Users Outraged Over Proposed New Facebook Data Guidelines

In case you’ve ever wondered how Facebook might use your data in ads, a court settlement recently shed some light on proposed changes of those policies and procedures:

Facebook clarifies how ads are using your data | Digital Trends: “Instead of giving users the opportunity to use their privacy settings to control how their name and profile picture is used to advertise a brand they Liked on Facebook, the social network is now proposing that by using the site, users automatically give the company permission to use any personal information associated to their profiles for advertising purposes. This means that if you happen to like Downy’s Facebook page on the site, Downy can pay Facebook to use your profile details as an ad on the site without having to pay you.”

While there’s always been a lack of transparency regarding Facebook’s use of our “stuff,” this goes to a whole new level for many people. From a marketer’s perspective, this is a great opportunity. The ability to tie stories which originated from a user’s own circles to a brand would likely create a new level/sense of trust amongst many users (if your friend likes it and posts about it, it’s probably good).

However, I’m not sure this change is one that Facebook will ultimately be able to implement since there are big privacy implications and issues at hand. Reading through some of the comments on the original announcement shows that users don’t approve and are more than willing to move off of Facebook if this change goes through. If Facebook doesn’t listen to its users and embraces a dictatorship as opposed to a democratized services where users still have a voice, it will lose traction and eventually see its demise (which I think is inevitable anyway).

Always important to remember that nothing is free and in turn, there’s a cost associated with everything.


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  1. When you sign up to use a service like Facebook or GMail or Twitter etc, you are agreeing to be marketed to based on your data.

    I never understood or understand the ‘outrage’ that users have over such services based on their very nature.

    If you want to to own your own stuff, you have to pay-to-play for the most part (either/or money or time to set up). Not only are most people not likely to do that, there’s the lemming effect of ‘going where your friends are.’


    1. Devin Tonhaeuser September 1, 2013 at 11:32

      Right… I realize that and didn’t mean to indicate that I agree with the users who are so outraged over this proposal which hasn’t even been passed by any board, etc yet. There’s a price you pay for any product or service that you use and particularly with those that are free.

      It’s sort of silly to get as mad as some of these folks in the comments above have gotten about changes that are ultimately inevitable and will only continue to evolve into that kind of direction.

      Nonetheless- it’s proposals and looming changes to policies like this that have me glad that I have my own server that I run, pay for, and control.

      Thanks for reading and leaving a response!



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