Nonprofits and Affordable Marketing

Interesting thread here from a non-profit group looking for good, but cheap, marketing. We hear this every day (multiple times) as Harrelson Agency mainly focuses on helping non-profits, religious groups, community organizations, and startups get marketing right.

My solution? Realize that marketing is an investment, and one that you should budget for wisely but not try to push off to someone on your internal team who doesn’t have the time or skills to do more than update your Facebook page.

How does my startup hire an affordable marketing expert?

We’re a non-profit niche social networking company serving a minority group. We are have a volunteer working on marketing our pending web social network app, however as CEO, I’m looking forward to hire an expert in web marketing tactics mainly to help make our launch a successful one.

The main role of the person is with helping us plan with our marketing strategies as well as helping us implement them. We are very hard pressed with resources, what’s the best way to hire one which we can afford, at say a rate of $10/hr or even less. I really do not have trust in freelance websites because of the poor quality I’ve received from them so far.

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