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  1. I am also not a yes for the video comments, however My husband loves it, in fact he rather likes to do a video comment now, I am still very much following the traditional way!Donna

  2. I have never left a video comment, i don't really feel comfortable on camera, I think it's a good time to start doing video comments to get rid of this shyness!Rob

  3. i saw this youtube video with 5 discus and an oscar, but he wont tell me if the oscar ate the discus or not. I was wondering if i put 5 adult discus and one inch oscar will they get along well? i mean i dont think the oscar will try and eat the discus since eats much bigger. Plus i hear if you raise an oscar with tankmates when they are small they wont eat the tankmates.What you think?

  4. I don't see the average users engaging in video commenting because it's just too much work for most people, but I do see marketers taking advantage of video commenting in their video marketing strategy. It's a great way to stand out above all the other comments on the page which means more exposure.

  5. I have a good friend of mine Robert he is the one who has encouraged me to sign up for disqus, I have hence signed up and now could see why he was insisting, disqus really gives you great threaded discussions man! thank you Robby!

  6. Video comment would be awesome, i like video you can understand it clearly especially if somebody wants to show a process of teaching.

  7. Having any comment system on a site to get users actively engaged in the participation of content is key to social success.

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  9. I can't say much about others as far as I am concern I think video comments are awesome, they are really very good, I will soon post my first video comment I hope it works out good for me!

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