Week O’ Injuries

On Tuesday, I decided to try a nifty trick and use our exercise ball (basically a large blow up ball about 3 feet in diameter) for my desk chair. The benefits are that you are constantly forced to sit upright and it’s good exercise for your abs, etc.

So, it was a little flat and I decided to blow it up.

In the process, the plastic stopper (below) blew into my throat and went partially down my trachea (wind pipe)…


I put the quarter in the picture for scale.

It was a scary minute as the stopper did it’s job by stopping up my wind pipe as well. I finally got it out by an incredible hack in my throat (which also scrapped my throat up all to heck). I don’t remember it popping out, but it was close.

What a horrible way to go that would have been!

To top it off, I cracked the toenail on my big toe today while playing soccer with Schaefer…


It’s only Wednesday, so let’s hope the rest of the week goes a little better!

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