Too Tough To Tame: Darlington Race ’07

Dad, my best friend and uber-lawyer Jon Williams and I went to the Darlington Raceway this weekend for the Busch Race and NASCAR Nextel Cup races.

Sadly, the Nextel Cup race was called last night around 8:30 and rescheduled for this afternoon.  So, I had to head back to Asheville today and missed the race.  However, we had a great time at the Busch race on Friday night. We cooked out before the race and hung around my campsite for a while afterwards.  I camped out at the track on Friday night and was literally carried away by fire ants.  I’m itchy now.

Here are some shots of the Busch race from Jon’s Flickr stream


The Nextel Cup race went well today for my driver, Ryan Newman.  He finished 4th, so I was pretty excited and hated missing the race.

It’s sad that Darlington only has one race a year since the races there are always so much better than the cookie-cutter tracks that predominate the circuit these days.

Thanks, Jon and Dad!

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