Tiny Google URLs?

John Gruber tweeted a great and intriguing thought tonight…


Almost a year ago, I responded to a ZDNet post calling TinyURL the "next YouTube" (saying that was a ludicrous proposition):

I can’t speak for Doc, but I don’t think he would agree that TinyURL is a stealth intention engine. It’s a way to send links without taking up too much space. It’s not YouTube. It’s not an intention engine. It’s not an attention engine. Simply put, it’s a useful tool, but it’s one that is quickly becoming obselete as the intention architecture of the web as we know it continues to change. 

After a year of using Twitter, I have to admit that I wish there was a URL shortening service that I knew would be around for years and years since my tweets are being indexed and I would love for the links there to continue to point to their intended targets for perpetuity.  Using TinyURL or any of the other URL shortening services is putting a great deal of hope and faith in their longevity and good intentions.

So, while I still don’t think TinyURL is the next YouTube, I think John may be on to something… a URL shortening service from a major player would be more than welcome for those us confining our thoughts (and intentions) into 140 characters on an hourly basis.

Twitter / John Gruber: I wish Google offered a URL…

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