Performics Network Interface Improvements and the Usability Question

Performics has released a series of upgrades and usability improvements to its reporting platform, ConnectCommerce this week.

Primarily, the updates focused on an improved links interface, advertiser profile interface, enhanced site description for publisher profiles and more accurate accounting reports.

Here’s a screen shot of the new links interface which is a drastic improvement over the old system. Instead of having to drill down layer by layer, the newest links from the network are shown by default and results can be narrowed by a series of available parameters.


The advertisers tab and interface is also improved in this version and allows for better sorting based on user preferences and categories of offers:


These categories act something like tags and allow for much more fluid and intuitive stat browsing:


As the current dust-up over affiliate network user interfaces has shown, there is a market demand for easier navigation, more options and less need to needlessly drill down for stats, banners or links that should be much easier to find.

At the end of the day, this is all about efficiency. The network that can provide the best offer and the best payout was always the winner in the past. However, that paradigm is slowly changing to include the network that has the best user experience and will continue to do so as networks assert their necessity of place in the market.