Waiting for the gift of sound and vision


“Because now you have designers, who instead of being encouraged to come up with their own, new, crazy ideas, are being encouraged to do the things that have been proven by the data to deliver results. A lot of times, in thriving marketplaces, a lot of ideas come from the bottom up. You see new consumer behaviors, and then you go, “Oh my gosh, look at what these kids are doing.” But as you end up with more predictable, controlled consumers, you end up with a less innovative society.”

Source: Doug Rushkoff Says Companies Should Stop Growing | FiveThirtyEight

Don’t you wonder sometimes, ’bout sound and vision?

Be weird. Be different. Don’t let your own expressions be drowned out by “what has worked in the past” or be restricted by “the data.”

Round pegs, square holes and all that.