason.

Thank you, Ze.

the show with zefrank

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