Shareist Renames Notebooks to Projects

Renaming Notebooks to Projects, Plus Copying Pages & Element Aliases: “This morning in Shareist, we are changing what we call Notebooks. When we started Shareist, the term Notebooks made sense, but as we added Inboxes, team collaboration, and other features, the metaphor started to fall apart.

We are now calling them Projects, which is a term that lends itself much more toward the direction that Shareist has gone. We think creating a project to manage a website, or a client, or a topic, makes much more sense. Each project has an inbox, and pages, a public website, and potentially a team of collaborators.”


Great news.

We use Shareist a great deal internally as a mixed Basecamp and Omnifocus.

That sounds wonky at first if you think of Shareist as something between Evernote and WordPress, but for us Shareist has been more of a project management system over the past few months than anything else.

The real beauty of Shareist is that it captures images, texts, videos etc from the web so easily and allows them to be ported out to the right place at the right time within the confines of certain projects (or what were formally notebooks).

It’s like Basecamp with social integration (and don’t bring up the bloated Hootsuite platform that is a total lock-in).

It’s great to see the Shareist team embracing a more pro-sumer future. I think there just might be something there for them as more and more companies and agencies will need the type of tools to do social and content marketing that are present in Shareist.