Month: May 2007

ABC Drops Linux Support for Online Viewer

I really enjoyed catching up on shows that I missed via ABC’s streaming online viewer. However, I use Ubuntu (a flavor of Linux) and now ABC has dropped it’s support of that… That’s just stupid.  It’s a flash based player, and they are actually having to do work to exclude Linux users since it’s an OS agnostic player.  Wonder how much Microsoft payed them? As the users in this Digg thread about the subject point …

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Coca Cola 600

Looks like I’m headed to the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte on Sunday night. Here’s where my seat is located… And here is what my view will look like (add about 150,000 rabid fans and spectators)… I can’t wait! Ryan is on the pole (his 200th start as a driver) and I love the Charlotte track. Should be a blast!


I’m listening to Tom Petty’s Wildflowers tonight. It’s an album that still just as relevant and awesome as it was in 1994. I remember the first time I heard “You Don’t Know Kow It Feels”… Petty was on Letterman and had altered lyrics (“so let’s hit another joint…”) and it was an epiphanic moment for me. It was one of the first albums I looked forward to coming out (along with In Utero from Nirvana …

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Thoughts on Redneck Liberation Theology

Earlier this week, Rion sent over an article on the concept of “Redneck Liberation Theology.” I was and continue to be floored by the piece. It reminds me of the first time I heard Thelonious Monk in a beer stained dorm room in Spartanburg, SC.  “Fiery little apocalypses.” Stuff that grabs you by the kidney or some other random but needed interior organ and won’t let you go. A gnawing realization that something is different …

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Al Gore and the Internet as Conversation on the Daily Show

I’m watching the Daily Show with John Stewart and Al Gore just called the internet the “greatest hope to cure the ailments” of the modern media and to “bring back the conversation” that is lacking. Has Al Gore read the Cluetrain Manifesto? Or has Steve Jobs turned him on to Winer, Scoble and Rubel? Great interview… hopefully the video will be on YouTube Comedy Central’s site soon.

Newman on the Pole in Charlotte

My favorite NASCAR driver is Ryan Newman.  He won his first pole in a long while tonight for the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte. I might have to go to the race on Sunday night!

Dell’s Shipping With Ubuntu

I love Ubuntu. I’ve made a number of posts about Ubuntu that you can see here. Basically, it’s a free and open-source Linux distribution that replaces your Windows operating system (and is 10 times better in my opinion).  I’ve been using it full time since last summer and have not looked back. Today, Dell announced the initial laptops and desktops that will be shipping with Ubuntu pre-installed instead of Windows. This is a huge day …

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Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration is this week in Los Angeles. It’s the 30th anniversary of the first Star Wars movie (Episode 4). I want to be there! Here’s a link to the official blog (interesting that it’s a blog… you’t think they’d spring for their own hosted blog!)… Star Wars Celebration Blog

Mom is A Superstar

My mom just won Employee of the Year at her school district in Mullins, SC. Send her an email and tell her congrats (… she deserves it for all the hard work and dedication she’s put in with the operation of the school and the lives of the primary school students she helps and loves everyday.

Paper AT-AT’s

I know what I’m doing tomorrow! Papercraft AT-AT’s The AT-AT’s were always my favorite Star Wars vehicles (besides the Millenium Falcon, of course).  I still have my Kenner AT-AT from the original toys back in 1981(?). Gosh, those are good memories! (via BoingBoing)

Modern Tech

While watching tonight’s season finale of Lost on ABC (the only show I watch regularly on TV these days), I was texting back and forth to my college roommate and long lost brother, Rion.  Amazing that we can watch the same show and communicate while being seperated by hundreds of geographical miles. Not all tech is bad.

Week O’ Injuries

On Tuesday, I decided to try a nifty trick and use our exercise ball (basically a large blow up ball about 3 feet in diameter) for my desk chair. The benefits are that you are constantly forced to sit upright and it’s good exercise for your abs, etc. So, it was a little flat and I decided to blow it up. In the process, the plastic stopper (below) blew into my throat and went partially …

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Wintergreen Falls Hike

Anna, Schaefer, Macy and I went to DuPont State Forest just outside of Brevard, NC for a nice hike on Sunday. We had a great time and Macy is quite the little hiker… Springtime is beautiful in Western, NC! See more at my Flickr page.

Hiking Trip to Wintergreen Falls

Anna, Schaefer, Macy and I went to DuPont State Forest just outside of Brevard, NC for a nice hike on Sunday. We had a great time and Macy is quite the little hiker…

The Moon and Venus

The two closest celestial bodies to us are still rather close to each other from our own point of view on this Pale Blue Dot. If you go outside tonight or tomorrow, you’ll see Venus (althought it’s inching away from it’s closest point last week) very near a crescent Moon and it’s quite beautiful. I’ll try to grab a pic on the telescope tomorrow night.

Ghost Town Returns

I LOVED Ghost Town when I was a kid during our visits to the mountains around Asheville, NC. There was something magical about that place.  It was the first place that I ever rode a roller coaster (which looked as it if were going to fall off the top of the mountain). Odd that I live here now and it’s great to see Ghost Town back. We’re headed over soon! (Thanks to Jon NeedsABlog Williams …

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Asia Has Claims Upon New England in Libraries

Weird to see that my little book on Assyrian art at Yale University is in a number libraries around the country… Asia has claims upon New England : Assyrian reliefs at Yale by Sam B Harrelson WorldCat: Asia has claims upon New England : Assyrian reliefs at Yale

Yale Assyrian Reliefs Exam from 2002

Tonight I was going through some old files and stumbled upon a data CD with a label from 2002. Curious as to what was on the CD, I popped it into the laptop and up came nine images from my days at Yale. Specifically, these were images I took from an examination that was done on the Yale University Art Gallery’s collection of reliefs from the palace of Assurnasirpal II (in modern day Mosul in …

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For North Carolina Residents: Take Action to Stop Insurance Hikes

Just got this via email from the Buncome County Democrat Party… Take Action! Your home & auto insurance about to increase 125% Home & Auto Insurance Rates at Risk This message comes to you at the request of Insurance Commissioner Jim Long: URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Immediate action is needed on SB 901 because the Senate Commerce Committee is scheduled to take up the bill this coming Tuesday, May 22nd at 11 a.m. in Raleigh. With …

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Heliocentric Atheism

This has got to be a ‘fake’ or parody blog. Copernicus vs Brownback Please someone tell me it’s a parody blog.

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