Month: March 2008

Science Fiction eBooks

559 wonderful scifi ebooks waiting for you to download and read them (and lots of other categories too)… Science Fiction

mp3 of Bill Clinton’s Speech in Asheville

Bill Clinton gave a stump speech here in Asheville last night at Asheville High (here’s a pic from after the speech): Scrutiny Hooligans » Clinton wows ‘em @ Asheville High: “Love him or hate him, President Clinton knows how to deliver a speech. He’s a master at working a crowd even if he’s ultimately preaching …

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I Love Project Gutenberg

I’ve been looking for a real world copy of this for a while… and it’s been a free ebook all along: Myths of Babylonia and Assyria by Donald A. MacKenzie – Project Gutenberg I’m so jealous of the tools and resources that young people have at their disposal today. Makes me weak-kneed to think of …

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Doing My Thing

I co-hosted AffiliateThing on this week with Shawn Collins (Lisa was sick). We had a great time and I’m proud to be a member of the “6 Timers Club” on the show (take that, Kurkal). Affiliate Thing Podcast – March 26, 2008 | Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn Collins: “The March 26, 2008 episode …

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“10 Minutes With” Podcast Series

Over on, I’m doing a new series of podcasts called “10 Minutes With” where I have a conversation with someone from the online tech or marketing world about a particular topic for 10 minutes. Today, I chatted with Ted Murphy of Izea (formerly PayPerPost) about disclosure. It’s a quick, but valuable and interesting, listen. …

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Burning Vanity Bra’s

Lisa Picarille has started something really amazing. She’s getting more women in the affiliate marketing space to realize that they can leave the makeup and fancy hair at the door and just hit record. We all care more about the actual content. More on Affiliate Videoblogging » RevenueToday: “Since many people contacted me about yesterday’s …

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How To Track Twitter Conversations

Keeping track of Twitter conversations can be a pain since the platform doesn’t lend itself to keeping track of threaded comments. Users have developed the “@” form of replying, but unless you are constantly observing your Twitter stream and following everyone, you’re going to miss out on comments. So, here are two great ways to …

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