I’ve seen 3 happy snowball fights on the way to the office. Good to see SC kids enjoying snow.

ThinkingDaily: Being a Divorced Dad

Challenging but good podcast to do today. We’re raising some pretty amazing women and I can’t wait to see how they change the world… Sam talks about being a dad after divorce and how tools like Google Hangouts, Dropbox and Google Drive make all the difference despite the geographic differences. via ThinkingDaily: Being a Divorced …

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Does Your Dog Love You?

Don’t read to the end if you have had dogs like my Schaefer or now Willie and Waylon in your life 🙂 You love your dog. Does your dog love you back? Is the love that an owner feels for her dog reciprocated? That’s the question that a group of Swedish and Danish researchers wanted …

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The Four Quarters of My Week

I was talking about calendars and work weeks with a friend earlier and I tried to explain how my convoluted brain processes the week. I don’t like to think of time in terms of hours or days. Rather, I’m much more productive (and happy) when I can segment things into their proper places in the …

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My Jerry Maguire Moment

I’m writing this while sitting at the bar waiting for takeout from my fav pizza place dive in my old/new city of Columbia. This time it feels more permanent. That’s most because I’vd started both my new business and my new life here. This is my Jerry Maguire moment in time and place. Everyone here …

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(Fe)Male Identity(ies)

My amazing friend (and a rare Baptist MDiv/MAR/PhD) Thomas writes this fantastic post: Admittedly, the overall message of the post seems to be one of trying to teach children good social media practices, but it does much more than that. For starters, there is what appeared to many commenters as blatant hypocrisy: the mother decried …

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Willie and Waylon during nap time on Mary Hudson’s  princess bed. Strong work, guys.

Post Dog Park Bliss

There’s really nothing like seeing a pup in post dog park bliss. It literally takes years off of your life to see such happiness (notice Willie’s missing two bottom teeth… we’re getting close to puppy adolescence).

Remembering Danny Goodman: Four Years Is Too Long

I miss you everyday, Prof Goodman. Victory is sweet, even deep in the cheap seats… Sam Harrelson: Oh Captain, My Captain: Prof Dan Goodman Here’s how he described me four years ago just before his death: “Fun guy, smart guy, obsessed with techno gadgets, a little overbearing in Trivial Pursuit, good taste in music (early …

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Collards for Christmas

Nom nom nom… Collard Greens, How To Cook Collard Greens, Mess O’ Greens, History and Recipe of Collard Greens: “Collard greens became the official vegetable of South Carolina when Governor Nikki Haley signed Senate Bill No. 823 (S823) into Law on June 2, 2011.” One of my favorite parts of being from SC is our …

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Missing Sylvia

It was hard enough to lose Schaefer back in September, but it’s also hard to look back at all the great pups I’ve had the privilege to share a few years with like Sylvia Blue (the infamous 3 legged husky): Miss that old smelly dog these days.

Here’s To the Worst Dog Ever

Schaefer and Sam in Connecticut | Flickr – Photo Sharing! To say he was a good dog is a far stretch. However, he was the best friend a young guy growing into a man could have. Ever since that first cold winter in Connecticut for grad school, I’ve had my troublesome buddy to keep me …

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