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Although I’m not particularly crazy about doing video comments myself, my fingers are crossed that Disqus integrates them soon:

Disqus Adding Video Comments; Will People Use Them?: “We’ve now learned that Disqus, a third-party commenting system, will be rolling out its own video commenting feature, likely later this week.”

I don’t necessarily see video comments catching on like wildfire, but they do provide an outlet for those among us who’d rather just hit record on the webcam and fire away. On my Mac, it’s incredibly easy to do quick and nice looking video and most modern computers are now shipping with high quality integrated webcams.

This isn’t a “game changer” feature, but it will be a nice addition.

BTW, if you’re not using Disqus on your blog, you’re really missing out. I’ve written about Disqus here many times and Scott Jangro has done a series of excellent posts about the comment solution as well.

50 thoughts on “Disqus Video Comments”

  1. I am also not a yes for the video comments, however My husband loves it, in fact he rather likes to do a video comment now, I am still very much following the traditional way!Donna

  2. What's cool about Disqus is that it makes it painlessly easy to comment – integrating it with video would be awesome

  3. I have never left a video comment, i don't really feel comfortable on camera, I think it's a good time to start doing video comments to get rid of this shyness!Rob

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  5. I don't see the average users engaging in video commenting because it's just too much work for most people, but I do see marketers taking advantage of video commenting in their video marketing strategy. It's a great way to stand out above all the other comments on the page which means more exposure.

  6. I have a good friend of mine Robert he is the one who has encouraged me to sign up for disqus, I have hence signed up and now could see why he was insisting, disqus really gives you great threaded discussions man! thank you Robby!

  7. Video comment would be awesome, i like video you can understand it clearly especially if somebody wants to show a process of teaching.

  8. Having any comment system on a site to get users actively engaged in the participation of content is key to social success.

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  10. I can't say much about others as far as I am concern I think video comments are awesome, they are really very good, I will soon post my first video comment I hope it works out good for me!

  11. That's so true. I only wish you would have done that as a video comment. Then I could have seen you, and really felt like we were connecting. After I get back from my vacation, I'll have to get some chiropractic work from you.

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