Churches, We Need to Talk About Website Accessibility (and Discrimination)

One thought on “Churches, We Need to Talk About Website Accessibility (and Discrimination)”

  1. If churches aren’t willing to reach out to the poor, why would you expect them to reach out to folks with various physical barriers? The only reason some churches have any kind of wheelchair access is a new build or someone in the congregation suddenly is wheelchair-bound.

    I mean, religious ed teachers aren’t generally equipped with skills to handle students with issues like ADD, autism, dyslexia, etc. People who struggle with some of these things are either explicitly or subtly made to feel unwelcome or even less than. So if a church can’t handle that why would they even consider making the online experience easier?

    Frankly, people tend to overlook problems unless they face them personally. Sometimes it’s just because we don’t see things until they are in front of us; sometimes it’s because we’re dismissive jerks.

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