I’m Quitting Marketing

I stumbled into the affiliate marketing world years ago. I’m walking out of it today. My experiences in the affiliate marketing world have been incredibly positive when it comes to interpersonal relationships. However, it’s time for me to move on. I’m not happy. Why am I not happy? Mainly because I don’t like the way … Continue reading I’m Quitting Marketing

Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Finalists

Will Jangro break the curse?? Lots of good nominees this year and congrats to all the finalists: Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Finalists Announced — MissyWard.com: “The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Gala is affiliate marketing’s most prestigious, competitive honor for the leaders in the space. Award winners are recognized because they are innovative leaders with vision … Continue reading Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards Finalists

FeedFront 4

The next episode of FeedFront is up and ready for your viewing pleasure via PDF. Or you can wait to get it in your mailbox or at the Affiliate Summit next month… Affiliate Marketing Blog by Shawn Collins: “Issue 4 can now be downloaded in PDF format.” Glad to see the magazine is doing so … Continue reading FeedFront 4

CJ Holiday Shopping Numbers

Ashley from CJ wrote and wanted to pass the word about some of the recent positive trends CJ is seeing this holiday shopping season as number continue to roll in: Below is Commission Junction’s same store retail sales growth for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in comparison to comScore’s recent announcement on e-commerce spending. Nice … Continue reading CJ Holiday Shopping Numbers

Ad Spending Predictions Dire (But What About Peformance?)

It puzzles me that “online ad spending” and “online marketing” are seen as one large homogeneous block by pundits and analysts. Surely, this sort of thing is true for the Madison Ave crowd that relies on display and CPM advertising/marketing for their bottom lines: eMarketer Cuts 2009 Projection for Online Ad Spend to Single Digits … Continue reading Ad Spending Predictions Dire (But What About Peformance?)

Google SearchWiki And Custom SERPs: Ruh-Roh Affiliates?

If you’re a (thin) affiliate marketer, take notice. To quote the bard Bob Dylan, “things should start to get interesting right about now…” Google SearchWiki brings custom search results | Webware – CNET: “Google’s SearchWiki is a feature that lets people elevate, delete, add, and annotate search results. Google remembers the changes a person made … Continue reading Google SearchWiki And Custom SERPs: Ruh-Roh Affiliates?