Advertise to Website Visitors via Facebook

Facebook is rolling out an interesting new way to advertise to its members who have visited your website…

Today we’re announcing new custom audience features that can help marketers reach people who have visited them on desktop or mobile. Website and mobile app custom audiences will soon be available to a limited number of test partners and will roll out globally in the coming months.

via Coming Soon: New Ways to Reach People Who've Visited Your Website or Mobile App | Facebook for Business.

Facebook continues to open up its userbase to advertising and with its tentacles in all parts of the web, this is definitely an interesting aspect to what you can do with their ad platform.

5 thoughts on “Advertise to Website Visitors via Facebook”

  1. As mentioned, Facebook has its own Facebook Custom Audience which is also cool.
    Is it also good to advertise using Google +. Google + Circles is the same with Facebook Custom Audience?

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