Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

Subscription Pop Ups Are a Bad Idea


This piece puts a thumb on what annoys me so much about the Aweber subscription pop-ups/lightboxes that so many people in the marketing blog space seem to be using these days.

So annoying:

No-Permission Pop-up Subscriptions Are A Bad Idea:

Thanks (or not so much) in part to some meta bloggers, pop-ups have crept their way into the blogosphere. I am seeing more pop-ups on blogs, especially in the marketing, tech and social media niches.  Pop-ups are a dated tactic that were thrown out by many design and usability conscious marketers years ago for good reason – they interrupt a positive user experience on a website and are not permission based.

Go read the whole piece (especially if you’re following the “make money online” bloggers and putting, or considering putting, these on your pages).

In my opinion, let people sign up as they please. If your content is good enough, people will gladly sign up for your newsletter. You don’t have to throw a lightbox in front of people to have them be aware of subscription options.

I’m not making any “rules” here, Jim. I’m just pointing out some common courtesy for readers and how playing the long term game is often more beneficial than gunning for short term rewards.

Just sayin’


Posted: 12.26.2008

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