Selling on eBay with Video

vzaar is a year old service that allows for eBay sellers to incorporate video into their auctions (example in the video above).

vzaar :: About: “vzaar is an accredited eBay developer and approved video supplier for eBay sellers and the host of thousands of videos for thousands of eBay sellers. Built by eBay users for eBay users, vzaar enhances the eBay experience for both buyers and sellers. vzaar is a free service for casual sellers, with premium features available for more frequent users and PowerSellers.”

While I’m not sure that the service will catch on like wildfire, it certainly is compelling for sellers of products that are looking to give a more three dimensional representation of the object up for auction or for sellers looking to stand out above the pack in a crowded niche.

Duncan Riley posts about vzaar on his new (and subscription worthy) blog Inquisitr giving some details about pricing.

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