Where To Go Next?

It’s been an interesting week since I first posted about leaving the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship last Friday. I’ve had mostly pleasant conversations with old friends and partners in various ministries with lots of support and affirmation of my decision. There have been a few more confrontational DM’s and texts from those who felt that I was too harsh towards the Fellowship, but that was to be expected. Challenging the institution is the greatest of sins to some.

One of the things I’m personally considering at this point is the “what’s next?” question when it comes to my own nascent ministry a couple of decades too late.

The Alliance of Baptists is the obvious choice being my own baptist convictions, and that’s something I’ll continue to pursue.

My partner Merianna is now a Minister in the United Church of Christ after leaving the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship herself a while back. I attended a UCC church for a few years while at Yale Divinity School, so it pulls at my heartstrings as well.

Then there are Quaker groups and Unitarian Universalist fellowships that I could also see myself joining due to my own personal worship preferences and philosophies.

On top of those, there’s that still small voice telling me to take ministrieslab or Hunger Initiative seriously and pursue those as ministry opportunities in my anti-authoritarianism way. Both are registered 501c3’s and ready to go. I’m still thinking about that, but thinking that may be the way to go.


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  1. Stephen Robinson May 6, 2021 at 19:13

    Sam, I admire your courage in leaving a faith community you aren’t aligned with, I am sure this wasn’t an easy decision. I would suggest, what you are probably already doing, prayerfully considering your next steps. Although I noticed you keep hearing that still small voice telling you to consider ministrieslab or Hunger Initiative seriously, while I don’t know much about either opportunity, I have yet to go wrong when I follow the nudge of that still small voice. Not sure if this helps or not, but wanted to share my thoughts. Excited to see what is next for you. I have known many who have leveraged their lives for the Lord and it is rarely a boring ride without many bumps along the way, but the eternal reward will one day be worth it!


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