I’m listening to Tom Petty’s Wildflowers tonight.

It’s an album that still just as relevant and awesome as it was in 1994. I remember the first time I heard “You Don’t Know Kow It Feels”… Petty was on Letterman and had altered lyrics (“so let’s hit another joint…”) and it was an epiphanic moment for me.

It was one of the first albums I looked forward to coming out (along with In Utero from Nirvana that same year). I was a geeky dorky high school sophomore and not quite sure of my place in the world. I was heavily into Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots at the time, but I knew that I’d like this album. I’m glad I stuck with it 13 years later.

I know it’s cheesy to like Tom Petty… but this album kicks my ass every time.

“Sometime later, getting the words wrong, wasting the meaning and losing the rhyme…”

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