Forget Page Views… What About the Browser?


I’ve been toying with the NYTimes Reader.

I thought I would hate it, but I’m in love. I know there are missing features and functions and you can basically get all of this content inside of your RSS reader. However, this is a different experience.

If this is any indication of Adobe’s new Apollo platform or Window’s WPF function coming soon, then this could mean some serious challenges to the browser in terms of how we consume content. Layer that with desktop widgets via the Windows Sidebar in Vista, and things could change. I manage my email, Twitter, calendar and search engine searches through the sidebar. I exist in my browser, but if new apps like the Times reader are developed en masse, that could change… quickly.

Perhaps this is why Microsoft hasn’t put much friction in the way of FireFox’s advancement in the browser wars.


For more, check out this post on MS Mossyblog.

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