Google Docs vs Zoho




I write a lot of documents.  Let me clarifity that…  I write a TON of documents, spreadsheets and even presentations.  However, I’ve always hated Microsoft Office, so I’ve constantly sought out ways to get around using that clumsy and inefficient piece of software.

Originally, I came across Writely and loved it.  I even had Anna using Writely for a few months.  Then, Writely was acquired by Google and turned into Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

I’ve mostly had a warm interaction with Goog Docs and Spreadsheets, but there have been a few times when the application just hasn’t been up to snuff or has fit my needs.

So, I’ve been testing out Zoho.

I’m still not sure which I will go with.  I have literally hundreds of documents stored at Google Docs and Spreadsheets (from my old Writely account) but Zoho has been quite impressive.


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