Game Changing Tech

Yesterday, BlogTalkRadio released an API structure for making basic podcasts.

Basically, you call into 646-200-0000 and record audio on your phone. Sounds simple, but the backend is where it gets fun.

Once you make your call and record your message, audio or (potentially) podcast, you can access it via RSS at a feed determined by the number from which you called.

For example, here is the feed for my “roadcasts” as I’m calling them. If you click that link, you’ll be taken to an RSS feed that will allow you to hear podcasts as I make them on the fly. I’m posting them on my “art blog”, but if you use a feed reader you can just grab the feed.

This could be huge, folks. Simple. Easy. No “web2.0” interface, just RSS goodness.

And if you need A List validation, here is Scoble’s feed and here is more from the Father of RSS and one of my scripting heroes, Dave Winer.

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