Twitter in the Wall Street Journal

Just posted on the WSJ online is an in-depth article about Twitter (no subscription required) and it’s (ir?)relevance for all sorts of things.  The choice is yours on that relevancy scale.  Personally, I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced blogging.

Particularly fun to read is this interesting interchange between Tara Hunt and Robert Scoble

Twitter’s expanding popularity has frustrated some users. “I’m a little annoyed by some of these newbies,” said Tara Hunt, a 33-year-old marketer in San Francisco who complains that many users seem to be focusing on quantity over quality in their updates. She blames the influx of new users on Mr. Scoble, a Twitter user who began writing frequently about the service on his blog earlier this year. She removed him from the list of people whose posts she follows, turned off by his frequent notes about the service itself. “He Twittered about Twitter,” she said.

“Twitter hate is the new black,” joked Mr. Scoble, who is linked to more than 1,000 friends on the site. “Some haters have already come around, but to tell the truth, they do have a good point. Do you really need to know that I’m eating a tuna sandwich for lunch? Probably not, although I’ve had more than one person come over and join me for lunch because I told where I was hanging out.” As a concession, he has created a second Twitter account, called “SilentScoble,” where he limits his posts to five a day. A recent dispatch: “It’s hard to post less than five posts per day…”

Can’t we all just get along?

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