Does PageRank Still Matter?

10 thoughts on “Does PageRank Still Matter?”

  1. Page Rank has never mattered outside of link sales. And the only reason it mattered then was because it was a convenient catchall way to identify link value for the lazy.Google knows it's PR system is too effed (for the reasons you mentioned among others) to have any real use, so worrying about it is a complete waste of time.

  2. I would much rather google again hide the pagerank values for all websites. What exactly is gained for them to expose this data other than people trying to sell links and increase perceived site value?

  3. Yep, agreed.However, PR is completely wrapped up in the workings of the web (at least onthe advertising side). Explaining to affiliate managers, marketingdirectors, etc that PageRank is pretty worthless is a difficult task.

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