Sam Harrelson

Sam Harrelson

AdSense Comparison Engine Aimed at Bloggers

adsense_doesnotworkheader.jpgJim Kukral has launched a unique tool to promote Forge Corporation’s BlogKits platform. BlogKits, an AdSense rival, is being promoted as a more efficient and easier way for bloggers to earn money compared to AdSense.

From the site:

Adsense doesn’t work for bloggers, yes, we know, such a bold statement… But it’s true!

  1. Low-traffic blogs will never make more than pennies per day
  2. One sale from BlogKits could bring you a week’s worth of click $$$ from Adsense

The tool is an AdSense comparison engine based on the amount of traffic a blog receives. The information shown is calculated based upon research and polls, taken from a sample of web users anonymously over a period of two years. The comparison engine is an interesting facilitation of a call-to-action sign up process for bloggers.

Will this have widespread adoption or offer bloggers a better chance to monetize their content compared to AdSense, Performancing’s platform or a pay per post model?

Posted: 12.06.2006

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