GMail and Such

I’ve gone back and forth on how I think and feel about things like Google Reader and GMail.

At times, I’ve been the loudest and most vocal advocate for web based apps and the mobile lifestyle it enables.  However, as of late I’ve switched back to using Liferea (Linux feed reader) as my feed reader and Thunderbird as my email client.  I’ve slowly been trying to get people to email me at my address (me at rather than my GMail address and all of my feed subscriptions are now on Liferea.

Similarly, I’ve stopped using the chat program Meebo as much as I have in the past in favor of GAIM and the new Pidgin (Gaim2.0).

I wonder how many other techy people plunged into the web only lifestyle and have since pulled back into non-web apps?

Heck, I’m even writing this using Drivel, which is an offline blog composer in Linux.

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