Wilco’s New Album SkyBlueSky


I’ve had a copy of Wilco’s SkyBlueSky for a few weeks, but it was officially released on Tuesday here in the States (5/15). In support of all the free streaming and encouraged sharing they do, I bought a copy. So, now I technically have 4 copies (1 vinyl, 2 cd’s, 1 digital). The recording industry could really learn something about sharing and record sales from Wilco.

I’ve read a few reviews and most of them agree with my sentiments… the record is one that grows on you.

It’s like a brain virus that seeps in quietly then you find you have symptoms at random times much later after a listen.

Critics are saying it’s “less experimental” than previous Wilco albums like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or Summerteeth (or even a ghost is born), but I think the chord progressions and texturing are more complex than anything Jeff and the guys have done up to this point. Steal My Face (track 2), for example is a series of complicated twists and turns that somehow blends into one melody.

I’m finding new things with each listen, which is what music is all about.

Thanks to Royce for sending over the vinyl copy of the album!

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