Yale Assyrian Reliefs Exam from 2002

Tonight I was going through some old files and stumbled upon a data CD with a label from 2002. Curious as to what was on the CD, I popped it into the laptop and up came nine images from my days at Yale.

Specifically, these were images I took from an examination that was done on the Yale University Art Gallery’s collection of reliefs from the palace of Assurnasirpal II (in modern day Mosul in northern Iraq… so who knows what condition the palace is in today).

We were checking to see what remnants of paint there were (we know these reliefs were once covered with bright paint) on the reliefs and to see if we could figure out what was the actual composition of the paint.

If you’re interested and would like to learn more, you can read a book I wrote on how/why the reliefs got to Yale in the mid 1800’s and why they were so important for a number of (at the time) small colleges in the Northeast of the US. The book was (I thought cleverly) titled “Asia Has Claims Upon New England: Assyrian Reliefs at Yale” and is available at Amazon or the Yale University Art Gallery Store. I’ve also got a few left over (but my supply is dwindling).

Anyway, interesting stuff. Check out the pictures on my Flickr set…


Assyrian Reliefs Examination – a photoset on Flickr

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