Ir-Relevantly Speaking


Sad. I really enjoyed the Relevantly Speaking blog. It is not common that an affiliate network is willing to blog about things besides “company news and offer promotion.”

Mediatrust Blog: “First, Relevantly Speaking as you know it today will change drastically. First, the blog portion will cease to exist. As proud as I am of the work we’ve done on it, we just don’t have the resources to continue writing two blogs for our company. That said, all of our blogging will be done here at The focus of that effort will be performance marketing, company news, and offer promotion. The goal is to really concentrate on our brand and make sure our blogging efforts really support our core business of performance based marketing.”

I really don’t see how it costs anymore to keep up a high quality blog rather than one focused on telling a (what will probably be dwindling) reader base about the HOTTEST NEW OFFERS! in a network.

And the interviews from places like the last Affiliate Summit were top-notch.

Oh well. Economy sucks.

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  1. Say it ain't so Pete!Mixing thoughtful posts with a flood of new merchants and offers is a sure-fire way to lose my attention.


  2. Hi Guys!~Thank you very much for your support for the mighty! It was a very difficult decisions that took much debate from all sides of the company.We have a big year coming as we move from being a affiliate network to the new innovative performance marketing platform that we are rolling out thru 2009. We felt the platform and company needed to have a focused voice thru one consolidated blog and podcast show (relevantlyspeaking)Jangro i totally hear you. You have my promise not to do the same old same old. We dont want to ever be in that camp.We live the motto “we do things differently around here”.So the new MediaTrust blog will have posts and info about new interesting people,companies, trends and YES interviews at shows like aff summit (Jangro you are on deck to be interviewed this show)Plus it will have posts about all the new modules,tools and programs on our new “open, modular and agnostic” performance marketing platform (say that 10 times fast)We will work hard to keep all our followers, partners and community members attention :)It really means a lot to the blog team to see your support regarding RelevantlySpeaking… me to.. thank you very much and stay tuned!!!!See you at aff summit.Peter


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