Reedsy For Author Pages

Our sister (is that sexist?) Harrelson Press does a lot of work with author marketing and promotion. One of the key points of that conversation involves authors needing to have their own site or web presence.

Reedsy looks like an interesting go-between to solve some of those issues and needs that authors have.

Anything to blow up the publishing industry and make it more author focused is a good thing.

What do you think, Merianna?

Reedsy just launched author profiles on its website where writers can collect and showcase their work on a single page. This way, Reedsy provides a simple way to share your profile on the web, much like an link.

As a reminder, Reedsy unbundles the good old publishing company and provides all the services you need to self publish a book. The startup helps you find an editor, copy editor and cover illustrator to turn your draft into a book.

via Reedsy Launches Behance-Like Profiles To Let Authors Showcase Their Books | TechCrunch.

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