Disqus Now Gives Option of Requiring Verified Emails


I first implemented Disqus here in October of ’07. Despite all the ups and downs, I’m still a Disqus fan.

Glad to see this new feature and I think it’ll go a long way in curving curbing (sorry, Jangro) some of the spam problems we’ve been seeing pop up:

Disqus Blog » Admin Feature: Require verified email address: “Now, you can also choose to only allow Disqus users with a verified email address. This is ideal for sites that want the most administrative control over the participants of the discussion.”

I would make a Jangro crack (even though he got a tshirt and I didn’t), but I’ll refrain.

14 thoughts on “Disqus Now Gives Option of Requiring Verified Emails”

  1. My God man, do I have to explain myself at every turn?My blog BREAKS with Disqus on it because of the sheer volume of comments on one post. That's ok, just keep busting my balls Sam. :)Good feature, but I've remained reluctant to require disqus registrations to comment. I remember getting all sorts of flak from people who just *thought* they had to be registered to comment when I first put it on my blog.I do think that Disqus is becoming a popular/pervasive enough service that this is starting to make sense and it will soon become acceptible, especially with the integration with facebook and other services.Honestly, this should just be standard feature when registering for Disqus. I don't know why they'd keep the middle option (registered but unverified email). It should just be a requirement for setting up a Disqus account.I guess they feel it'll slow down comments even more.And “curving”? You mean “curbing” or course. 😉 Reminds me of the kid in my kindergarten class who called the curved blocks “curbs” when we were making roads out of them. We all thought he was nuts. They're “curves va-va-VA!”. He's probably running a billion dollar road construction company now or on his way to Obama's cabinet as the transportation secretary.

  2. Disqus didn't have a shirt for me at BlogWorld, so I moved to intensedebate today.Actually, I just wanted to give intensedebate a try, but a shirt would have been nice.

  3. The great thing about both services is that their comment importing/exporting makes switching each of them in and out quite easy.I do think that you stand to lose the nested replies on transition, though, as wordpress doesn't retain that information. Not sure.

  4. I think Disqus is really on the best commenting system we ever had.. I think I will use it for life.. I think one of the most powerful weapon of Disqus is the features that you can track your comments anywhere, anytime..

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