Teaching College

My first semester of teaching Intro to the Old Testament (Religion 101) at Gardner-Webb University is almost over.


What an experience.  I can’t tell you how quickly the semester has flown by and how much we still have left to do.  There’s one week of full classes yet and I’m just getting to Hezekiah and Josiah!  Yikes!

So, I’ve got to squeeze in the Exile and the post-Exilic periods in the span of a week.  Double YIKES!

I wish we didn’t have schedules and class meeting times, especially in a college environment.  It would make much more sense (in my Asperger’s clouded mind) to allow students to select their own schedules in a given week and select certain teachers or subjects they wanted to pursue in a much more fluid and non-constrained manner as our current rigid class system.  Pipe dreams.

After teaching 8th grade for two years, this has been a semester of wonder, enjoyment, frustration, bewilderment and learning.  I just hope my students have learned as much as I have and have grown to find a little bit of interest, or at least appreciation, for the Hebrew Bible.

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