Fatherhood and Teaching

I have found that one of the most difficult things about being a high school teacher is being a high school teacher with two small children. It’s not that having two small children makes it harder to get work done at home, which they do, or that my teaching and coaching keeps me away from them more than I would like, which it does. Those aren’t really difficulties as much as they are inconveniences. No, the thing that makes this job difficult for me is seeing all of the possible outcomes for my children.

Such a great post that sums up many of the feelings I’ve had about being back in the classroom again this year…

This is the first year I’ve been a teacher since having children. Now that we have #2 (2 girls… ahhh! and no, her name is not Commander Riker, although that would be awesome) on the way, I’m sure this feeling of anxiousness about the future of my children will only amplify.

I just daily try to keep in mind the lessons I learn and observe from the many good parents of my students as I navigate this utterly terrifying and always wonderful world of fatherhood.

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