Episode 109: Evangelicals and Covfefe Theology

Dr. Thomas Whitley and Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss Trump's faith statements and relationships with Evangelicals (and the how things change all of sudden).

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  • God and the Don – CNN.com — “I did very, very well with evangelicals in the polls,” Trump interjected in the middle of the conversation — previously unreported comments that were described to me by both pastors.

    They gently reminded Trump that neither of them was an evangelical.

    “Well, what are you then?” Trump asked.

    They explained they were mainline Protestants, the same Christian tradition in which Trump, a self-described Presbyterian, was raised and claims membership. Like many mainline pastors, they told the President-elect, they lead diverse congregations.

    Trump nodded along, then posed another question to the two men: “But you’re all Christians?”

    “Yes, we’re all Christians.”

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  • Trump’s Tweet on Russell Moore and Evangelicals — .@drmoore Russell Moore is truly a terrible representative of Evangelicals and all of the good they stand for. A nasty guy with no heart!

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