4-for-1 Theme Sale from WooThemes


WordPress themes are generally free, but as has been discussed in numerous posts around the affiliate blogosphere, having a custom or premium theme really makes your site stand out for both potential customers and merchants.

Working on the affiliate management side, I can tell you that having a premium theme goes a long way towards making me want to do special promotions with affiliates, etc. It’s just generally a good idea.

For the next seven days, WooThemes is having a pretty awesome sale now where you can get for of their themes for normal single price of $70:

The 4-for-1 Special | WooThemes: “Ho Ho Ho! Santa has arrived a week early here at WooThemes headquarters, bearing lots of gifts and instructing us to dish them out to you in the form of a 4 for 1 special for all our WooTheme visitors!”

I’ve been using Ambiance, Gazette and Busy Bee on random sites over the last few months and really enjoy the ease of use and customization options in the WP Dashboard. I wouldn’t recommend these things if I didn’t enjoy them myself.

So, if you’re shopping around for a new premium theme for your WP affiliate site or blog, check these out. In fact, I’m going to pick up some more now…

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