Mobile Marketing Making an Impact on Affiliates?

phone_thumb.gifI’ve spent a small amount of time working with marketers devoted solely to the mobile side of things, and to be sure the space has taken off in the past 18 months.  The United States does seem to behind Europe and Asia both in terms of mobile technologies and mobile ad serving (large use of mobile internet, or WAP, in Europe is just one example).

As these technologies continue to drop in price here in the States and users continue to demand more features pertaining to quick internet access, expect this sphere of marketing to explode.

The implications of mobile marketing for affiliate (or partnership) marketers are particularly enticing (delivery of relevant content, ads or messages to interested individuals on a cheap but effective platform).  Will Google get involved in this area as well?

This is from the mobile technology blog MobHappy…

Without being too trite, I think we can say that the future for mobile advertising is already here, despite not being on many marketers’ radars yet. Hundreds of millions of ads are already being run, click-through rates are much higher than online (8% is still not unusual, though 5% is more common) and millions of dollars of revenue are being generated through the channel.

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